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According to 360 Security Center, in Shanghai today officially released the "Internet Security free White paper," asserts that anti-virus software has been fully entered the free era. The White paper pointed out that the domestic internet industry has occurred three times "free" and "charge" of the war: the first is in the 263 mailbox and NetEase free mailbox between the battle, the second is in the Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce field of free Taobao and ebay fees dispute, The third time is the 360 free antivirus and charge antivirus software dispute. "Every war will end in a victory for a free party." and bring better products, better service, and a stronger business model. "360 company president Xiangdong said.

Discriminate between true and false free

The 360 free white paper argues that free is the basic rule that embodies the spirit of openness and sharing of the Internet. In the traditional industry, many businesses use free as a marketing tool, such as the deposit of mobile phone, or first taste after buying, these are false free. It is only on the internet that there is real free and free products and free services that are available without any additional conditions. NetEase mailbox, Taobao because of free and create a huge value, the original also has a lot of voices think that their free "won't last too long", the result is the capacity of the free mailbox more and more rich, and the internet shopping also with the growth of Taobao become more and more prosperous.

"Some of the fee anti-virus software also introduced some free promotional measures, such as a certain period of free, or the function of the simplified version of free, advanced version fees." This fake free short-term can give users some sweetness, but if the expiration of the virus can not upgrade the library, or no comprehensive protection capabilities, will eventually hurt the user. "Xiangdong said that the screening of true and false free, an important sign is to see whether the anti-virus software has no activation code, or will be able to play advertising tips to buy a full functional version, and 360 let users forever farewell to activation code, truly" one installation, always worry ", so only 360 of the implementation of free, is unconditional, unrestricted completely free.

Free Antivirus is better than charge

"Traditional industries say cheap goods, but on the contrary on the Internet, paid software even if it is not good to use, you will not give up, because has spent money, and free products to get easy, give up also easy, forcing us to do the product better than the charge." NetEase mailbox, Taobao, and a lot of free products and services have proved: the Internet free more good goods. 360 Antivirus is also the same, not only permanent free, product quality is also a comprehensive lead in all domestic charges to kill the soft, is currently the only international first-class level of domestic anti-virus software. "Xiangdong said.

According to Xiangdong introduced, 360 antivirus participated in a number of international authoritative anti-virus evaluation, so far 100% all through, no one lost, this in the domestic anti-virus software is the only one case. In the VB100 test, 360 antivirus All indicators are significantly ahead of domestic charges to kill soft, which in the most critical Trojan and the latest virus test, 360 anti-virus detection rate of several times the other domestic anti-virus software. In addition, the statistics provided by the IRIS show that 360 anti-virus user coverage has reached 52.75%, the number of users more than 200 million, in the market share has been completely beyond the cost of killing soft.

Free Antivirus How to profit

On the question of how to make money for free products, 360 believes that free products have two basic income models, one is advertising mode, the other is value-added service model. As a security software, 360 obviously does not apply to the advertising model, so the choice is through value-added services to achieve profitability, that is, on a large user base, for a small number of users to provide personalized billing services, such as security backup and storage, one-on-one remote computer repair services. "This and Tencent's model is very close to: Chat with QQ is free, but to use QQ show, you have to pay to become a red diamond users, but even if not buy QQ show, will not affect users QQ chat." "Xiangdong said:" 360 already has 300 million users, of which as long as 1% of users use our fee-based services, 360 of the revenue will be very substantial. At present, 360 has already realized the initial profit. ”

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