2017 Yunqi Conference·Beijing Summit

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2017 Yunqi Conference·Beijing Summit

[Storage and database special (on)]

Alibaba Cloud Storage Products Interpretation

Interpretation of ApsaraDB Product System

VERITAS + Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Joint Solution

POLARDB performance reveals

Data analysis reconfigurable acceleration based on Intel® FPGA

Decrypt large-scale distributed file system across regions


[Security Special]

Government cloud security practice sharing

Cloud-resolved DNS application sharing in a secure disaster recovery scenario

When the visualization met the micro isolation


[Visual Cloud Special]

Film and television production cloud solution

Optimize 4K production process to create "4K visual cloud"

3D animated recipe light with cloud rendering



[Storage and database special (below)]

One Box Interpretation of Transaction and Analysis Integration Database HybridDB for MySQL

Enterprise database hybrid cloud architecture road

Unlock bigdata analytics efficiency with storage disaggregation

Serverless framework handles multimedia scenes

DTS helps companies quickly replicate Alibaba's off-site architecture

TableStore application in social scenarios

Digital Plus Platform - DataWorks Ali Next Generation Intelligent Data Factory

DataWorks core technology explanation


[Cloud Ecology]

AI•Reconstructing enterprise customer service capabilities

Technological ecology, open innovation

Baicheng Qian County Wanqi Yiyun

Manufacturing enterprise on the road to the cloud

Cloud data center under new application scenarios helps intelligent manufacturing

Cloud Drives New Retail Revolution


[Alibaba Cloud Big Data Session]

MaxCompute released heavily

Multi-tenant isolation practice for financial-level big data platforms

Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform PAI Products and Technologies

Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch architecture and feature analysis

Taobao Search Intelligence in Massive Data Scenes——Algorithm and Practice

Ali's new generation real-time computing engine Blink technology decryption

Ali cloud computing Flink SQL core function decryption

Data Intelligence Service New Age Kangaroo Cloud Practice Sharing


[Alibaba Cloud Service Session]

Listening to the service with your heart

Cloud-based collaborative empowerment business transformation and upgrading

The "cloud" fusion of images - the innovation trend of the photo industry

Weibo Hybrid Cloud Practice Road - Open New Movement

Big data cloud on the background of big video

New trends in service on AI+Cloud

Cloud Road on the aviation industry e-procurement platform


[ET brain ecological summit special]

Alibaba Cloud ET Brain – Empowering Industrial Intelligence

Alibaba Cloud ET Brain – Technology Driven Innovation

How is the urban brain made?


[Innovation and Entrepreneurship]

Meet the double creation • Foresee the future

Innovation in the new retail of flowers 123

Cloud SaaS makes human resources easier

Looking at the rise of new forces in overseas travel consumption from the double eleven

Eco & Link

Visual creation with the participation of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Drug Development - Technology and Applications

Promoting a rocket for a startup


[Developer Service Special]

Agile Smart Connect – Blockchain Business Innovation Based on Container Technology

Cloud Foundry on Cloud--Open source PaaS integration technology implementation

Terraform - Manage the correct posture of cloud resources

Alibaba Cloud CodePipeline is based on Jenkins' CI / CD exploration path

Enterprise-class performance solution based on the Node.js kernel

Touch the cloud programming

On the Pan-quality Management of Mobile Development Projects


[Developer Technology Advanced Summit]

How to build an excellent artificial intelligence algorithm team

Forming a growth team to practice data driven

Play the Docker community – the technical advancement of the “dockers”

Advanced Apache Flink technology

Advanced knowledge of artificial intelligence talents


[Enterprise-level collaborative research and development]

Ali's approach to the challenges of the new era

Efficient and continuous delivery of “enterprise” behind 168.2 billion

The financial industry develops and tests the road to efficient transformation

Cloud effect public cloud commercialization road

Enterprise R&D efficiency and code specification culture


[Artificial Intelligence Customer Service Session]

Status quo and prospect of target-driven human-machine dialogue technology

Large-scale service + intelligence

Tax industry intelligent customer service solution

Ali Xiaomi deep learning in the practice of double 11

Yun Xiaomi Intelligent Service Robot

Decrypt Ali's internal artificial intelligence algorithm iteration tool AI Boost


[Private Cloud Special]

Proprietary Cloud V3.3 New Release: Government and Enterprise Digital Transformation Power

Big data lightweight private cloud

Cloud Effect 2.0 helps enterprise software supply chain production efficiency improve

Explain the deep integration of ZStack and Alibaba Cloud

Flying fusion cloud - DreamWorks practice sharing

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