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Recently, the reporter from the Tianjin area http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/30508.html "> Dongfeng Citroen Peng Long 4S store learned that the store is now the introduction of 3 kinds of car-buying methods, 6 to the big benefits of the event." To shop to buy cars are surprises gifts. Interested friends please go to Dongfeng Citroen Peng Long 4S Shop for more information.

Specific activity content:

3 ways to buy a car

The whole car, loans, second-hand car replacement car

6 Special surprises

"Gift Ceremony": Buy a set of four sets of fine gift package, enjoy the surprise discount;

"Car Gift": Enjoy the "unprecedented" cash benefits, to promote the real "0" profit;

"Car Loan Ceremony": The highest three year interest-free mortgage, real 0 interest rate, there are a variety of loan options you choose;

"Registration Ceremony": Successful customers can get "3?8 women's Day" a beautiful gift (a limited number, sent to the end).

"Replacement Ceremony": Easy to C5, enjoy at least million of the repurchase value-added ritual, car prices with the growth of the car age and value-added;

"Referral Ceremony": The old customer successfully introduced a new customer to buy Citroen any model, new and old customers can enjoy a fine gift.

Dongfeng Citroen Sega

This week 6th March 10-March 11 to hold the Citroen group buy activities (this is the last super low group buy 2011), the number of group buy more, on-site concessions more. Weekend Special Sale discount, "0" profit clearance action, "unprecedented" cash huge benefits + buy a gift of four sets of fine gift package, let you experience 2012 years of extraordinary car experience, and the highest 3 year zero interest loans down to 30% of the mortgage policy. You mustn't miss it! Come and sign up! Click http://penglongxuetielong.gouchezixun.com/(Online registration) or 4006150163 (free phone)

Dongfeng Citroen C5

From March to May, to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the establishment of Dongfeng Citroen, "1 billion value-added a huge gratitude repo double ceremony", easy to Citroen C5. The total value added of the whole activity will reach 1 billion yuan.

1, love to have a gift: car-age each full year of value-added 1000 yuan, repurchase value of up to 16000 yuan;

2, Cherish the gift: Car evaluation price of 10,000 can enjoy the maximum of up to 2000 yuan value-added feedback, repurchase value of up to 18000 yuan;

Each Dongfeng Citroen car owner who participates in the event can enjoy a double gift with at least a million-dollar repurchase value.

Dongfeng Citroen Elysee, C2

What kind of car can you buy for 60,000 dollars? 2 Citroen Family models recommended to you, Dongfeng Citroen C2 1.4L Manual Sports version of 73,800 Yuan, 1.6 automatic sports version of 89,800 Yuan, more than million cash concessions and thousand dollars gift package. The Citroen Elysee price 73,800 yuan-89,800 yuan, the discount 4,000 cash above.

Tianjin Peng Long jiefang South Road 4S Shop

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Insurance Tel: 28439682

Customer Complaint Hotline: 28439685

"Dragon letter" second-hand car replacement Tel: 13821881600

24-hour Rescue hotline: 28439680

Tianjin Peng Long salty water sell (Jinnan) 4S Store

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