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The catenary station optimizes also has some time, also did not find the specialized teacher to study, but often looked the on-line optimization article, and unceasingly ponders the author each sentence. Below want to do through the first one months to do an optimization, and we communicate together, very superficial, hehe.

In mid-June, a watch company http://www.no1watchs.com found me to do optimization. I checked the "watch" keyword, the word Baidu hot zone 1-3-digit price for 9000 yuan/year, "anti-static floor" keyword Baidu hot zone 1-3-digit price for 7500 yuan/year. But think of it, this site is going to be a hard effort!

I first analyzed a site, ASP page, but also cool, the code is relatively simple. I modified the page title, added the page description and keyword description, try to "watch" as the root to describe. Then at the top of the page this golden position placed the keyword, and straighten out for a word, to the internal chain of the way to place. Finally made a site map, the basic structure of the site to pull out.

A few days later, Google on the site appeared on the 10th page, Baidu appeared in 15 pages.

The effect is a bit, I have to find ways to increase the station's external links and internal links. The company's product information and website posted on more than 100 business websites. In order to make the chain better, I added a link under the page. Then help find links online. At that time, I added several automatic link exchange similar to SEO for fast. A few days later, Google has shown the effect, has been moving forward. While Baidu has some progress, but it seems that Baidu does not like the station.

In July, I added content to the company news of the station and added some internal links to the company's news content as much as possible. Indeed, the news content page was absorbed by Baidu, the site ranked again some.

In mid-July, I added an SEO alliance to the station, but I did not want ordinary viewers to see the word, and I made it the same white as the background color. The results of the problem appeared, July 16, I site in Baidu a bit, the result was startled, a result has not. Was Baidu K, this is my first reaction! I began to quickly find out why, before this, there was one day the domain name can not be resolved (the problem of the domain name quotient), the next day back to normal. is the domain name problem, or that SEO union word question? I read the Baidu rules again, and found that both of these situations could cause the site to be blocked. I put that SEO alliance word off, and ready to write an email to Baidu to explain the situation. But on the morning of July 18, I came back to the site again, and the results were good, but dozens of pages less than before. That's great! Baidu did not seal the station. But do not know why, since then, Baidu no longer patronize the station, the snapshot is always displayed as July 12. And Google has been good, steady rise to the third page. Until July 22, Baidu finally updated the station. That is, the next day, July 23, the station appeared in the Baidu "watch" fourth.

This is my two months to optimize a station practice experience, I hope that after more exchanges!

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