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Learning to program and work in the computer industry is a different situation. Do not write point program can be engaged in the computer industry, on the contrary, learning programming is not necessarily for professional computer industry, programming can be a good hobby or as a composite talent "second skill", of course, if there is an appropriate opportunity, you can also consider career change.

It is normal for novice programmers to read books without understanding them. All programmers come from that step. In addition to reading a book you can also use a wealth of Internet resources, and the following will introduce you to five free online learning programming sites, without the need for expensive tuition and need you to arrange a fixed time.

1. Codecademy


It is a web-based interactive programming tutorial that helps users understand some of the basics of JavaScript and, more importantly, uses codecademy learning programming to be fun, and its co-founder is Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. In addition, the website has launched its Chinese version last year.

When the user first opens the home page, as shown in the above figure, will let you do some simple operations, so that beginners taste the fun of programming.

Once users enter the site can easily complete the first lesson of programming, if users want to know how many letters of their name, simply put their name into double quotes, and then enter ". Length", and finally click the Enter button, very simple.

Many programming sites are complex, with millions of courses, while Codecademy only provides specific computer languages, such as JavaScript and Ruby.



Ladies Learning Code's website founder is Heather Payne, and her goal is to make it possible for women and girls to learn about computer programming and break the case that men have long dominated High-tech fields. This is a non-profit programming organization based in Toronto (Canada) whose website shows you can learn as long as you are an aspiring person, whether you are 9 or 49 years old.

Ladies Learning Code invites women (and occasionally men) to collaborate on technical skills, all of which are taught at the entry-level level of programming languages.

You can learn at any time and place, and the site will also offer a few seminars on JavaScript, HTML, and Photoshop.



Code Racer is an online programming game that will force you to quickly program, in the programming game, Code/racer belongs to the Treehouse team has more than 650 teaching video, when you complete a course, you will get the corresponding badge. In addition, senior programmers or experienced programmers can examine beginners and test their skills. Web site teaching focuses on HTML and CSS.

4. Udacity


Udacity, a for-profit website founded by Stanford University Professor Stanford University, did not form an alliance with universities, mainly teaching Java, web development, HTML5 and software testing.

The site will have software based tests, problem sets, and programming-related assignments. In addition, each knowledge block of each unit has corresponding problem sets and answers. Moreover, any multiple-choice question is taught by himself, and each answer is made into a small video. The video is also included in the problem set, and students can enter the code and test the code online.

Students can get a lot, the site will be based on students ' learning performance issued at different levels of certification: graduation, good, excellent, excellent. In addition, the Global Academy of Colorado State State University (Colorado) has recognized the credits for some of the udacity courses. Udacity also released a free employment matching program to send students ' resumes to companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Bank of America, based on company recruitment and student performance.

5. American who CODE


Reshma Saujani created the American who code dedicated to educating young women in programming and learning technical skills, and educating girls in programming will help to narrow their gap between technology and men, enhance their competitiveness and achieve better career development.

These girls will learn how to build websites and mobile apps, and even open their own companies. The course also includes financial knowledge, computer science and robotics. The group says it has received financial assistance from companies including Twitter, General Electric, Google and ebay.

Reshma Saujani is the founder of "Programming Girls" and the official agent of New York public propaganda. She said the plan was sprouting in 2010, when she failed in the U.S. Congress and failed because of the imbalance between men and women in the scientific community.

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