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CFP Pictures-Our correspondent Lin Yu recently, Beijing announced the implementation of the "Public Rental Housing Construction Technology Guide (Trial)", showing Beijing public housing construction to take a real step. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other cities in the "Minsheng Housing Blueprint", have been identified a sizeable public rental housing construction plan. This year the national 370,000 sets of public rental housing construction task has been issued.  Various indications, after the price of commercial housing prices soared and the baptism of regulation, "vigorously build public rental" has been implemented from the slogan to action, a large-scale construction boom is on the attack. However, industry experts pointed out that in order to solve the "sandwich layer" transitional housing problems of public rental building, can not "swarm" to dry fast, limited financial resources and development investment should be tilted to the city of new immigrants; Secondly, public housing construction funds should be diversified, on the basis of people's livelihood to ensure a certain return on investment; more importantly,  , in the "nominal" a large number of security housing system, public rental housing how to just and effectively solve the "sandwich" of the People's house problem, to prevent it to repeat the mistakes of affordable, will test the wisdom of local government. "Sandwich layer" new look forward to this July, the hometown of Shangqiu in Henan province Ma Minglei just graduated from a liberal arts university in Beijing, to enter a magazine job. With his Beijing hukou, he recently studied the new public housing regulations. "I am now a monthly salary of more than 3,000, rental live to spend 1000." In recent years inside Beijing buy a house is basically impossible. To my condition, apply for affordable housing is also very difficult, so, intend to see public rental. "In the former housing system, housing, low-cost housing and price-limit rooms, such as the basic varieties of the basic to the local low-income residents, such as Ma Minglei City, new immigrants are excluded." With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the new immigrants in the "sandwich layer" status are becoming more and more large, including those who have been employed and gradually merged into the city after graduating from university, and also include migrant workers who have not received local accounts.  This group of phased housing capacity is insufficient, contradictions increasingly appear.  According to the opinion of the Ministry of Housing and Urban and rural construction, where the age of 18 years, there is stable employment and income sources, with the ability to pay rent, the city without housing or housing area below the urban housing security standards, can apply for public rental housing, not subject to household registration restrictions. Vice-Minister, Deputy Minister of Housing construction, said recently that the sandwich layer housing problem will be mainly through public rental to solve. "Sandwich Layer Group housing problem is phased, with the income growth, this part of the population will have the ability to pay through the market to solve the housing, public rental housing rental level is relatively moderate, the lease relationship is stable, in line with their real demand for rental housing in a certain stage."  Vice-Minister admits. Recently, all over the public rental housing construction planning has been released. Among them, Chongqing in the next three years will build 30 million square meters of public rental, at present, the city public rental has been started 7.5 million square meters. In Beijing, there are currently more than 10 public rental housing projects are under construction, can provide more than 8000 sets of housing. 2010, NorthBeijing will create 500,000 square meters of public rental housing.  Guangzhou plans to launch 3000 sets of public rental housing this year, while also considering the construction of migrant workers ' apartments, housing and so on. Compared with the current "sandwich layer" population scale in major cities, the public rental housing project is still a "drop in the bucket".  Take Beijing as an example, the city has nearly 5.1 million resident population, "sandwich layer" crowd of millions of people, every year, more than 200,000 new graduates in Beijing. Newferry, director of the Urban Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that Beijing million sets of public rental housing can not meet the demands of foreign low-income groups, and Guangzhou, Shanghai and other front-line cities are also facing the same embarrassment.  Public rental housing is also facing the situation of short supply, in the "Street registration waiting for application" background, how to fair and equitable selection of residential groups, to prevent new power rent-seeking, is still the focus of the people focus. "Public" housing to attract people to solve the problem "in Hong Kong, the United States, public rental housing by the government-led, non-profit institutions responsible for operation, private capital is not willing to participate." But in the mainland, the local government's financial capital is limited, need to diversify financing to build public rental. However, it is a big problem how to bring in social capital and guarantee its yield.  "said Chen Kwok-keung, director of the Beijing Institute of Real Estate. Not long ago, the Ministry of Housing construction to encourage developers to participate in public rental housing construction. The next step will be to establish a business-oriented public rental housing operation mechanism.  Encourage the development of enterprises to invest and hold public rental housing property rights, responsible for public rental housing construction, leasing and maintenance of day-to-day work. "This kind of enterprise can be funded by social institutions, or it can be formed by joint contributions of social institutions and governments."  Vice-Minister said that in terms of funds, in addition to the central and local financial support, to encourage financial institutions to issue public rental housing long-term loans, expand public rental financing channels. "From the current plan, the construction of public housing is still unclear." Some developers expressed the willingness to participate, but the real intention to intervene in the housing enterprises certainly not much; now, the rent level, property ownership has not been determined, developers are clearly not doing a loss of business.  "An insider analysis. To the public rental plan to build the largest Chongqing, for example, the estimated cost of public rental housing is 2500 yuan per square metre, 30 million square meters construction scale is expected to total investment of about 75 billion yuan, about 25 billion yuan a year. Generally speaking, the financial fund reaches at least 20% of the total investment of public housing construction, which means that Chongqing's fiscal investment in public housing is at least 5 billion yuan each year.  The burden on local finances is clearly heavy. "Developers to build public rental housing and for the holding of property, according to Chongqing standards, rental prices in accordance with the construction costs of interest plus maintenance costs, control in the market rent of less than 60%, so that developers cost recovery time long, low benefit."  "Macro, dean of the Chongqing Real Estate Institute, said. According to the Zhongqing Construction committee concerned people, in addition to the central arrangement of special funds, financial year budget arrangements for funds, local land transfer income of 5%, real estate Investment trust Fund has alsowas considered as a financing channel, but the Hong Kong fund and the initial contact with Chongqing have been fruitless.  The reason is that similar financial products have a prerequisite, that is, housing property rights "Private", and this is not in line with the principle of "public rental". "Now, the expansion of public rental housing construction scale, only rely on the financial is far from enough, must vigorously introduce social capital." But the prerequisite of social capital participation is to meet the requirement of return on capital and the second is clear property right. Otherwise, the local government can only rely on land transfer concessions to attract developers to participate in public rental housing construction.  Hua Yuan Real Estate Chairman Ren Zhiqiang pointed out. Ren Zhiqiang suggested that the development of social leasing housing, financed by the Social Fund Combination Trust, is operated by non-governmental organizations, and rents are priced according to market. "The UK operates according to this model, on the one hand solves the financing problem of public housing, on the other hand, the real Estate Trust also lets the rich crowd a return stable investment product." "Do a good job of supporting the slum" in many Western countries, public rental housing is often associated with slums. The main reason is that public rental housing around the infrastructure, business support, poor human environment, leasing group mobility is relatively high, resulting in the community's grades are decreasing.  Industry experts suggested that public housing should be "placed" in the vicinity of the city center, while improving the surrounding facilities to prevent the emergence of new slums. "Rental group of public rental, often choose public transport, if the area is built away from the main city, commuting, shopping, medical treatment and other social activities of the time cost will be very high."  "21st century Real estate analyst Ziffan pointed out. Therefore, the Department of Housing and Construction officials pointed out that public rental housing in the convenience of life, public transport along the area of the development of common rented accommodation. For example, through the urban shanty town renovation site to build public rental housing, in the matching mature common commodity housing community to build public rental housing.  At the same time, social housing is encouraged to be used for public rental housing. Chongqing's first public rental housing community "popular sentiment" can accommodate households 12,000 to 15,000 households.  The community has sports venues, supermarkets, water, primary schools, kindergartens and the central landscape green space, by the Professional property management company, from the upcoming light rail only about 500 meters.  According to Chongqing's experience, the city will be in the main urban area one or two planned between the 21 settlements in the layout of 21 public rental building sites, public rental housing are distributed in the light rail or traffic, environment, matching conditions, such as the region, the average volume rate control in 3.8, and commercial real estate implementation of "mixed." Sun Yuanming, a researcher at the Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, said: "Let public rental tenants and commercial housing tenants organically integrated, balanced enjoyment of public services, there will be no psychological gap, to avoid the formation of new slums." "In Beijing, public rental housing is also basically located in the Urban function area within the transport facilities, municipal facilities or industrial functions of the area of the" Golden Lot ", and commercial housing projects to build, to prevent public rental housing too isolated. At the same time, the community requires the allocation of laundry, canteens, cultural activities, such as convenient facilities, appropriate to improve kindergartens, primary schools, community health and other supporting standards. Its main purpose is to mentionPromote community quality and environmental quality.
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