3 Ways to get your website to a monthly income of thousands of dollars (1) Selling products and services

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This article is the Web site of thousands of dollars in the first series of articles, this series of articles are mainly about the process and the principle of the site to earn dollars, specific skills and practices will have a lot of articles on the topic of introduction, please join us! This series of articles mainly divided into 3 pieces, are selling products and services, agents, selling ads. A product from production to the final delivery of consumers in the process has several major roles: manufacturers, distributors and media, respectively, corresponding to the 3 areas mentioned above. OK, now let's start with the subject of this article: Selling products and services.

The process and principle of earning dollars for a website that sells products and services is simple. Usually you are a product or service manufacturer, build an English website to sell your products and services online. If you sell the product is produced by other people, although you can also set up a website for sale, this situation is categorized as an agent, the next will be described in detail.

Sales of physical products suitable for manufacturers. For individuals, selling virtual products is more feasible and more profitable. Virtual products are mainly a variety of software and electronic books, the main advantage is that the cost of replication is basically zero, basically do not need logistics. The scope of the sales service is very wide, as long as your service can be provided through the network. The typical example is the online album, do network marketing often need to use the keyword Research Services is also an example. How to choose the sales of products and services, the key is to combine your own expertise and resources, the following article will also have a thematic discussion.

Selling products and services through a website is a prerequisite for setting up a website to showcase and promote your products and services. Registering a domain name, renting a server, and building a website have been a very simple matter, and the annual cost of less than 1000 yuan. Since your site is targeted at overseas customers, especially U.S. and UK customers, it is highly recommended to register International. com domain names and to hire servers located in the United States. For beginners, it is recommended to use the domain name and server space package, the advantage is no setting, the price is more favorable than the purchase separately. My first site is to use the lunapages.com package, payment within 10 minutes has been the site online. The current package of only 400 yuan a year to include a domain name and unlimited server space, very suitable for the first time to build the site's readers. In particular, it is not recommended to use a domestic company's services, even if the domestic company is located in the United States server.

The most important thing in the sales process is two things, receipts and logistics. There are two main ways of online shopping receivable, the first category is the famous PayPal, the second category is a variety of value-added services to provide service providers. First say PayPal, it is a very popular foreign payment method, the payer does not need to disclose the credit card number can pay, do not need to worry about the credit card is malicious deduction. For the payee, PayPal each transaction only charge a small amount of handling fees, is a kind of the least fees for a type of payee. The payee has accumulated a certain amount of money in PayPal so that it can be settled by cheque or telegraphic transfer to the domestic bank account. The second type of payment service providers are very many, the collection service providers focus on different industries, providing value-added services in the industry, so the fees are generally higher than PayPal. For example, the software industry RegNow provides the automatic registration code and other services, the E-book industry Clickbank provides a powerful proxy platform.

Online shoppers tend to PayPal for different payment options because they don't have to worry about a malicious credit card, but online shoppers do not resist the second type of recipient. As a seller of our proposal preferred PayPal, if later feel that value-added services are useful to change the second type of payment service provider is also very simple.

Logistics service is to sell physical products only need, software and other virtual goods directly on the site to provide downloads to solve the problem. Sent to foreign logistics services are basically a few big giants, DHL, FedEx and so on, the choice of the most critical point is to be able to inquire about the state of transport on the website. Local express companies as the agents of these big giants, often can quote more favorable prices.

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