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Rob Atkinson, president and economist at the American Foundation for Information Technology and innovation, Robert Atkinson that "people will now buy what is worth," he said. "If you use a chainsaw once a year, why do you want to buy it?" If someone were to share this chain saw, we would have the value of it, and we would invest the savings in other industries and create jobs so that our economic situation would gradually improve. ”

Sharing can give you the greatest value for what you are not used to. And this seemingly simple thing, behind the need for a very complex business model to support.

You may have thought it would be better if I rented out the house for 1 months, but there are many reasons why you should do so. If there is no such short-term intermediary, can not find a loan to the Lord, I could trust him? For example, I want to use my debris time, through their own skills to help others do something, not only to play their own value can also earn points outside the block. For example, you love photography, the weekend when the mood is good to help others take a photo, but not as a sideline so pressure. I believe that you have had a lot of ideas about whether you can make the most of the best value.

But why didn't these ideas come true? What is missing here? How to solve the minimum profit problem? How to solve the problem of honesty? This article describes the task of the Rabbit, hitchhiking service, etc. are very interesting and practical cases.

At home, I can see a lot of such a good mechanism, so that more people through their spare time to play their own expertise. such as poor travel network, through the socialization of the way to allow each outbound traveler to share their true experience of tourism; translation network, so that more English enthusiasts to use their spare time to learn and translate articles, so that more people can see many good overseas articles and books; and we Socialbeta, Our presence is made possible by the content of many social marketing practitioners, social media enthusiasts, to consistently produce high-quality content.

I believe that sharing is a virtue and a model of multiple benefits. Socialization, social, makes it closer to possible.

the new business model of the United States: sharing (sharing)

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The country is in the popular mode of sharing, and emerging companies are competing for the market. Americans with a wealth of materials, skills and time are building exchanges with technology professionals online and early adopters who are willing to share and rent homes, cars, tools and services to achieve significant savings tech-savvy.

Neville Krabevara is New York, a worker at the Mission Rabbit (TaskRabbit) website, who takes paper cupcakes from Butter lane bread and champagne shops and delivers them to promotional objects. (Photo: Todd Plitt)

The campaign, known as "cooperative consumption (collaborative consumption)" or "shared economy (sharing economy)", reflects a newly emerging business model of cross penetration, an online social network, mobile technology, The result of the penny-pinching movement and the combined effects of the intensifying frugality that has been brought about by protracted economic uncertainty.

Mission Rabbit-Discover the value of not being exploited

The boss of a San Francisco telephone company, Adam Hez, and his wife, Joan, were very enthusiastic about the game. Since the children have been married, the two empty-nest old men rented their mother-in-law's two-bedroom home in the Monterey area through the Airbnb website (a couch-surfers, also used literal "couch surfing") and the owner's trading site.

In order to receive the tenant and hand over the key to them, Hertz sometimes hires an agent through the Mission Rabbit (TaskRabbit, another "Errand Rabbit") website. Mission Rabbit is an internet-based company that will seek freelance errands for people who have no free time when they need temporary help, and those who are identified as innocent by criminal background checks and want to earn more money.

"It's a great way to get in touch with people," said Hertz. "His suite costs 99 dollars a night and about half the time for rent," he said. "We have received some very interesting technology entrepreneurs, as well as people from Australia and Singapore." In addition, income is good. ”

"Simply put, all of these methods come down to acquiring ownership and unused value (such as those thrown in the garage corner, almost equivalent to waste)," Lisa Gansky said. She often wrote articles on the subject and built more than 6,600 similar sharing platforms on her meshing.it website.

You can rent a room to a stranger on Airbnb and Couchsurfing, and rent out the car that you only commute at the RelayRides or Getaround by the hour, at park Circa or parkatmyhouse your private driveway into a cash cow (cash cow); Find a traveling companion in Zimride; Find free office space in Loosecubes Share your sewing machine on the Zilok or swap an ipod on the swap.com.

"In San Francisco, mission rabbits can make people earn more than 5,000 dollars for one months," said Craig Shapiro, founder of the collaborative Fund. It's all real gold and silver! "The Joint Fund is a venture capital fund dedicated to the support of shared-type websites.

sharing is a model of multiple benefits

At the beginning of this century, the prosperity of the. com witnessed the proliferation of similar start-ups that provide comprehensive and thoughtful services. Remember Kozmo.com? The internet company's employees promised to send DVDs and ice cream home for free within one hours. Because of the high cost of operation, the company soon closed down shortly after its opening. The difference between the latest generation of start-ups and the nascent ones is the convergence of new technologies and more efficient business models, where most of the logistics costs are shared.

Sharing = Multiple Benefits

Share platform companies no longer need to carry inventory or hire a large number of employees. The advent of GPs, the ever-online internet and social networks make it possible for you to find what you need in real time from people who are slightly trustworthy.

"When I started AOL, only 3% of people were always online, and now people are already multiple devices and online," Steve. Another 10 years ago there was no concept of universality (ubiquity factor) ". His Revolution investment company has invested in several group buying start-ups, including Loosecubes.

Although we do not yet have complete data on this business model, but some of the best emerging companies say their corporate development last year, largely for the size of their users, has proved that the share-sharing model has gone beyond the reach of Silicon Valley technology companies and Manhattan's trendy Soho district.

Carpool Service Zimride

Zimride is a personal quote for the car and carpool charges website. Last year, the site's number of car-pooling doubled, reaching 30000. The Getaround Web site's carpool supply also increased from 1500 vehicles a year ago to 10,000, with suburban consumers accounting for 1/4 of the car.

In the past year, the task of the Rabbit site posted monthly number of tasks (or the number of temporary work) increased by twice times. Since its establishment 4 years ago, Airbnb's orders have reached about 10 million, and the average customer age has reached 35 years. "It's clear that people are telling their parents about sharing patterns," said Brian Chesky, CEO of the Blaine Chesky. ”

Share-emerging companies are reluctant to discuss profitability. Industry watchers, including Schapiro, believe that, in the best of circumstances, even if they have marginal benefits, that is trivial. But if they can develop enough users, most companies can usually extract a small percentage of the deal to get the benefit.
Airbnb, Zimride, RelayRides and other emerging companies are taking a fee-per-transaction model. Other companies, such as Loosecubes, are keen to subscribe to a more stable source of revenue.

People who are attracted to peer-to-peer sharing patterns can find thousands of reasons for this trend, but there are people in emerging companies and users who are still looking for ways to make money: by cutting back on redundancy.

Julie Anna Ilan is a tax consultant from Pasadena, California State. She went to the Zimride website to register her empty car seats, which she had to drive to San Francisco several times a year. A one-way passenger fee of 40-50 dollars, the corresponding income can help her to offset the gas costs. "You can take a look at the basics of the passengers on Facebook and try asking them if they want to be passengers or if they have a common language." ”

inspiration from a trip to Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, Zimride's founders were inspired by the driver's actions. The drivers would let strangers take a walk and get some extra money. Zimride This approach to the United States. John Zimmer, CEO of Zimride, says that in the United States, there are about 20% empty seats in cars running on highways. "The driving efficiency is very low!" ”

Airbnb also allows professional real estate managers to post their own rental information on the site, the company said. The vast majority of the 200,000 rental information on the Web site is the first home that people rent for themselves.

A small number of homeowners are looking for a small amount of rental online to find like-minded tenants.

Flavorpill is a promotional website for a cultural event in New York. The site found an assistant through a designer who was using the office space provided by Loosecubes for creative activities. Flavorpill Assistant Product manager Kim Gadney said, "We have helped some of the best people succeed."

became a mission rabbit

Usually, the purpose of the person participating in the sharing model is to earn some extra money. RelayRides, founder of Sherby Clark (Shelby Clark), said the owners who registered on the site could earn 250 dollars a month on average.

Cincia De Aka is an event planner at the Menlo Park in California, and her contract expires in December this year. Cynthia found a new way to earn money by being a temporary assistant at the Mission Rabbit website.

After a criminal background check and a video interview, she was approved to be a mission rabbit. Here she can bid for an errand and a task. She works 20 hours a week and earns 18-35 dollars per hour.

There are a variety of tasks on the Web site, including working on office filing cabinets, as well as paper cupcakes and balloons.
"If I had a full-time job, I might not have to worry about the money, but I would continue to earn a few extra bucks," De Aka said. ”

How to solve the problem of honesty?

There are also entrepreneurs making full use of sharing platforms to direct their goods and services, slightly blurring the line between pure peer-to-peer cooperation and direct marketing.
Willing to do business with strangers, that is, "good faith" is still the key to Peer-to-peer sharing mode. The issue of integrity has puzzled emerging companies and left their customers in constant loss.

Online social networks such as Facebook have simplified verification and fraud recognition, and have also made a good impression on users that it is well documented that they do business with people online.

Loosecubes requires users to log on with their Facebook or LinkedIn account. Zimride users are also required to log on via Facebook. "We want to make you feel at home," said Cambell Mckeller, Loosecubes's CEO, Campbell McKellar. ”

Zimride is also facing universities and big companies to push its carpool service, making you feel like a carpool with your friends around.

Hertz prefers to rent a room to someone who has a Facebook account and previously used Airbnb. "As a user, the integrity factor is very important," he said.

Mr Schapiro of the Joint Fund is not convinced that the problem can be solved by social networks and peer-monitoring mechanisms alone. "I think insurance companies seem to be playing a role. ”

There are several cases in which the hidden dangers of such transactions are exposed to public scrutiny. Last year, a woman in San Francisco said on her blog that her apartment had been ransacked and smashed by a tenant Airbnb.

Since the case, Airbnb has led Lloyd's in London to introduce a "Homeowner's guarantee" (Host Guarantee) program to ensure that homeowners receive the main property risks of up to $1 million trillion in housing. This type of insurance does not include personal liability insurance and items that homeowners should take away before renting a house, such as jewellery and valuable artwork. "Airbnb's move has reduced a lot of potential disputes," Schapiro said. ”

RelayRides also provides car owners with an insurance of up to 1 million dollars per accident. The site is currently in Massachusetts fighting a lawsuit that could have a serious impact on its own operations. A woman in Massachusetts rented her car to a client in RelayRides. The client died after a collision with another car. One of the injured in the other car filed a lawsuit and will claim damages exceeding the 1 million dollar limit. RelayRides's CEO, Clark, declined to comment on the merits of the case pending.

"Our insurance is very generous," Clark said, "and they are usually higher than the national minimum limit." Competitor Getaround also raised its insurance limit to 1 million dollars. The site's CEO, Sham Said, said, "the previous standard was to adopt the principle of buyer prudence." The job we have to do is to put a good review on. ”

The economic impact of the

sharing model?

Rob Robert Atkinson, economist and president of the American Foundation for Information Technology and innovation (Information Marvell & Innovation Foundation), said The group buying model, which is still growing, will have a broad impact on the economy.

He said that the classic Keynesian economics view of healthy development of consumption will stimulate economic growth, but the sharing model encourages more efficient use of existing goods and the transformation of capital into other types of consumption and investment. He also pointed out that a consumer who wanted to buy a car changed his mind and eventually decided to hire a car from a sharing site. It would be wrong to think that he would save money to buy a car.

"People are going to buy things for value right now," he said. "If you use a chainsaw once a year, why do you want to buy it?" If someone were to share this chain saw, we would have the value of it, and we would invest the savings in other industries and create jobs so that our economic situation would gradually improve. ”

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