5th Slimming Soup Advertising exaggerated effect was halted

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The general Administration of Industry and Commerce informs 15 illegal advertisements, Beijing Department of Dermatology Hospital medical ads listed in the News (reporter Lio Eling) yesterday, the State administration of industry and Commerce announced the call to stop 15 serious illegal advertising, including 5th slimming soup (5th Brand Weight Loss tea) health food advertising, Zhen good brand belly tea health food ads, such as "slimming tea" Advertising exists to exaggerate the efficacy of products or promote therapeutic effects, misleading consumers. The medical advertisement of Beijing Sino-Union Dermatology Hospital is also illegal. The illegal advertisement which was notified to stop 1, nine holy Ganoderma lucidum herb run Black Dew Cosmetics advertisement 2, Dubon food advertising 3, heaven and Earth Tong 37 Tea Food ads 4, 5th Slimming soup (5th Brand Weight Loss tea) health food advertising 5, China research Wantong capsule health food advertising 6, Zhen good brand belly tea health food advertising 7, menstrual menstruation treasure pill drug ads 8, Speed ratio Xin Anti-suppository capsule drug advertisement 9, oolong blood capsule drug advertising 10, Jin-Wu-yi-pill drug ads 11, Limbisha-Tong capsules drug Ads 12, Yi-ning pill drug ads 13, Beijing, China Joint Medical Hospital Health care ads 14, Taiyuan Huaxi Hospital Medical Ads 15, 303 Hospital Medical ads
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