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Big data is here to help you define, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18826.html, ">  know, or build a better, more flexible, stronger enterprise." When enough data is collected, the things you can do are beyond your imagination. The question is, what do you do with the data once it's collected? You must have a data visualization tool to help you succeed.

This does not mean that you have to pay a huge cost in the enterprise lifecycle to use one or two of specialized software. Fortunately, there are many web-based applications that can "display" data in a variety of ways so that your company can benefit from the time it takes to design and collect data.

I have found 5 such applications. Each application has a set of features and complexity, but all applications can get you what you need. Let's take a look at these web-based applications and see what's best for your needs.

1, Many Eyes

Many Eyes is an experimental application of IBM that allows you to easily visualize datasets. With many Eyes, you can upload your own dataset, or take advantage of the many datasets available within the framework. Many eyes provides a variety of visual types, such as scatter, Matrix, network, bar, histogram, bubble, line, stacked, pie, tree, Word tree, tag cloud, and so on. In order to upload your own dataset, you must register (free). Using many eyes has a little warning that your dataset will be made public. So make sure that the data you upload is not sensitive or proprietary. Also, the dataset size is limited to 5MB: If you want to upload a larger dataset, you'll have to turn elsewhere.

2, Icharts

Icharts has two options--a free version and a commercial version. The commercial version starts at 25 dollars per month and can be upgraded to an enterprise version. The free version enables data interoperability, public sharing, and unrestricted standard data sets. If you use a paid version, you can get the following features: Private charts, custom templates, uploading pictures and icons, downloading high-definition images, wireless live database connections, survey datasets, large datasets, chart reports, data storage, brand chart channels, quality report customization, and more. With Icharts, you can load almost any type of data, including spreadsheets, Google drive documents, and so on. Interactive charts are a unique feature that allows you to integrate data pop-up, zoom and move, and enrich comments. If you're looking for a data visualization tool that not only helps you internally, but also helps promote your company's brand, Icharts may be exactly what you need.

3, Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that tries to compete with Google. Wolfram Alpha is unique in that you can enter a string that allows the tool to immediately compute the string and display the result. For example, I can enter "Anglo demographics" (American Demographic), click on the calculation, and immediately display a variety of information related to this string. Alternatively, by ordering the Pro version, you can enter your own data and then quickly compute it into a variety of dynamic and interactive forms. Pro accounts are limited to two uploads per month (images, positions, tabular data, etc.), costing US $4.99 per month. The Pro account also provides richer data results (for example, unlimited, step based solutions, longer computations, etc.)

4, visualize free

Visualize Free is a managed tool that lets you upload your own dataset and let you access the public dataset. With this data, you can build your own interactive visualization to help display and illustrate the data. Visual formats include: charts, maps, graphics, dashboards, and more. Creating dashboards for your data is simple and can be achieved by simply dragging and dropping the design. You can upload a dataset (spreadsheet or tab-delimited text), or cut and paste tab-separated data to the clipboard (on the Upload data page). You must register an account (free) to use the tool's upload function. You can also access a large number of common data (such as data.gov). Like its name, visualize free is an easy-to-use tool. Any data set you upload is private to you-so you don't have to worry about other users accessing your data.

5, Data Wrangler

Data Wrangler is a web-based service from a visual team at Stanford University. The tool is used to clean and rearrange data into formats that other tools can use, such as spreadsheets. Although the tool is not actually likely to display data, it can erase data so that the visualizer can take advantage of the data. In other words, you need to spend a little time formatting your data and more time analyzing that data. Using this tool, you can split, extract, fill, translate, merge, package, delete, promote, compress, decompress, switch different data points. Note that using data Wrangler may take a bit of time to learn, from the moment you are ready, to be able to display. The Data wrangler is free, but still in the beta phase.


The larger your company grows, the more it relies on data. To stay competitive, you have to be able to turn all data into visual, interactive forms to make the best use of the results. These tools will help you achieve this goal in a variety of ways (at different prices).

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