2014 Q2 China business market transaction size of 320.47 billion yuan

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Absrtact: According to the enfodesk of the China Business Market Quarterly Monitoring report of the 2nd quarter of 2014, the data show that in the 2nd quarter of 2014, the Chinese Trader market volume of 320.47 billion yuan, the chain growth of 23.7%, up 72%. 2 Quarter is the traditional sales season

In the 2nd quarter of 2014, China's trader market traded at 320.47 billion yuan, up 23.7% per cent, up 72% from a year earlier, according to data from the quarterly monitoring report of the Chinese business market, published by Enfodesk, in the 2nd quarter of 2014. The 2 quarter is the traditional sales season, in the "418", "618", "World Cup promotion" and other promotional stimulus, consumer purchasing power is fully released, the entire online retail market shows a faster growth.

From the mainstream manufacturers performance, the cat market share of 52.4%, occupy half. Jingdong Mall Stable second, the market share slightly increased; Tencent Electric Business (QQ online shopping, Xun net) then enters the strategic adjustment stage, the market share has slipped; Suning and gome by virtue of "418", "618" of the strong promotion, ranking slightly improved; Dangdang by virtue of the tail of goods and new Flash purchase, consolidate the book market, In the field of clothing has also been a gain; store 1th by virtue of the food field of intensive cultivation, further consolidate the market position; In addition, such as Jiuxian nets, temple, such as China and other vertical electric dealers gradually into the consumer's vision.

Enfodesk, a think-tank, believes that the overall pattern of the business market has been basically stable. The cat family occupies half of the Jingdong market share is also more stable, occupy the second position; in the 2 quarter, the results of the cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent were fully embodied in the "618" promotion, the mobile phone QQ, micro-letter to the Beijing-East mobile end of the drainage function is very obvious, the mobile end of the growth rate of more than Through the integration of Tencent's electricity resources, the future of the Beijing-East and the Sky Cat gap is expected to further reduce.

Dangdang, Suning easy to buy, only goods will, shop number 1th, etc., through the dominant category, enhance the user stickiness, further consolidating in the books, home appliances, clothing, food and other fields of market position, the overall market share and accounted for more stable; while consolidating their own market, the home is also actively seeking breakthroughs, such as Dangdang's "tail products will" Flash purchase, Suning easy to buy "red child mother and infant" as well as the only product will and Lok Bee Network cooperation, are successful cases; In the future, the two or three-wire electric dealers should consolidate their own at the same time, targeted expansion, timing and choice is very important.

The analysis of Enfodesk think tank thinks that the current situation of the market is very obvious, the cat, Jingdong "double Super" status no one can shake, Dangdang, Suning easy to buy, only goods will, shop 1th and so on in their own field has a more stable customer base, the overall market pattern is more stable, There are big changes in short-term Neinian.

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