4399 cai on domain name investment: Success does not depend on money and background

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4399 Game Chairman Cai (Tencent Science and technology with map)

4399 chairman, Angel investor Cai (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Science and Technology News (Lotte) June 28, Angel investor, 4399 Game chairman Cai recently in Tencent Weibo to their own domain name investment to the entrepreneur that the success or failure and capital, technology, background and not directly related to, more importantly, entrepreneurs should have passion, and good at learning and summary.

It is understood that CAI over a few years to handle the sale of the domain name countless, from G.cn, 520.COM to their own founder of the 265.COM, although the price has not been published, anecdotal rumors that its operating only 265.COM of at least 20 million dollars in cash.

There are reports that more than 80% of China's 2,112 county names are in the hands of Cai, and he also holds thousands of valuable domain names, countless commercial companies or foreign companies of the CN domain name. Due to the success in Domain name investment, CAI has been hailed as domain name investment King,

Recently Cai (Http://t.qq.com/caiwensheng) in talking about their own investment in the domain name, said the world's first wave of investment in the domain name in 1994, China's first wave of investment in the domain name is 1997, their 2000 years to know how to surf the Internet and invest in domain names, At that time a lot of people also want to succeed through the domain name, and more capital strength, but almost did not insist and exit.

Cai believes that he can succeed in Domain name investment field is to insist on. It also shows that there are many factors that determine the success or failure of a business, and that it may not be related to money, technology or the background.

Cai that many entrepreneurs have a misunderstanding of entrepreneurship, always think that many successful people rely on family background, there is a relationship, there is money to succeed. In fact, China's reform and opening up only 30 years, almost all the successful people in various industries are starting from scratch.

"What is the most valuable quality of a webmaster (entrepreneur)?" I replied: passion and learning, have these two points to do. Passion is not an impulse, but to be patient is to be successful. Learning is not just a book, ask an expert to have the learning method and summary ability. ”

Cai that entrepreneurship is passionate and good at learning and summarizing can be successful. If you follow an expert opinion to start a business, most entrepreneurs will be misled, just like to listen to analysts buy shares will lose light. Talking about the future development opportunities, CAI that the traditional industry has formed a certain barrier and threshold, and the Internet space is still very large. "The next few years are the best opportunities for Internet development, especially in E-commerce and mobile internet." The

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