2.72 million share incentive plan launched in Henan Diamond Project

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NetEase Financial September 16, Henan Diamond Thursday Night issued a notice said, the Company intends to award 2.72 million stock options, the right price for 25.84 yuan, the scope of the incentive for the company's directors, senior management and core technical staff a total of 7 people. The 1.79% announcement shows that the stock option incentive plan is to be awarded 2.72 million stock options, involving the number of the underlying shares of 2.72 million shares, the target shares of the current total share capital of 152 million shares in the proportion of 1.79%. The target stock source for the company to the incentive targets issued Henan Diamond stock, the incentive target of 7 people, Yu Diamond said the incentive to a total of 7 people. Respectively: Vice Chairman Zhaoqing, General manager Lin Yu, deputy general manager Yang Jinzhong, finance director Li Jigang, deputy general manager Li Guoxin, deputy general Manager, board secretary Liu Yongchi and Deputy chief engineer Dingqingcai.  In addition, the incentive object to exercise the stock option funds to solve in a self-financing manner.  Valid for five years waiting period 24 months notice shows that the Stock option Incentive scheme is valid for 5 years since the authorization date of the stock option.  The stock option of this incentive plan is valid for 5 years from the authorization date of the stock option, and after the effective period of the stock option, the stock option which has been granted but not yet done right is not allowed. A stock option granted under a stock option incentive scheme may begin to act after 24 months from the stock option authorization date.  The incentive object should be in the feasible right day according to 50%, 30%, 20% of the right to the proportion of the right to the line, after the effective period of the right of the line, has been granted but not the right of stock options can not be. Allocation of stock options to be granted by the incentive object
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