"7 Days unconditional return" small c tired pour down

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After the festival of Ali, the 38-nation women's carnival, after the torture line of business and then to torture line of small C, if it is careful consumers can be found in the Taobao on many items on the page was quietly added a "7+" logo, which is said before the "Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Act" , in order to protect the consumer net buys the interest, all implements 7 days unconditional refund, after 3.15 formally enters into effect, but Taobao on March 13 has already begun to carry out.

"7 Days unconditional return" small c tired pour down

According to the data from Taobao "Today, seven days and more than seven days return service will be in the Taobao shop wide spread, the relevant baby will be played on the logo of 7 and 7+, user-friendly identification and selection." From yesterday's test began to today, on the first day of the logo emerged, nearly 15,000 Taobao sellers have voluntarily pledged and apply for up to 15 days of return service. 3.86 million items have been set up for more than 7 days of return service, the current support "7" and "7+" logo shows the number of goods has reached more than 90%, and is still increasing. ”

According to the new regulations, the category of 7-day return rules should be adhered to, including apparel, digital products, home textiles and other popular goods, and consumers do not need to explain the reasons, is expected to be a big wave of professional evaluation Division is about to revive, incidentally born a new wave of professional reminders Shop Division, special filming "Next Door Store" merchandise, every day for fresh, A few days after the trial back, then froing, merchandise return costs plus the cost of goods lost pressure on small C body, if the son does not die, who died. Taobao, even if the response to the existing return to the basic can maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, can also apply for small two involved, but flies do not ding seamless eggs, you lost the police uncle will help you back, but no one hopes to be lost.

In addition, this year Suningyun business owner Jindong in the two sessions of the "Electricity quotient increase tax" caused many small c of the indignation, first of all, small c without business license, no tax, fakes have always been as the object of the attack, while the traditional tax levy on the model experts proposed by the following methods "such as, Taobao store owners can take the network registration verification, to Taobao to provide the transaction data for tax basis, the issue of electronic invoices, pay treasure tax patterns, so as to avoid the drawbacks of the traditional levy model. "Electric levying to a certain extent can reduce Taobao brush, brush sales and other cheating, but in essence still will aggravate the shop cost of small C, directly affect through C store to B store drainage taobao mode." And with Ali on the road to listing, it is also necessary to let outsiders see its resolve. If the electric levying really began to carry out, in both internal and external attack of the dual situation, small c living environment more difficult, to Ali flow system will be reduced, and thus need more traffic entry.

The same micro-mall

On the analysis of micro-mall mode online data a lot, even if there are many analysis of the shortcomings of the third party micro-mall model is a lot of articles, but also can not prevent the micro-credit training institutions propaganda bombing. Micro-mall as attached to the micro-letter platform side of the mall and small C has the same problem.

1, "Consumer rights and Interests protection law" in the rules for the Micro Mall is applicable, by who supervision, let who supervision, micro-letter Third-party service providers do not have the conditions limit, give money, upload merchandise pictures, input information, access to Third-party payment interface can wait to collect money. However, the third party in the micro-mall for the sale of goods can not be guaranteed, let alone seven days unconditional return, if the merchant after the money ran, user rights and interests how to be protected?

2, unquestioning electric levying, in accordance with the market on a mixed-shop service providers, individuals and businesses can open shop, the payment link is not guaranteed by the intermediate links, the electricity levying levy is still not resolved.

In the current micro-mall system, only Tencent's micro-shopping this official national team has "mandatory delivery", "unconditional return" and other rigid provisions, then has been "electric levying" "fake" and other B-store platform runs Taobao platform, will pass on the micro-letter platform stabbed a knife vent? With the continuous overlap between Ali and Tencent business , the intensity of competition between them will gradually increase. And if the electricity levying, 7 day returns the goods the implementation, is undoubtedly also to Tencent's a not small impact, after all, a large pile of people in your crotch, in order to keep also need to purge.

With the policy and enhance the platform image demand, small C and Micro Mall follow-up development will be increasingly narrow, in addition to the platform of the property of heavy electric dealers, such as the construction of electric power companies, light shops and the model of the self-electric business (visible from the media, since the electric business, from the star, after all, the fans of the economy) can be intended to take off or drag micro merchants a new , direct acquisition of desirable products to promote and synchronization to other social platforms, and with the gradual expansion of social platforms and user activity increased, the future of shopping consumption will gradually evolve from the former unilateral demand for social shopping mode.

The living environment behind small c will be more difficult, development will gradually standardize development, the platform entry threshold relative improvement, commodity security, quality and reliable, should be left behind is the strength, regularization of the operation of individuals or teams, electricity levying and 7 days returns more standardized Taobao market, reduce part of the cheating phenomenon, And the increase of logistics cost will be transferred to consumers.

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