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Using a circular video to do the site background is a trend that has recently begun to pop, well, mostly after HTML5 began to be supported by major browsers. Actually some similar n years ago http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/12592.html ">flash's intro animation, the difference is the usage and the design style difference is very big, It's too low compared to flash--er, is it unintentional to expose the age ...

In short, using h5+ video directly to do the home page animation background, but also a key cool things, whether it is technology or performance. In addition, the domestic bandwidth is quite expensive, so use video to consider the cost of the server. The previously known login page has a 3MB video loop playback and every play will be downloaded from the server once, really distressed for their money ah ...

Purple, Rock, Scissors

Project Skin


Digital Telepathy



Cobble Hill



Build Films

St. Joseph ' s preparatory parochial

Fresh Design Studio

P ' UNK Avenue



Final Elements

Edmonton Events

Deakin University




High Tide




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