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"Microsoft's brand is the best guarantee, not only with global resources but also with the best support." From the services provided by Microsoft, you can feel the attention to customers. "Zhang Jiazuan Chairman and co-founder

To professional decoration Media network for positioning, the new company 5945 call Master technology in early 2012 launched a new version of the Web site, the number of visitors to fill out the decoration demand order conversion rate immediately grew 10 times times, even in the traditional off-season before and after the Lunar New Year is still showing the momentum of the off-season not light, to maintain Between July 2012 and September, 5945 call Master Technology for http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/3860.html "> consumers to provide more than 2000 services, customer service, Customers and master three-party communication contacts between the number of calls more than 15,000.

Business requirements

In response to the business model transformation and overall planning needs, 5945 call Master technology resolutely decided to the site from the original hosting mode, moved to Windows Azure Cloud platform. 5945 Call Master Technology CEO Lin Shujun said: "As the performance of the growth, the site will be more and more to do, now have to envision the future architecture requirements, traffic, scalability, service levels are necessary to consider the conditions, which is the key to our choice of Windows Azure." 」

As many start-ups, 5945 call master technology along the way to stumble, business model has undergone several adjustments and changes, Appworks's start-up and the founder of one of the woods morning, is considered to be 5945 call Master technology, to provide from the work space to fund injection support.

The Redbeacon Home Service website, founded in the United States at the end of 2008, became popular as a catalyst for Zhang Jiazuan and Fanghe in 2010 to jointly set up 5945 call Master technology, but decided to start with the data search.

A letter to become 5945 call Master technology to change the business model of the opportunity, someone put forward the request of the master, 2011 years before the appearance of the decoration demand single service become 5945 call Master current operating spindle. Zhang Jiazuan points out that the most challenging part of the process is building relationships with the master and establishing standard operating procedures.

At present, 5945 call Master technology in the whole Taiwan cooperative work class more than 300 groups, even as far as Kinmen also has a cooperative teacher work class. The establishment of master database and the development of cooperative relations, mainly benefiting from the founder's personal experience and background, across the building materials, carpentry, kitchenware and furniture fields, there is a direct and credible network channels, through the oral and business dealings of the verification, coupled with the conditional screening model and customer feedback mechanism, successfully ensured the professional degree and quality of the cooperation master.

In fact, before the successful transformation in 2012, the start of profits and the creation of investment funds, the 5945 call Master technology operation relies on two founders of their own investment and unpaid work. Therefore, in the choice of escrow services for the website, only cost-oriented, select the lowest price services.

Call Master technology and co-founder Fanghe pointed out that escrow host lack of autonomy, want to more administrative rights must pay higher costs, for example: Install a new program suite requires top management (Root) permissions, in other words, the development process must accommodate the state of authority and bind hands and feet, Unable to launch new services or new features at will. For researchers, the lack of autonomy is a big problem.

"After a series of groping and trying, we finally find the business model that maxleaf profit, and use this as the main axis to launch many new services and tools on the website." Looking at overall planning and future growth, we decided to move the site to Microsoft Windows Azure to enjoy higher quality, lower cost, and greater development freedom than the legacy hosting mode. "Lin Shujun CEO


"Intimate help you find a master" is the 5945 call master Web site demands, for example, the customer can fill in the form of the demand, by the customer service staff to do the first pass of the interpretation, the demand description of the direct recommendation of the teacher, the demand is unclear, the customer will be in the interview after the recommendation. Which pipe should I find the master? What kind of teacher are you looking for? What is the market price? These customers often have problems in 5945 to call Master website once to be resolved, intimate and convenient service widely praised, but also reflected in the steady growth of performance.

5945 Call Master website as a service platform, more tools and features must be provided to enable more people to use, find information about the needs, and answer questions; On this occasion, more than 2000 pieces of experience in the decoration demand list and practical data, but also become the 5945 call Master Science and technology sustainable development of intimate services the best foundation. However, the original host hosting mode has become the biggest limitation of website expansion and business growth.

September 2012, 5945 call Master in a short period of three weeks to move the site to Microsoft Windows Azure, immediately in October to expand the expansion of 5945 decoration Encyclopedia, 5945 ask, and many other features of the new official website.

Lin Shujun said that Microsoft's team tracked and cared about the operation after the site was moved through multiple Lin Shujun service pipelines such as telephones and letters, reminding them to make good use of the resources provided by the "bizspark Partnership program. By contrast, the more well-known cloud service providers are now almost abroad and want to be contacted only through e-mail, unable to obtain services in a more real-time telephone channel, not to mention language barriers.

In the localization of service support, not only can let the new team less walk unnecessary, also has the effect of quick start. Let 5945 call the master team the most surprising is the efficiency of Microsoft's services, even if the weekend by mail questions, within one or two hours to receive a reply, even apply for the "bizspark partnership program, within a short period of two or three days to receive the approval of the notice.

Lin Shujun said: "We have a telephone customer service center, it is clear that such response speed and quality is actually very difficult." Many problems can not only be explained by email, the experience of moving the site so that we deeply feel the original technical services how important.


◦ enjoys full competence and quality assurance

Hosting host lack of autonomy, want more administrative authority or higher quality assurance, you must pay higher costs, not only detrimental to the development and management of the program, in the state of accommodation, even the site provides services will be limited. However, in Windows Azure you can enjoy full administrative rights, even if the 5945 call Master's development environment is PHP, MySQL and other non-Microsoft technology, the site can also operate smoothly, at any time can be free to add new services or tools. Fanghe said that the next will continue to launch new services and action version of support, the need for greater background autonomy, with the authority of the manager to operate the program and monitor the operation of the State, if the continued use of virtual space will not be able to meet the needs.

◦ Minimum TCO and volume-valued elasticity

After the establishment of business model, 5945 call Master to actively launch new services and new tools, in addition to the new official online line of 5945 decoration Encyclopedia and 5945 Ask, the next will also launch support and service Master mobile phone App. Therefore, you must continuously improve the bandwidth and stability of the site.

Compared to the traditional network host is a fixed capacity and load capacity billing, cloud services in quantity-priced mode, providing the most real-time functionality and the highest degree of support. Lin Shujun said: "We compare the main cloud services at home and abroad, the lowest TCO of Windows Azure, plus our preferential resources to enjoy the BizSpark program, the average savings of 8,000 or 9,000 yuan per month, a great help to the new company." 」

◦ Efficiency support in the land-service

◦ The process of moving the Web site to Windows Azure in three weeks, allowing 5945 call Master to recognize the importance of support in the land service. Problems that are difficult to articulate in e-mail, and supported by telephone, can be quickly answered even when questions are raised on a weekend holiday. Directly provided by the original service in the ground to support the new company, such as 5945 call Master, to avoid the valuable time spent on their own exploration, rapid accumulation of practical experience, such as: the establishment of virtual machines and functional range, account management of the new manager set up. Zhang Jiazuan said: "Microsoft's brand is the best guarantee, not only with global resources but also enjoy the best support." From the services provided by Microsoft, you can feel the attention to customers. 」

Solution Overview

Company Name: 5945 Call Master Technology
Country/region: Taiwan
Industry: high-tech industry

Customer Profile: Founded in 2010, the new company 5945 call master Web site is focused on the industry specializing in the network media platform, hoping to break the walls of the decoration master and network groups to "help users find a teacher, help master Find customers" for the mission, innovation to launch a convenient "decoration demand single" service. At present, the whole Taiwan turnkey, carpentry, mud, paint, water and electricity cooperative work class more than 300 groups.

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