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The IDC report shows that the total number of global data in the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33722.html ">2020 year is expected to exceed 40ZB (equivalent to 4 trillion GB), which is 22 times times the amount of 2011." Over the past few years, global data volumes have grown at a rate of 58% a year and will be faster in the future. The amount of data that needs to be stored by 2017 is even greater than the total capacity of the storage device if the current storage capacity is 40% per annum. How to use large data to solve problems in the fields of science, medicine, energy, commerce, government management and urban construction is a problem facing the whole world.

August 16-18th, from the global scientific research institutions and universities in the field of computing and experts in the 30th session of the Chinese Database Academic conference (NDBC 2013) on the future of large data storage, computing launched a fierce and in-depth discussion. As the highest specification annual meeting in the field of computing and database in China, the Conference has also attracted the participation of well-known large data enterprises, including EMC, SAP, Huawei, second hand system, KODB, and so on. Jointly grasp the development of China and the world's largest data forward and future.

In the United States, big data has grown to a full swing. Using big data analysis from President Obama's election to Yahoo, Google and other IT companies rely on large data to improve user experience and push ads, and then to health agencies to use large data to predict the flu, big data has brought great changes in American society. While these are considered "early stages" in the United States, the big data age has shaken all aspects of American society, from business technology to health care, government, education, economics, humanities and other areas of society.

At home, the research and discussion of large data began a few years ago, and until this year, only by the industry shouted is "the first year of large data", this is mainly because in recent years to study large data is mainly in theoretical research and data collection level, large data really landing projects are not many, and the commercial case is very few, Most are just "aerial gardens". But there are the second hand, the Chinese branch Shuguang and other local large data companies, using large data storage and computing technology, to help enterprises solve marketing, business, data calculation and other issues.

Big data is seeping into every cell of social organization, with almost subversive and revolutionary effects on all industries. But it's not enough to have big data, especially in the data quality is generally not high, the mass data produced at the same time also produced a large number of data noise, if not large data for effective management and analysis, then will not be able to make large data really play a role, which is also the academic and the industry common problems, It is also a key problem for large data to be built from top to bottom.

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