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Come straight to the point, like the big stationmaster, comes here not only is sharing the experience, is mainly gives oneself propaganda. First of all, I write a limited level, well, nonsense will not say more, straight to the point.

200IP website How to achieve the annual gross margin 200,000? In the final analysis: seo+ product sales. First talk about personal experience, see celebrity speeches are such, hehe, although I am not a celebrity, is a grassroots webmaster. Perhaps this way is closer, and can give you a little inspiration.

I graduated from university in 2007, but I majored in Computer science, graduated in a bearing company for two months of class, played for two months, feel no future resigned, 08 in Shenzhen Blind mixed a year, 08, the crisis of the gold in the major departments of the company appeared layoffs, I also this time resigned, The back has been in the rental room online ... More of the process is irrelevant to the subject and is omitted.

By the end of 2008, every day on the Internet, later contacted SEO this new noun, found the husband only that website, in which learned some things, because I have a certain computer foundation, although I am not learning computer, but I am interested in computer, the university self-study of Photoshop, Web production, Flash, and so on, was to learn some fur also did not study deeply, so the acceptance of these things pretty fast.

One day, in Seowhy forum to see a post, so that I know my current partner, he was a traditional business, because he learned from his friends that online business income is also optimistic, so want to try online entrepreneurship. Also is predestined, later he took me from Shenzhen to come over, now place: Wenzhou, but not in the Wenzhou, is a small place longgang. We can Baidu search Longgang gift city and Longgang printing city. Many of these are family-style businesses, very small, do small gifts, such as ad cups, advertising fans, advertising mouse pad, key chain these small things, of course, there are large, such as printing, such as: Zhejiang Shuguang Printing, six Guangxi group and so on are printing leading enterprises. (It's all right here)

December 2008, I came to Wenzhou, the first thing to change the site, the original is done with the form, and then I use Css+div rewrite the code, the title, keywords, site descriptions have been optimized, but also the dynamic full station to generate static pages, so I also wrote a few on the ASP static article, You can also search in Baidu: ASP static topic series, the top three is my article.

After the work is done is waiting, which outside the chain, before I came to my friends have done a lot of, so I do not care too much to do outside the chain. Time of day, Baidu slowly included, ranking also slowly rise.

In the blink of an eye to 2009 years, I from the home after the year came to Longgang. This time many of our site's keywords have been ranked in the first page of Baidu, still ranked in front: advertising gifts, promotional gifts, you can Baidu. These keywords are all bidding 10 a day full.

2009 a year, I do the work is nothing but to do friendship links, improve the ranking of keywords, increase the weight of the site, improve the PR, increase the flow, but we do not need garbage flow, we want to flow. How to increase the weight? How to increase the PR?

How to increase the weight? Remember: Content is king, outside chain is emperor. Content as much as possible, but the premise if the best original, can not be original, false original can also. Content of many benefits: 1 increase included, included in more than just Baidu to give you the weight, 2 to do when the link is also helpful, hehe, have done friendship link people know!

How to increase the intention to flow? 1 outside the station: Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia, Soso Ask, you can answer questions here, also can ask their own questions, with a vest to answer questions. 2 Station: Increase ask oneself to answer the content, so that search engine collects, thus bring the flow, how: gift-giving common sense http://www.gonggift.com/songlichangshi.asp. (How to say is advertising, please check the deletion of the link) if you are afraid to find content, that directly to Baidu know, Soso ask and other places to collect problems, and then to deal with false original.

After the above work, then the ranking flow is not coming? There are many companies and units every day to consult prices, ask for samples, every day to send a sample of courier, the list is like this.

All these are careless introduction. To this, the website completes, has the rank, intentionally to the flow, has the customer, then the source how solves? These questions look forward to the next chapter: How to use local resources to do E-commerce

This article comes from www.gonggift.com starting admin5. If you want to reprint please specify the source and link Thank you! Webmaster QQ919782971 for the ideal struggle, you can contact my exchange! has been online, just invisible!

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