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Introduction: Coca-Cola Zero drink ads and mini site because of the unique originality of the people impressed. From the dissemination of results and sales performance, it can be said that the network launched a viral marketing war is a great success. But after stripping a layer of detail, we will find that the core driver of success is not the virus, but the traditional positioning theory in the field of marketing. Coca-Cola Company's deep marketing literacy, scientific and accurate marketing techniques is to help zero in the competitive weight loss beverage market firm foothold, and Gongchenglvede key. It is certain that zero drinks alone will never achieve such great success. Virus strategy is only the implementation and deepening of the overall marketing strategy. Its originality is based on the Prophase marketing strategy, the result of the thinking of the ripe. Zero marketing in the process of the move style-from the development of similar products and the separation strategy, to determine the name of the drink and the color of the beverage can, until the final advertising production and dissemination, so long, complicated marketing process, can do in every detail of the implementation of the shape, but also full of spiritual thinking, All this fully reflects the sophistication of the marketing giant and the extraordinary shot.

Mention Coca-Cola Zero, everyone will talk about his micro-site. Indeed, this site is full of popular Web2.0 virus elements and is therefore particularly worth discussing. Take a look at some of its features: Coca-Cola's brand manager, which has been circulating on YouTube, has asked lawyers if they can sue for candid video footage of the taste violations of zero beverages, and there is also a reminder that you can also sue your friends for "taste theft". What kind of taste is stealing? The site's explanation is: "Coca-Cola Zero steals the taste of Coca-Cola, maybe someone you know stole your personal taste." Maybe they bought the same hat as you, or downloaded the same music. The stealing of taste cannot be unpunished. Apply our revolutionary technique of prosecuting friends. can do that. "Of course, the alleged prosecution cannot be taken seriously. It's just an entertainment project; Zero site also introduced a "crazy football game." Visitors can design a football championship ring. Upload their avatar to the front of the football table, they can even be rude to those crazy companion players, and a column is "Discover the secret of taste." Zero's recipe for taste is locked in a sturdy safe, and you have to call the torch, hammer and other tools when you want it.

Games, video, virtual reality, user generation, virus spread ... All the current popular network marketing elements, the site has, but also the brand of the world's giants for its new weight loss to build, Coca-Cola will certainly use its marketing resources to help the site gather popularity. Look at it in the "Crazy Football Game" column in the grandstand, the top of the dense head is the user automatically uploaded, its success can be seen.

2005, zero in the new cola emerging in a noisy in the advent of the. Followed by viral marketing: the creation of a mini site and the posting of false litigation videos on YouTube. These measures have made people notice the drink. According to the report of the third quarter of 2007. Zero sales rose by 34% over the same period last year (October 2006). It has accounted for 1.3% of the North American carbonated drinks market. But it is biased to attribute this success entirely to the spread of advertising on YouTube and to this small site. Before they were born, zero marketers had done enough.

Zero Market

In recent years, Americans have become increasingly concerned about obesity. The beverage industry in the United States is affected, especially the high sugar cola sales and market share continues to decline. From the 90 's double-digit growth to the current one-digit growth. And the weight loss beverage becomes the flagship product, is the main factor that drives the growth. People's weight is increasing, and the consumption of soft drinks is gradually increasing.

In fact, from the point of view of health and weight control, the best choice is water and tea. But few Americans are willing to give up sweet drinks, preferring to choose a diet that tastes but has fewer calories. Coca-Cola launched a series of new weight loss products in order to allow those in the family of low-sugar drinkers to drink. Zero is mainly in the face of men who want to lose weight. Before zero, Coca-Cola also introduced a variety of diet drinks. But it is inevitable that the advent of the grand, sadly exit the outcome. After analysis found that people "lose weight" the words of disgust.

The name of zero

And zero gives those who want to lose weight another choice. As the Advertising Age site mentions: Men want to be slim and even want to lose weight, but they just don't want to use the misinterpreting. In fact, the name of "Zero" and its promotional strategy just reflects the location of the parent "al." One of the basic principles summed up by Reese: "Grab a word, build it up as a brand, and have it." ”

Zero's male strategy

Zero's target customers are those who want to control their weight but do not want to give up the wonderful taste and drink boiled water men. It really takes some thought to recommend drinks to men. Zero took a more suitable for men's less solemn marketing strategy. For example, zero site itself is more male characteristics. There is a crazy football game. Visitors can design champions rings. Upload your avatar to the front of the ball. They can even be rude to those crazy fellow players. Other masculine features are reflected in taste and packaging.

Zero taste

Zero calories are zeros, but there is a stronger, more similar taste of the classic Coca-Cola. For those who should lose weight but feel the taste of weight loss food, nostalgia heavy taste of the man is very suitable. It is very much in the market for young and adult men who taste heavy.

Over the past year, Caren Pasquale Seckler, the Coca-Cola Slimming Products manager, has run a zero market job, and the ads surround Coca-Cola's classic taste. "All we're doing is conveying this message," she said. ”

and zero advertising campaign is around the taste of the big fuss. It looks more like a home video. Initially appears on the zero site. The company decided to release them as a TV ad after a successful site. The plot is for two people posing as the classic Coca-Cola brand manager to visit real-world lawyers. That they wanted to sue zero for violating their taste. Lawyers, of course, are wondering. "You are the same company!" "The answer is:" But we are different departments. "Then ask, is it possible to file a lawsuit?" "The lawyer is lost ... All of this was filmed by an implicit camera. Advertising is a bit like a parody of a lawyer, and a bit of a tease. But the center has only one: "The classic cola tastes the same as Zero cola." “

Drink expert John Sicher said: "It contains a very complex composition and flavor system, copying the taste of ordinary Coca-Cola." A lot of people who like classic Coca-Cola don't want to turn to Diet Coke. and zero guarantees that they remain in the sense of Coca-Cola. "Before a series of weight loss drinks on the debut, but soon failed, one of the important reason is people's strong attachment to the classic Coca-Cola taste."

Zero color

Even the packaging of zero beverages in North America is based on taste. The drink was first introduced in white packaging. A year ago, black jars and logos replaced white ones. Because in Australia and the UK black Packaging zero sales more successful. "We know from other countries that black represents a stronger, more rugged flavor," Seckler said. ”

"We've reorganized all the marketing elements and focused entirely on zero," Seckler said. Give it a black wrapper (red for a classic drink, and white for a diet drink) to differentiate it. Young or adult male customers will understand that this is their brand. was created for them. These are very effective.

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