5 factors affect the performance of network marketing

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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Network marketing Prospects are very broad, engaged in network marketing career is also very noble, the future of the society is the information Society, the Information Society Enterprise Marketing model, rely on network marketing!

China has 42 million companies, according to the Internet 22nd Census report shows only 1.919 million companies have their own websites, and 95% of companies do not have their own sites, so Chinese entrepreneurs and corporate bosses are still very lack of internet marketing awareness. With the popularization and continuous development of the Internet, enterprises to carry out network marketing, E-commerce, is the general trend!

The use rate of search engines for Chinese netizens is 69.2%, which is the fifth largest network application in China. In the first half of 2008, search engine users grew 23.04 million, a half year growth rate reached 15.5%. But the overall utilization rate was lower than that in the United States (91%). Chinese netizens are becoming more and more educated, and the usage rate of search engines is higher. In the undergraduate and above Netizen, the search engine usage rate already surpasses 93%. Over the past one or two years, the high school and the following degree of Internet users accounted for more and more, may have an impact on the use of search engines. This shows that the use of search engines is the main and important Internet users one of the purposes.

So for Chinese companies, if your potential customers can't search the search engine for your company's Web site, find your competitor's website. Therefore, Chinese entrepreneurs and bosses need to strengthen the understanding of corporate website construction and network marketing, Punord network in its 4 years in the establishment of Beijing for 1500 companies to provide website construction and website Marketing Services, we summed up a large number of network marketing knowledge, through more than 20 network marketing experts, Every day through the telephone and visit continuously taught to the enterprise. We hope that every Chinese enterprise understands internet marketing.

Let small and medium-sized enterprises full of expectations and fantasy Network marketing, despite its low-cost, high efficiency, high yield of the potential characteristics, however, no effect, but has become a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the network marketing, the most direct experience gained. Beautiful Sinorama behind, in the end what is the factor that causes the network marketing effect of small and medium-sized enterprises is so bad? According to the comprehensive analysis and understanding, the peak network analyst Ling Kai believes that there are mainly the following five reasons:

One, did not establish the marketing type website

What is a marketing site? Network Marketing 2.0 theory gives such a definition: marketing-oriented web site is based on corporate marketing goals for site planning, with good search engine performance and user experience, a complete evaluation system, can use a variety of means to convert visitors to customer service in the Enterprise marketing purposes website.

The small and medium-sized Enterprise website, whether has the very strong marketing, is carries on the network marketing whether obtains the best effect the most important factor. In the whole network business activities, the customer will eventually go to find their intention to buy products or services, eventually find the door to ultimately or potential customers. Therefore, the establishment of marketing-oriented web sites for small and medium-sized enterprises, it becomes critical.

The marketing website compares with the ordinary enterprise website, has obvious advantages and characteristics, it from a variety of different angles and needs to consider, the enterprise website comprehensive analysis, and finally integrated a variety of Web site functions and services, so that it has a strong marketing function and marketing value, the pursuit of the final marketing effect.

Second, ineffective promotion

Now, in the entire Internet, the network promotion way, is a dazzling array, a variety of. Bannar advertising, mass mailing, soft text PR, forum posts, blog publicity, viral promotion and so on. Small and medium-sized enterprises on how to promote the corporate web site, know its micro, do not know what kind of promotional methods will achieve low investment returns effect.

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