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4399 now almost become synonymous with web games, and the so-called successful products are always similar, there are many factors that made him a success. Initially 4399 was founded by Li Xingping, a well-known grassroots webmaster in China. Li Xingping has successfully founded hao123, ip138 and qq163. Therefore, as long as a little research is done, Li Xingping, a grassroots originator, is unique in his grasp and understanding of the game. , He knows what players want, and what they do make players like, simple and easy, and easy to use, with the current professional is that the user experience is very good, and Lee is definitely the first user of grassroots user experience . Finally, the name of 4399 is simple and clear, the domain name is very easy to remember, those who can not remember the primary users of the domain name do not have to worry too much, Li Xingping stole there is a high gold content site navigation site hao123, the two sites overlap user is very High, and brought great traffic for the 4399, the site welcomed by users even if it does not give other navigation station money, they will put the 4399 in their own site is obvious location. The 4399 habits in Baidu keyword has also been good, that is, after the acquisition of hao123 Baidu, 4399 is clearly more to be seen by Baidu.

On the other hand, probably in 2005, Cai Wensheng made a special trip to find Li Xingping. They both enjoyed themselves and soon talked about cooperation. Cai shares investment 4399 Ren chairman, responsible for business operations, the company's daily affairs management, Lee Ze focus on products, which is a good cooperation, compared with other similar sites in terms of opened up a big gap. At that time, other webmasters were basically single-handedly, though they made some money but did not keep investing to buy server bandwidth. 4399 at this time quickly opened up the gap with their opponents, a highly efficient professional team, adequate funding, the rapid formation of the Matthew effect, is getting stronger and stronger, in a whirlwind.

I have always admired Cai Wensheng's vision and courage, he approached 4399 Li Xingping, it is Lee has been sold hao123 In fact, no one at this time optimistic about web games, or even no one noticed. That is when World of Warcraft came into power in China, a large number of online games companies listed after another, there are several progressive gold products. Everyone or independent research and development, or agents of foreign products, and made in full swing. While the 4399 has a huge amount of traffic, enough users, rely on the ads do not make much money ah, until 2007 the rise of web games, but also with the rapid development of web games, 4399 is also in a rapid development The process of at least make money is very high speed. For now, I think 4399 considered the Chinese version of zynga, and we Jingdezhen is not the same as the situation in the United States, sns here is the development of local characteristics, Tencent friends, Renren, happy network, 51, QQ space adjustment Are quite strange, and given the fake open Tencent, other sns platform does not move, the prospects for the development of social games is not yet clear. The weak relationship of 4399, weak social platform may be accepted by the public better, 4399 also have their own research and development of games, but also to other developers points off the account, I feel it is a very cool company.

- Finally, an Internet product that has enough users and has positive value for users, it is obvious to build the right business model for a lucrative return.

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