6.1 "April Fool's Day" Xiamen Small fish Moderator team Group resigned

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From 2003 to 2008. For 5 years, the small fish community has always been one of the most important parts of my life, day and night.

As if watching the baby in swaddling, began to cry, began to laugh, began to babbling, began to toddler, until legs. Come to the community stroll friends, slowly more and more, the server again and again emergency. Xiamen Small fish community is praised by many people as the best network community in Xiamen, is well-deserved. Five years, looking at the layout of the big and small friends, sharing a long short story, countless IDs, for even from the impossible to meet friends selflessly share their experience and experience. My life, and therefore feel full and satisfied.

Can't sleep tonight.

Come and go, experienced too many stories. Many long time no contact ID, suddenly fresh jump into thoughts. Although I am going to leave here, I will always think of you. My heartfelt thanks to my friends who affectionately call me ad, especially the moderators who have been selfless and dedicated over the years. It is the support that you have never reserved for me to hold on to today.

It's time to leave.

Someone asked me, AD, you willing to, really willing to do it.

Although it was early to know, this day will always come. But it's a lot earlier than I expected. But do not give up, not equal to the need to linger endlessly.

We are not shed, because of the memory. The first time five years ago opened xmfish.com, that green but cordial and fresh interface, still so clear.

I won't give up for today's little fish.

I will leave this glitz and bustle with a cordial impression that has not been completely extinguished.

This is my last post in the small fish community in Xiamen. I never felt that I was a man of good word, nor did I know how this farewell should end. It's over.

I declare: Due to the community development line and direction of serious differences, through and all moderators full communication, deliberation, the current moderator team, decided to resign collectively. Wish the new team to lead the small fish community out of a more brilliant road.

   finally stood on the stage of the small fish community, looking at the familiar layout, tears or stay. It's hard to describe the mood, and it's time to end my entire network life in the little fish community. Since 04, I have been growing with the small fish community, sharing all my life experiences and emotional transformation. I remember that the first ID was for my email. e-mail should also explain why you join the fish. The reason I wrote was that I was longing for that mutual fraternity. And then I started my little fish trip. The first in the mood to learn how to dress themselves, and a group of old members to discuss El,ea, Skii a group of at that time also relatively rare cosmetics, and then in the same city Express, trial, and then also eat and drink version Haying elder sister to buy chicken wings, remember also to follow the instructions, patiently waiting for time, Try the new product. After the pregnancy and then moved to add children, learning and exchange of childcare experience, in the meantime mixed in the pet group, and a group of love dogs to play dog friends group slip, exchange. Enjoy the community's magical mutual assistance and fraternity. When I need you, you reach out and remember the efforts we made for the stray dogs, the adopted dogs, you're all right. We are also willing to help you when you need it. We have repeatedly launched fund-raising activities, do you remember Tangli? Although the earthquake relief work has not been completed, but I have harvested the most precious new love between people. But unfortunately and unfortunately, now the small fish is not the original fish. I can only choose to give up this stage and my spiritual home. Goodbye, all the owners and members. Please don't cry. We are leaving today to be better tomorrow.

Special declaration, from the moment, I give up the use of the ID of the small fish community, "Yi-Habitat", any post in the name of that ID, the remarks are not representative of my position and opinion, and do not bear the relevant responsibility. The view of this ID is the sole caliber of the Xiamen fish altar.
Resignation statement:http://cnc.xmfish.com/thread-1533765-1-1.html 
The growth history   http://www.admin5.com/of Xiamen Small Fish Forum ARTICLE/20061113/6430.SHTML&NBSP
Strengthen the management of the Forum, the Enlightenment of the Small Fish Forum rectification http://www.admin5.com/article/20070530/44542.shtml 

Editorial Reviews: Xiamen Small Fish Forum is one of the most well-known regional forum, has experienced a lot of wind and rain. Forum moderator Collective resignation, to many webmaster the same thinking. Many websites, many enterprises have also encountered the collective resignation door incident. Hope more Admin5 Webmaster friend attention, write more in-depth hot comment analysis, more and better solutions.
on the Web site where moderators have gone back to the sites, from 0 o'clock in the morning to 2, they quickly focused on more than 6,000 stickers. HTTP://WWW.AMOYFISH.COM/&NBSP
   cannot be called a miracle.

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