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"Digitization" brings new challenges to the marketing of enterprises, enterprises need to face the Internet age consumers, adapt to the new digital technology and communication environment to explore the logic of marketing innovation, and to learn in the digital era, with consumers to establish deep relationship and sedimentation brand value. I think, marketing people face digital marketing needs to grasp the 5 major marketing logic.

First, out of control: disintegration and reconstruction.

Today, we are in a runaway era, the original rules of the brand has been disrupted by internet consumers. In the digital age, companies use traditional media to accumulate the brand foundation, most likely because of the internet, an inadvertent small event to be disintegrated.

For example, the electric dealer's promotion as well as "double 11" This kind of festival has broken down many consumer's brand loyalty, many consumers are directed to the cheap product that day, but "double 11" After the end, some brands may not continue to be the consumer attention.

For brands, in the face of this disintegration, it is necessary to think about how the loyalty or even reputation of the process of disintegration to think about reconstruction, that is, how the digital platform to precipitate the value of the brand. Today, the Internet makes the brand more transparent, and the relationship between consumers and brands is no longer a high relationship, therefore, the brand must consider the internet era of the digital context, through the digital context, and consumers to establish a more equal interaction relationship.

Second, symbiosis create: The era of the king of fans.

In the current social communication, "fan economy" has become a hot spot. So what does a fan mean? Today's mass consumers have been broken, fragmented, the traditional marketing era of the so-called "public" has not existed, consumers will be more because of common interests, lifestyles, attitudes, content preferences, and so on, the convergence of the era of precision.

Consumer demand will show up on the Internet: they will take the initiative to raise demand, and even participate in product creativity, including the new C2B personalized "custom economy" will be the future trend. This is the brand must pay attention to the "fan economy." As the "small time" and Guo as an amateur director of the identity of a sudden upset the professional director of the film market, and millet technology also alongside the "rice noodles" successful superior.

Third, no dispute, no marketing.

Many companies are worried about the internet will be attacked by consumers, because the information unlimited transparency, in fact, this worry is superfluous, in the Internet era, the brand "personality" than the brand "perfect" more to win consumer support.

Today's consumers, especially young consumers, are more willing to obtain the authenticity of the brand, that is, "true temperament" brand, especially after the generation and the generation, they believe that "do not install the brand is good." "Digital age, the so-called brand won how many patents, won the number of awards, consumers are no longer concerned about, consumers are concerned about you have no personality."

Because there is no controversy there is no marketing, such as 360 with Tencent's "3Q War", 360 and the struggle of millet; again, for example, Beijing East war Su Ning Gome and so on, this is the rules of digital marketing, enterprises should learn to actively manufacture marketing content and topics.

Four, enterprises need to learn to live in real time.

In the digital age, Brand is a kind of dialogue, Brand is a kind of emotion, so the brand should have real time communication and communication with consumers, and then create brand marketing opportunity.

Companies must engage in real-time conversations with consumers, such as Starbucks ' selling an alarm clock, so that Starbucks has been with consumers to sleep, and in the morning to wake up consumers to Starbucks to eat breakfast, in addition, the brand must be good at the use of social sentiment, public sentiment to marketing, to reap a better effect.

Five, content marketing affects consumption behavior.

The important trend in the digital age is advertising PR, content of public relations, marketing content. Therefore, enterprises must export their own branded content. Some global survey data show that 90% of enterprises and organizations are using content marketing, content marketing can produce 3 times times the rate of traditional marketing.

Content output in the digital age is more likely to subtly influence audiences, just as many consumers understand the company through an article rather than an ad. In the digital age, consumers have the power to dominate the brand, and consumers will create some ideas about the brand. Therefore, in the digital age to do marketing, from products to content.

With the rapid development of digital media and digital technology, the whole marketing model and method are changing, which makes the traditional marketing mode face great adjustment. Whether the brand, or marketing service providers, are to innovate marketing methods and models. Digital era of marketing, enterprises and brands need to have a more long-term planning, but also need to have a more digital media characteristics of the systematic thinking.

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