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The importance of external links to search engine optimization is known to all.

But the reality is that the rich are richer, the poor are poorer. If your site already has a lot of external links, PR value is also high, ranking has been good, then your article will be more easily found by others, other webmaster is likely to automatically link to your site, without much effort. Even finding links is easier.

But for a new station, finding the first few links is the hardest. Here are a few suggestions.

1 new site opened three months later, start looking for links

The new site is very difficult to get external links.

I am generally from my own existing high PR value page, link to this new site three or four months after the start to look for other links. This will ensure that the new station has a good PR value, and has been a search engine has included most of the pages, other webmaster to see your site, will not feel linked to your risk.

When the new site just opened, don't be too worried.

2: Blogging

A big difference between a blog community and a regular web site is that it's often updated and often referred to each other. As long as your blog content is unique, other bloggers are easily linked to your site.

3: Login Category

Site Classification directory, Web site, etc. is to include other sites, so from the classification of the link is relatively easy to get links.

In addition to the large categories, such as Open Directory, Yahoo, good 123, the internet there are many industry categories, local Government classification directory and individual small site stations. Take the time to find these directory logins.

Of course, the premise is that your site should at least look good, and most categories do not include sites that look like garbage stations.

4: Link to others first

To want to want to have to pay first. and exporting links is not a bad thing, just don't link to the junk site.

After you link to someone, click on these links to let each other know that you have linked them. Most webmasters have the habit of checking logs, and they will find that your site has been linked to him.

I almost every day to see the log, from the log found a lot of links to the site, it will naturally look. If these sites have good content, I will collect, observe for some time, the real quality good, I will automatically link back.

5: Maintain friendly relations with other stationmaster

And the industry's other sites a lot of exchanges, not necessarily at the outset to exchange links for the purpose. Exchange of experience, industry news and so on both sides are good, time has become friends, and then submit to change the link things easier.

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