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No one can underestimate the strength of 360, in the current search market, although Baidu occupies an absolute advantage, but this advantage with the loss of time, began to gradually shrink, if plus 360 to buy Sogou success, then 360 is absolutely capable and Baidu a higher, in the traditional network search engine market is so , in the emerging mobile internet search engine market, Baidu's advantage is not so big, and today there is no more than half of the market share, and 360 from the beginning to use the Smart Security software layout, to the current online lightning search, thus announcing the mobile Internet on a search team was born.

Lightning Search Imitation Baidu application

In fact, the method used in this 360 is Tencent often use the same method of the body, although it seems not honest and honest, but in the mobile Internet is also effective, perhaps in China's internet world, only imitation can get a better survival, thunder search is plainly Baidu search application of the pirated version, The only difference is I am afraid that the brand is not the same, but it is so seamless integration characteristics, can let the user smoothly from Baidu's search application over to 360 search applications, this may be 360 of well-intentioned.

Of course, lightning search can not make their own and Baidu like, or really guilty of infringement, in the current era of advocating intellectual property rights, improve the quality of the brand is the key, 360 Lightning search engine also has a certain degree of innovation, At least in the use of convenience and a wide range of display mode to let the lightning search user experience better, this is the 360 lightning search core creation, it is this creation let Baidu feel a crisis.

Baidu Diversified mobile Internet strategy may be a trade-off

For 360 of the aggressive, Baidu is not no parry, in fact, a few days ago to invest 1.9 billion U.S. dollars to buy 91 wireless event exposure, it explains the strategic layout of the mobile internet in Baidu, not only to enhance Baidu in the mobile end of the search market share, but also to break through the mobile phone This hardware platform mobile Internet portal, And this is the current advantage of 360, so Baidu's strategy is very clear, is to upgrade their own mobile internet market share as much as possible.

But it is Baidu, the diversification of investment decisions, on the one hand, investment in 91 wireless, on the other hand, investment video, these large funds can only through the search engine market to draw blood, otherwise there will be no vertical search engine users charge big event. This shows that Baidu's diversification strategy has not let Baidu comprehensive rise, on the contrary, but let Baidu appeared short board effect, so this gives 360 have the opportunity, 360 announced the Lightning search online actually attack Baidu search engine short board beginning.

Of course, Baidu is currently in the search engine market advantage, in a short period of time has not been 360 to shake, but ants eat elephants look impossible, perhaps it is Baidu's careless and let 360 to find a breakthrough method, then Baidu want to regain market advantage, so the difficulty will be much more. This requires Baidu from now on the defensive gradually become offensive, in fact, Baidu is also active in the development of security products, then 360 and Baidu between the war will be more intense, and for the vast number of users, the more competitive market, on the contrary can bring more benefits to users! This article by www.120job.cn China Medical Talent Network starting A5, original not easy to reprint please indicate the link thank you!

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