23 Chinese academics debate whether to reduce their holdings of US Treasuries 15 against

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At the time of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to China, the debate over whether or not to reduce the holdings of US Treasuries was also enthusiastic, according to Global Times, published May 31. To this end, the Global Times May 30 interviewed 23 famous Chinese economic experts, 8 of whom supported a substantial reduction in U.S. Treasury debt, 15 opposed.  It shows that there are also many differences on the issue of new positioning of China-US economic relations.  The Global Times, "Whether you support China's substantial reduction of U.S. Treasuries", "Do you think that the U.S. Treasury bonds have made China take a lot of risk", "if China to reduce the U.S. Treasury bonds, China's foreign exchange reserves should be to where" and other three issues of the 23 experts in China's leading financial sector The results showed that 8 of the experts supported a substantial reduction in US Treasuries, with 15 opposing them. On the second issue, 6 experts denied that the dollar had put China at great risk and 17 experts were positive. The experts interviewed said that "if China were to reduce its holdings of U.S. Treasuries, where should China's foreign exchange reserves go"? Among them, 13 said they should go to the "Resource area", 6 chose "Corporate Mergers", 5 opted for "stock bonds", and 2 chose "real economy" and "regional investment" to choose "other"  of 3 people. Shijian, senior researcher at the Center for U.S.-China relations at Tsinghua University, said U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit is expected to raise China's holdings of U.S. Treasuries. We ask whether the United States should take up the international responsibility of the big financial powers. The dollar is an international currency, and now only 30% of the dollar is circulating in the United States, and others are circulating overseas. Is it a responsible move for America to print money in large quantities? Shijian said. China has to be a responsible power, but not the United States.  China should be responsible for 1.3 billion Chinese first, not to be "international Lei Feng". Financial expert Tan Yaling said that the reduction of U.S. Treasuries, to be phased in a phased approach. This "reduction" is a short-term, medium-term and long-term behavior. and the topic of reduction can not be one-sided. Our strategy should be covert. Mr Geithner's discussion of US fiscal policy is, first and foremost, why U.S. fiscal policy is discussed in the strategic dialogue between the US and China because it is a domestic monetary policy issue.  The US has a fiscal deficit and wants China to buy a lot of US Treasuries, and China's attitude should be neutral, not exclusive or active. Lide, deputy dean of the Foreign Language Institute at the Central University of Finance and economics, says the problem with too much of US Treasuries lies in how to solve a lot of dollar assets at the root. Therefore, we should expand domestic demand as a driving force for economic growth, not by expanding exports. Under the guidance of our country's early encouragement of export policy, our country has a large amount of foreign exchange reserves at the cost of resources and environment, and these foreign exchange reserves are facing the asset risk brought by the depreciation of the dollar.  Therefore, fundamentally changing the mode of economic growth, by expanding domestic demand to develop the economy, will not produce so many dollar assets, and will not bring so many investment problems. Appendix: Acceptance of the globalThe 23 famous Chinese economic experts interviewed by The Times the deputy Director of the World Development Research Center of the State Council of China Ding Yifan, research Fellow of the World Economic and Political Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zuo, chief economist of China Macroeconomics Society Tian Yun, director of the American and Oceania Department of the Institute of Commerce  Director of the American Economic Society of China Weiwen Tsinghua University Economic Diplomacy Research Center He Maochun Cufe Finance Associate Professor He Xiaoyu Tsinghua University China Financial Research Center Director Song Jinming Tsinghua University China and the World Economic Research Center director Li Cufe Foreign Language college vice President Lide  Senior researcher at Tsinghua University Center for Sino-US relations, Shijian, Honorary academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yixianrong, researcher of the Institute of Financial Research, Chinese Academy of Cass, researcher Qi National Development and Reform Commission, Director of Foreign Economic Research Institute Zhang Tang Chun, director of the Department of Marketing and Construction, research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Meichun Cufe Finance professor, deputy Director of the Institute of Financial Securities, Tsinghua University, deputy researcher of the Economic Diplomacy Center of the Institute of International Studies Gio Renmin University School of Economics professor Radar Financial expert Tan Yaling (ranked by last name strokes)
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