3D function makes players Dizzy Nintendo said 3DS is not suitable for long play

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According to overseas media reports, the Nintendo new generation of 3DS 3D features of the handheld, so many users have headaches and other symptoms, users on Twitter complain repeatedly.  At present, Nintendo responded to the matter by saying that a short break would be effective in alleviating the symptoms. The website Maxconsole has collected nearly 50 complaints on Twitter about 3DS users ' symptoms of eye fatigue and dizziness, said Robert Saunders, a Nintendo UK PR Manager: "Our 3DS has participated in many exhibitions around the world, There are thousands of players who experience, and the symptoms of discomfort rarely happen. As with many things that need to be focused on, experts will advise frequent short breaks, whether reading or looking at a computer screen. Some people feel a slight discomfort when they watch any 3D image (TV, movie, etc.). This discomfort lasts a short time and most players can continue to play after a short break. Our 3DS has 3D adjustment slider, the user can according to their own situation to the 3D degree of adjustment, so as to achieve the best gaming experience. "3D adjustable slider can completely turn off the 3D function, so that the system can completely eliminate the user caused headaches and other symptoms of the potential threat."  But this is a painful choice for those who spend 40 of dollars to buy 3D starter games. Last year, Nintendo warned about the use of 3D for children, although eye experts said it was not necessary, but Nintendo said it was designed to prevent companies from getting involved in legal action. Some days ago, eye experts pointed out that 3DS could help detect visual impairment in children.
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