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A few years of vacation, the longest is the Spring festival holiday. However, the day of holiday is always like a flick of the fingers over. Perhaps one eye open eyes, the sky is near dusk. So how many people devote their time to online games? is also dedicated to which online games. According to 52PK download data statistics, download the first ten games are as follows: Top1 "Jin Dance Troupe" "Jin Dance Troupe" is A dance class leisure music online games, its full of personality cute 3D character modelling, portray meticulous characters and coherent body movements, arbitrary with fashion personality decorations attracted the players ' sight. Players are free to buy hairstyles, clothes, trousers, shoes, and other types of objects to create their own characters. As a member of the music game, the dance troupe continues to join the latest and most thrilling songs. Song style from R&b, hip-hop to electronic dance, regardless of China, Korea, Japan or Europe and the United States and the pop music have everything.  Easy to operate, whether you are beginners or game enthusiasts, can be a simple button to feel the rhythm of the whole body. Configuration requirements: Processor minimum: Intel Pentium 4 3.0T or AMD fast Dragon XP 3200+ recommended: Dual core, such as Intel company Pentium D or AMD fast Dragon 64x2 Memory Minimum: 512MB memory (Vista to 1GB) recommended: 1GB Memory (vist  A to 2GB video card lowest: with hardware t&l[transform and lighting] 32MB video memory 3D graphics processor, such as ATI Radeon 7200 or NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series graphics card above.  Recommended: 256MB video memory 3D graphics processor with vertex pixel rendering [Vertex and Pixel Shader], such as ATI Radeon X1950 or nvidia GeForce 7950 GT series graphics cards. Sound card: DirectX74 compatible sound card or motherboard built-in sound card [page] Top2 "King of the Battlefield" game screen "King of the Battlefield" is a well-known game company Redduck Development, Neowiz Company Global distribution, Tencent Agent "secondary fps Games" God. is also the first use of the world's top professional 3D engine Unreal 3 engine development of FPS network games. By the South Korean industry is recognized as opening up a new chapter in the development of the online games industry, has won the 2007 Korea game industry's highest award-the Presidential Award, and at the same time to win the game screen, the role of the field and other outstanding awards, is a veritable "three Crown king."  The King of the war set a strategic multi-arm with game play, rich game mode, a variety of weapons modification system in a, known as "Shootout God". Configuration requirements: Basic configuration CPU:P4 2.4G Dual-core memory: 1G video card: Geforce 7600GT or sibling graphics above operating system: Windows XP, Vista (32bit/64bit), Windows 2003 server DIRECT x:direct X 9.0c push Recommended configuration CPU: Dual-core P4 3.0G dual-core memory: 2G video card: Geforce 8600GT or sibling graphics above operating system: Windows XP, Vista (32bit/64bit), Windows 2003 Server DIRECT X : Direct X 9.0c[page] Top3 "Through the FireWire" "through the Line of Fire" is the Korean network FPS Game Professional development company Smile Gate elaborately built, describes the two major international mercenaries organized as the background FPS online game. Rich game mode, strong combat experience, each bureau can be based on tactical need to change the early set of weapons and the new task system, greatly increased the game's strategic. In order to maintain the balance between the team, the introduction of "instant join" real-time substitution system.  Rich game rank system, super simulation weapon system, ultra-low configuration requirements, let you feel the different mercenary culture. Configuration requirements: Basic configuration CPU:P4 1.5G Memory: 256MB Graphics: GeForce 5200 hard disk space: 1GB above remaining space sound card: Compatible with DirectX sound card recommended configuration CPU:P4 2.8 or higher memory: 512MB or above Card: GeForce 7600 or better hard disk space: 1GB above the remaining space sound card: Compatible with DirectX's sound card [page] TOP4 "Running kart" run kart is a Korean Nexon company produced a casual race racing game. Unlike other racing games, running Kart has added a drift key to the game for the first time. The game to "national drift" as a propaganda word, and the role of the use of Bubble Hall characters, the role can drive kart in the desert, towns, forests, glaciers, mines, cemeteries and other topics of the track on the game. In addition to China, South Korea, in Thailand, Vietnam and other countries have dedicated servers.  [Page] TOP5 "World of Warcraft" game Screen "World of Warcraft" is a classic can not be a classic game, has become a number of game-making imitation of the benchmark. It is based on the famous "Warcraft" series of game History of the instant multiplayer online 3D role-playing game (MMORPG). Players can play their favorite heroes, explore, adventure, mission throughout the vast world. Because it's "instant multiplayer Online (massively multiplayer).", "World of Warcraft" allows thousands of players to live in the same universe at the same time.  Whether it's a companion adventure or a battle in the history of poetry, players will find friends, form alliances, and fight against their enemies for strength and honor.  Configuration requirements: Basic configuration CPU:PIII 800 or the same level of CPU memory: 256MB video card: Support 800x600x16bit geforce2+ support 3D hardware acceleration sound card: Sound Blaster compatible hard disk: 3g+ remaining space directx:9.0 or above recommended configuration CPU:P4 2G or the same level cpu[page] Top6 "Dungeons and Warriors" game screen "Dungeons and Warriors" is a well-known Tencent agent and the long-awaited masterpiece. In today's 3D online gaming era, believe that there have been a lot of players on the large 3D online games have been a little tired, and "underground City and Warriors," the introduction of the past 890 's kind of simple, honest players again brought us these players, as a cross-board clearance type 2D online games, "Underground City and Warriors"  Successfully put our crazy arcade-style game moved to the network platform, let us find the kind of long-lost moved. Configuration requirements: Basic configuration CPU: Pentium P3 800M Memory: 512MB Graphics: 32MB hard drive: 4G sound card: Compatible with DirectX sound card recommended configuration CPU: Pentium P4 1.8G Memory: 512MB video card: 64MB hard drive: 4G sound card : Compatible with DirectX sound card [page] Top7 "Tian Yuan 4591" game screen "days Source 4591" is the first self-developed mmofps game, in the maintenance of such as counter Striker and battlefield, such as stand-alone or LAN FPS game traditional features, "Tian Yuan 4591" to expand the size of the game, so that the game world can host more players at the same time fighting, and enrich the content of the game, into some other types of game elements, such as a little, Role-playing and strategy. "Tian Yuan 4591" has weapons, machine armour, corps, battlefield, cities, countries and other characteristics of the rich system, so that the virtual source of the world become more real.  [Page] TOP8 "Dream West Tour" "Dream West Tour" is a set of Chinese NetEase company developed and operated by the network game. Dream West Tour to the famous novel "Journey to the Western" story for the background, through the Q version of the characters, trying to create a romantic online game style. "Dream West Tour" currently has more than 220 million registered users, the total set up a toll server up to 472 groups, the highest number of online up to 2.56 million (August 2, 2009 14:40), is currently the highest online network in mainland ChinaGame.  [Page] TOP9 "QQ Dazzle Dance" game picture QQ Dazzle Dance is a music dance game that Tencent operates. In addition to a fresh dance mode, beautiful picture performance, powerful personalized features, and deep integration with the QQ depth, to establish a more rich and convenient dating system, in the world of QQ dance players can not only enjoy the dynamic music, experience fashion dance,  QQ Dazzle dance or players to make more QQ friends of the big stage, so that players feel completely different fashion new experience! Configuration requirements: Minimum configuration CPU Processor: P4 1.6 GB Memory: 256MB display card: Geforce MX 400/32m sound card: Standard compatible sound card hard disk capacity: 2GB above free space recommended configuration CPU Processor: P4 2.4GHz Above memory: 1GB display card: Geforce FX5600 128m/ati 9550 128M sound card: Standard compatible sound card hard disk capacity: 2GB above the remaining space [page] Top10 "Three Kingdoms" "Hegemony of the Three Kingdoms" is the development of all games, and in all the game  Game platform launched the first real-time strategy game, the game to the three countries as the background, now has 50 unique three generals and rich hero skills, a wide range of props and after the game, such as the score rankings and other games settings. Game configuration: CPU:P4 more than 1.7G memory: 512M memory above the graphics: gf4mx440 the same grade graphics card above system: WIN2000/XP, does not support 98,vista possible compatibility problem hard disk space: 200M above other: directx9
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