"5.17" The first anniversary of the civil explosion subsidiary company revoked license

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Distance "5.17 Red Road viaduct collapse major accident" one anniversary, the Nanling people explosion (002096, closing price of 22.10 Yuan) announced the results of the accident treatment. Nanling people burst today (May 27) announcement, the company holding subsidiary of Nanling Engineering Company in the demolition of the Zhuzhou Red Road viaduct in the process of a large collapse occurred.  At present, the administrative and civil liability related to Nanling Engineering company has been disposed of.  In the administrative, the Hunan Province Construction department to the Nanling Engineering Company issued "the Administrative Punishment decision book", to the Nanling engineering company to "revoke the safe production license" of the administrative penalty, Hunan Province work Safety Supervision authority to Nanling Engineering Company issued the "Administrative penalty decision book" to the Nanling engineering company to give 500,000 yuan administrative fines.  After many coordination and consultation, Nanling Engineering Company and Zhuzhou Construction Bureau on May 24 on the "5.17" incident civil compensation, signed the "5.17 Red Road viaduct collapse accident Civil compensation agreement": Nanling Engineering Company compensation to Zhuzhou Construction Bureau accident loss of 9.686 million yuan. At the same time, the Nanling people's explosion said, because the "Safe production license" was revoked, Nanling engineering company can not contract and start a new project, to Nanling Engineering company's production and operation brought adverse effects. At the same time, administrative fines and civil compensation directly caused the economic loss of Nanling engineering company.  Nanling Engineering Company is expected to lose about 8 million yuan this year, affecting the company attributable to the parent company profit of 5.3 million yuan. "5.17 Red Road viaduct collapse major accident" is undoubtedly a major tragedy last year. On the afternoon of May 17, 2009, the viaduct of Zhuzhou Red Road collapsed unexpectedly, causing the tragedy of 9 deaths, 16 injuries and 24 vehicles being destroyed. As a result, the accident has become the first urban viaduct collapse accident in China, which has a large area collapse and cause serious casualties. And the perpetrators of this major tragedy, is the nanling people blasting subordinate wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanling Engineering Company.
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