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Wen/Liu Yongming (Micro-signal: Nalatalk)

I have been fortunate enough to live in a better circle, my excellent classmates, roommates, and even the excellent entrepreneur I met after I started my business, I saw and learned some good habits from them.

I've always felt that good habits are an important part of success and progress. I readily sum up some for you, scattered without typesetting. Of course, everyone has the judgment of everyone, there may be some is suitable for you, some is not suitable for you, and does not mean that I have done every one. You need to find the one that suits you best.

1. Less reading posts, reading more books, those who have been collated by others, and need to pay money to obtain, often is better essence. Even the latest news, I hope to get from the journal. The News class website, I like the concise, like Zaker, has it I can remove all news websites. Also, watch less TV dramas and try to generate interest in documentaries.

2. Don't take part in too many chats, forums, coffee houses, speeches, etc. No matter when.

3. The gap between people, work and learning, is how they spend their weekends and evenings.

4. Those who are cluttered with computer desktops (lack of file management systems) and the LCD screen is dirty and clean, often do not work well.

5. Be kind to all those who quarrel with you and scold you, whether they are supervisors, teachers or roadside hawkers. Different ways of thinking are what you need to think about in your progress.

6. Make every day's work not stop at 60 points, 70 points, but must produce more than 90 points of work. Even a week, a year, one months can be produced once.

7. Master a very perfect way of information retrieval and collation: Baidu, GOOGLE, library, a variety of libraries, databases, and even Taobao search.

8. Do not complain about anything, but to improve and change it. Dissatisfaction, defects and so on everywhere, you complain of the boss, ZF, website, merchant, etc., and yourself, full of advantages and disadvantages. Try to look at all the problems with the "diversity is beautiful" view.

9. The reasons for committing a mistake are nothing more than the summary of greed, laziness, pride, carelessness, rage, lust, arrogance and so on in the seven sins.

10. Most of the cooperation, joint-venture shareholders, conjugal relations, friends and so on, when you stand in the interests of each other to maximize the consideration of issues, you often gain maximum benefits. and 99% did not.

11. There are many ways to succeed: for example, accurate direction and pattern, strong team, excellent marketing and product etc. But one is essential, is a lot of time to repeat the tedious work of diligence.

12. Many misunderstandings come from the lack of communication. So try to improve your communication style and methods.

13. Arrange what needs to be done by hand, instead of using any electronic version. The things that have been written across make you more impressed.

14. The most outstanding person basically all writes the diary, the weekly record and so on each kind of summary, only has the summary, can promote better. Remember to finish these summaries and find a sunny quiet walk.

15. See the movie "Farewell My Concubine" "Beautiful Soul" "Rain Man" "Truman World" "Sea pianist" and so on, see what is called "pure"!

16. This is a wonderful, opportunity-filled era, and don't waste time on civil servants.

17. SMS, micro-letter, QQ, QQ Group, Sina Sports, microblogging and so on, every 5 minutes to disperse your energy, a year down, waste a lot of youth. So when you want to work or think carefully, put them aside first.

18. When you have nothing to do, do more basic work, exercise basic skills. For example, the back of 20,000 English words, such as looking at the 200 domestic and foreign electric Dealer website logo, line, navigation bar design is far more than you read countless ued books, such as watching the user chat record to see 1000, far more than you see me this micro-letter to be useful (hey heh).

19. Cheap goods. Even if the daily necessities of the purchase, as little as possible and fine.

20. Children who can save money usually have a good life. Learn some money.

21. Some people get up early and are successful. But they are 3-5 hours a day in the morning or late at night, is very quiet.

22. Go to the big city for a walk, but do something and know some people. For example, not to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi ' An, I am just a "Xiamen Liu Yongming", not "China's Liu Yongming." If there is a chance, from the northwest, southwest, northeast and other places. Flying to Hainan, Lijiang, Thailand, in my opinion is not called tourism, but also to see documentaries. You have to really walk into it.

23. Cherish your resume. Don't change jobs in a year or two. This will only make your price drop, the surface increase does not have sustainable growth. You have to take responsibility and make achievements in every position.

24. Dabble in as many hobbies as you might do well and enjoy. But must strive to achieve crème level.

25. See 5 years, like 1, 2 years, do a good job in front of each of the details of a month or two.

26. More than 20 years old is to be bold to do some things, love, reading, travel, bold mistakes, speak, do not care what other people think.

27. Take these words out of your mantra: "Still can", "good", "very good", "hehe". Replace it with a more specific description of the language.

28. The people who run are far more likely to have a say than the spectators who are next to them. Let those industry critics, observers, analysts, experts go!

29. Personal credit, such as Castle Peak, keep the castle peak in, hope. So pay attention to what you do and do.

30. When reading a book, what is the importance of the university than the major; When working, the industry is more important than the company.

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