2017 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, Yuwei Registrar Bureau, .iloveyou domain name showed up again

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From October 11th to October 14th, 2017, a four-day, 400+ corporate exhibitor, more than 40,000 people gathered in Hangzhou Yunqi Town to witness the holding of a science and technology event. Yes, this event is the high-profile 2017 Yunqi Conference. During the conference, a large wave of black technology was unveiled here, and the Yuwei Registrar was the exhibitor of the conference. It also brought the Chinese domain name to all participants. New definitions and the latest domain name products.

As one of Alibaba Cloud's important partners, the booth of the Yuwei Registrar is located in the D2 exhibition area. D2 is the main exhibition area for Internet basic services and cloud computing. It is not only able to show Chinese to the entire Internet industry at close range. The development of domain names in recent years has helped other people in the industry, especially Internet-related organizations, to know and understand Chinese domain name suffixes including .Group, I love you.

In fact, for individuals and businesses, domain names are a basic entry point for opening up Internet life. When expanding a new field, each enterprise often needs a new domain name suffix to define this portal. The traditional top-level domain is here. The demand for aspects has become increasingly difficult to meet. A small episode from the exhibition can be confirmed.

In the past, we all thought that the Chinese domain name customers were no more than domestic or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. On the afternoon of the 11th, the booth ushered in a foreign customer and showed a strong interest in the ". I love you" domain name. It is understood that Chinese characters And the domain name with meaning makes him feel the atmosphere and novelty from the East. Through the contact between the Yunqi Conference and the world, we also feel that Chinese domain names can not only sprout in China, but also grow around the world. Perhaps one day Chinese domain names should be redefined as Chinese characters.

Foreign friends listen to the introduction of the staff

At the same time that we sent foreign friends, Jack Ma’s father announced a major event at the main venue, that is, Alibaba Group officially invested 100 billion yuan to set up “Dharma Institute” to be used for basic science and subversive Technological innovation research. What does this matter have to do with the domain name circle? The relationship is too big. In an instant, the “达摩院.集团(damoacademy.group)” “达摩院.我爱你(damoacademy.iloveyou)” domain names have been registered quickly. There are markets where there are hot spots. This also confirms the Chinese domain name in the side. The potential available in the market today.

After the Dharma House announced that the domain name was immediately squatted

Different from last year's participation, this year, not only the overall propaganda and venues are bigger, but also the activities between exhibitors and tourists are much richer. The four-day venue maintained an active atmosphere, thanks to the scene. A collection of badges, collecting exhibitor badges can participate in the organizers' sweepstakes. When it comes to big prizes, everyone naturally has the energy. I have collected 30 badges in the venue for two days. Unfortunately, the awards have already been won. Hollow.

Speaking of the lottery, the Yuwei Registrar is naturally preparing surprises for the participants. The third day of the exhibition has already been swept away. Of course, we not only have gifts, but also special products. Many participants gather for the prestige. The registration hall booth is carried out under the guidance of the staff. I love your domain name registration and the registration enthusiasm is quite high.

The booth was surrounded by a leak.

The time for the four-day meeting has passed quickly. In fact, there are still many places worth sharing. Because of the limited space, I will not introduce them one by one. I will participate in this conference and let me understand that the domain name circle is actually very useful. Many related industries are booming, and the Internet is gradually becoming a big circle. Once we thought that domain names could only be associated with host servers, Yunqi Conference told us that domain names can also be linked to big data, network security, and cloud. New technologies such as storage have a more perfect combination. This year's wish, what kind of fruit will come out next year, is looking forward to!

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