360OS community officially online, Zhou speech called on netizens to do mobile phone

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For 360 of companies and Zhou, mobile phones have become the most important. Yesterday, 360 of the OS community officially online, Zhou in the speech called Netizens and he together "to make a phone for themselves."

According to the information disclosed before the Zhou, in 360 and cool to launch the mobile phone before the launch of a mobile phone system 360OS, and the first line is the 360OS community. The community is divided into "new function discussion area", "and Old week chat", "mobile phone slot point" three major sections, 360 is also the hope to mobilize users to participate in mobile phone systems and mobile phone product design throughout the process.

In the community's online address, Zhou explained 360 mobile phone reasons, that is, "curiosity." "What should the phone look like in the next 10 years?" Does the handset itself need to innovate? Mobile phone security problem more and more serious how to solve? What kind of cell phone can I make? These are all curious. "My phone may not be liked by everyone, but at least it should be China's most sincere mobile phone," he said. ”

360OS is expected to start from May to June this year, the official products are expected to be launched in August. Reporter Gu Xiaoyu

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