2017 Yunqi Conference - Chongqing Summit

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On August 3, the reporter learned from the official that the 2018 Chongqing Yunqi Conference will be held during the first Zhibo Fair on August 24th. The conference will focus on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent agriculture and automobile industry with the theme of “Drive Digital China”. Upgrade, etc., explore the road of digital transformation of enterprises, and help the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The well-respected Alibaba Cloud Industrial Internet Platform will also be released at this Yunqi Conference.


Chongqing has the title of “Shanshui City·Beautiful Land” and is one of the most important industrial bases in the country. The first Chongqing “China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as Zhibo Fair) will be held here, Zhibo and Chongqing Cloud The holding of the Habitat Conference will effectively promote the formation of industrial Internet, artificial intelligence and other innovative elements in the western region, drive the development of the western region, and support the development of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt.


Alibaba Cloud is the world's leading digital transformation specialist, helping digital industry in all industries. As the world's top three cloud computing companies, Alibaba Cloud is continuing to promote the transformation of China's manufacturing industry through cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies, and launch ET in cities, industries, retail, finance, automobiles, and homes. The “Industrial AI” program, such as the brain, serves a wide range of industries through Alibaba Cloud. Earlier this month, Alibaba Cloud released the ET Industrial Brain Open Platform, which can improve efficiency and precision processes through the analytical capabilities of the ET brain, reducing the project implementation cycle from the last 6 months to a minimum of 6 days.


At the 2018 Yunqi Conference·Chongqing Summit, Alibaba Cloud will also have a big move in the field of intelligent manufacturing. With the aid of digital technologies such as Internet of Things, AI and cloud computing, Chongqing industrial enterprises will accelerate industrial transformation and technological innovation, and form a smart device interconnection. , intelligent planning scheduling, intelligent production coordination, intelligent quality control and many other capabilities.


In fact, in Chongqing, many areas have already enjoyed the technology dividends of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, including intelligent networked cars, AI pigs, financial clouds, new foreign trade, etc. For example, Chongqing’s Panda vehicles use cloud computing. Artificial intelligence enhances the time-sharing efficiency of cars.


In addition to creating “smart Chongqing”, Alibaba is also accelerating cooperation with talent development in Chongqing. At present, Alibaba has cooperated with nine universities in Chongqing, including the opening of Chongqing University Alibaba Cloud Data Institute, and cultivating 3,000 smart industries in three years. Talents, etc., provide solid human resources support for the development of Chongqing's “new economy”.


According to official website information, the Chongqing Yunqi Conference will also involve solutions and products such as agriculture, automobiles, new retail, and steel industry, and set up special forums. Many industry insiders will discuss industry hotspots and emerging technologies.

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