2014 World Arthritis Day large-scale public welfare projects are widely carried out nationwide

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"Caring for the joints, more care for You" 2014 World Arthritis Day large-scale public welfare projects in the country widely launched. The project, co-sponsored by the China Health Promotion Foundation and the Friends Club, appealed to the community to care for rheumatism patients, to pay attention to joint health, to advocate scientific and standardized prevention and treatment of joint diseases, and to create a good rehabilitation environment for rheumatism patients.

Arthritis is known as the world's number one disabling disease, arthritis patients around the world about 400 million, our arthritis patients in more than 100 million. Increasing bone and joint diseases have a huge impact on patients and health systems. The World Health Organization, which was first raised by Swedish scientists in 1998 to focus on bone and joint health, promoted the initiative worldwide in 2000 to warn people about early prevention, early diagnosis, early treatment, and disability prevention, and set the October 12 as "World Arthritis Day" every year. Our country formally acceded to this worldwide activity in 2002, and the Health administration has begun to attach importance to the disease. Since its establishment in 2010, the club has been carrying out free clinics, patient care and other public welfare activities during the World Arthritis Day.

2014, the Friends Club and the China Health Promotion Foundation jointly organized, "care about joints, more love You" 2014 World Arthritis Day large-scale public welfare projects, hand in more than 20 cities nationwide more than 60 hospitals, the hospital to hold a clinic for rheumatic diseases, United hospitals, departments, Doctors and other health care forces to help more patients get standardized and correct treatment, correct understanding of rheumatism disease on joint health hazards, improve the level of rehabilitation. Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and other hospitals will organize a number of rheumatism experts to sit for diagnosis and treatment of disease, answer health counseling. The major hospitals will announce specific information in succession.

During the project, the experts in the field of rheumatism were invited to unite a wide range of media, popularize the knowledge of the mass disease, educate the rheumatism patients, understand the health hazards of the disease, encourage the patients to stick to the treatment and actively participate in the clinical management of the disease, and promote the confidence of the patients and the Together to help patients get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

Beware of joint pain and stiffness

Should be diagnosed in rheumatism as soon as possible

Rheumatoid arthritis is not a "minor problem", but early in the disease, symptoms are easily confused with common joint pain, patients only feel 1-2 joints pain and stiffness, the morning get up feeling most obvious, commonly known as morning stiff. Many early patients often believe that the body is due to natural aging, bone degeneration caused by the thought of eating anti-inflammatory painkillers or calcium supplements can be alleviated. This misunderstanding has delayed the best treatment time for many early patients. Therefore, care for their own and family members of the joint health, vigilance joints appear pain and stiffness, once these symptoms appear, should go to the normal hospital rheumatism, to check the disease. Once the diagnosis is not discouraged, take active and effective treatment, as far as possible to delay the progress of the disease, protect the joint function, maintain a normal working life ability. In the treatment of patients should cooperate with the doctor's follow-up review, do not stop the drug stop, once the recurrence, can lead to naught. (He Yunteng) (Source: Guangzhou Metro newspaper)

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