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Pre-meal snacks how did American 7/eleven become Japanese 7-eleven? In the 1927, American Jefferson Green founded the Southern Company, where its grocery stores sold milk and eggs as well as retail ice products.  The name of the 7-eleven originated in 1946 and is open for business hours from 7 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the evening and seven days a week. In the 60 's, the United States 7-eleven to sell brand and management experience of franchising in the form of business.  The Japanese Itochu Chinese church in 1973 obtained the 7-eleven model in Japan's development right. In the 90 's, the United States 7-eleven a helpless bankruptcy reorganization.  Japan's 7-eleven and its subsidiary, Japan, and one of its partners acquired a 72.7% per cent stake in the US company. The 10-year-old world's largest convenience store 7-eleven the ownership of brand management in Shanghai, and finally went through its saw-sawing moment. April 29, Taiwan Unified Enterprise Group President Lin Common, finally from Qi-pick one (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. chairman of the Kazuo Hand took a paper authorization contract.  The next day, the belated 4 7-eleven convenience stores, the fastest speed in Shanghai to open the door. Taiwan Unified Enterprise in 10 years to reach the wish of landing in Shanghai. At the same time, the three most powerful retail capital behind 7-eleven has also achieved a soft landing in Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai in 10 years.  Although some of these capital are still immersed in pay, low-key work, although their convenience stores are still trying to squeeze into the streets, but this does not deny that the Chinese convenience store market is entering a historical transition stage. Unification 5 year 300 ambition learned, obtains the Shanghai 7-eleven Management right The Unification Group, invests 100 million yuan, the sole proprietorship establishes the Unification Super Quotient (Shanghai) convenient Limited company, the Unified Enterprise Group President Lin Common person as the Chairman.  This is 7-eleven this year in the global market, the largest development and breakthrough, but also a unified group in the mainland market historic breakthrough. The total number of 7-eleven convenience stores, which have been established in Taiwan since 1978, has reached 4,814. Whether from the density, turnover or number of shops, Taiwan's industry is the first brand. 2000, unified Enterprise had to the United States for the mainland market management rights, but Japan Ito Chinese church group halfway to kill, from the United Hand to Rob Beijing 7-eleven the right to operate.  According to the Unified Enterprise Group insiders revealed that the reunification had the opportunity to occupy the Beijing 7-eleven joint venture in 14% of the stake, but because of too little and no ownership of the final exit. The competition in Shanghai is more intense after the ownership of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is vested in Japan. "7-eleven not to be named senior to reporters that, in addition to the unification of enterprises, Thailand Zhengda, South Korea Lotte and Japan's Itochu group, such as China are interested to meddle." The management of Shanghai has been difficult for many yearsUnified Group Chairman HD is willing to and Zhengda group boss Chaix, have several times to visit the United States. This time, the brand authorized to unify the enterprise to obtain the wish. According to Lin Common sources, the company's minimum goal in Shanghai is 3 years to open 165 stores, 4 years began to profit, 5 years to open more than 300 home. To this end, the unified enterprise in Shanghai a year ago set up a logistics company.  The current "Do not exclude the purchase of other convenience stores in Shanghai" attempt. "Son" to acquire "father" in the 60 's, the United States 7-eleven rapidly expanded in the world, and began to sell brand and management experience of franchising in the form of business.  After several confrontation, the first to obtain the right to operate Japan 7-eleven Japanese Itochu Company, its subsidiary of Japan 7-eleven, now owns 95.4% of the U.S. 7-eleven Company equity. For Japan's 7-eleven, becoming the largest shareholder in the world's biggest convenience store group 7-eleven is of great significance. This means that tens of thousands of 7-eleven convenience stores have moved from the United States to Japan, and the Itochu Hall finally mastered its direction.  In other words, no matter where the next market is to be entered, its franchise is vested in the Japanese 7-eleven, or Taiwan 7-eleven that is Taiwan's reunification, or Zhengda group, large shareholder, Japan 7-eleven the most authoritative opinion. Beijing's low-key realization of profitability Japan currently has 12,298 7-eleven chain convenience stores, the world's largest and most densely populated countries. But for Itochu, China, with a population of 1.3 billion, is a better market. Japan 7-eleven President Mina Murada has said publicly that the company's overseas expansion Center will be a vast market in China.  And the Yi Teng Yang Hua Hall President Suzuki sensitive text also has similar statement, 7-eleven chain convenience store only in Beijing will open to 350.  The first business network President Huang Huajun that it is precisely because of the Yi Teng Yang Hua Tang group on the Chinese market, making it difficult to 7-eleven Beijing, Shanghai, the operation of the right to achieve a balance between the market and interests, and has been entangled. In the end, the Itochu Hall will choose its own market in Beijing, including Tianjin and Hebei, Shanghai has been ceded to Taiwan reunification, South China's right to operate by the Hong Kong milk Company.  It is reported that the authorized operation of Qi-pick one (Beijing) Co., Ltd. currently by the company 7-eleven Japan and Beijing Wangfujing Co., Ltd. and China Sugar Liquor Group, respectively, holding 65%, 25%, 10% of the equity, registered capital of 35 million U.S. dollars. Qi-Pick One (Beijing) Co., Ltd. insiders revealed that the current Beijing 7-eleven convenience store has 75. After a continuous loss of two years, the reporter from the Beijing wangfujing 2008 latest disclosure of the annual report found that as of December 31, 2008, Qi-Pick One (Beijing) annual revenue of 316 million yuan, the first to achieve profitability, net profit of 1.31 million yuan. In addition, some sources told reporters that the executive director of Japan 7-eleven Co., Ltd., China's room long New Island recently to Tianjin, and the local authorities to discuss investment matters.  It is reported that 7-eleven has decided to expand in Tianjin, and plans to carry out the layout around Nanjing Road, first opened the core market in Tianjin. Guangdong 7-eleven Secret for the handsome in comparison with the former two, Hong Kong milk Group to obtain 7-eleven the right to operate relatively smoothly.  It is revealed that the multinational group listed in London, Singapore and the Bermuda Stock Exchange currently has the right to operate the 7-eleven in Hong Kong, South China and Singapore, with the largest chain operation network in Hong Kong. 1996, has been hoping to open up the mainland market, Hong Kong milk companies to enter the Guangdong market, in 2001 with the Guangdong Shun-Jie business development joint venture ——— Guangdong race One convenience store Co.  Guangdong Sai Yi Convenience Store Co., Ltd. according to the relevant sources, the Milk group in Hong Kong 7-eleven convenience store has 909, South China and Macao's convenience stores have 512, store size in the leading position. However, with the arrival of the Itochu group and the unification of Taiwan's conglomerates, the Hong Kong dairy group is beginning to feel pressure from rival brands.  There are people familiar with the news to the reporter, the first convenience store in Guangdong recently low-key change handsome, successor is the original Wanning Chain Business Co., Ltd. Chief executive Li Jiahui. According to these sources, Li Jiahui This transfer means far-reaching.  7-eleven store size has broken the balance point of profit, the company transferred Li Jiahui, may use its various expertise, the 7-eleven convenience stores continue to penetrate the core cities of the triangle. China's biggest convenience store has surfaced so far, the total number of 7-eleven convenience stores in the Chinese market has reached 6,314. The world's largest chain of convenience store brand has leapt to China's current market share of the largest convenience store brand, and the formation of South China, north and east China, Hong Kong, Macao four market segments. Although the North China and East China market is late, expansion speed is slow, but it is noteworthy that 7-eleven South China, North China, Hong Kong and Taiwan market has achieved profitability, and establish regional advantages, and east China, north China Market and Taiwan Unified Enterprise and the Ito China Hall Strong capital to do backing, analysts believe that with North China,  The promotion of East China, 7-eleven will have a great impact on the pattern of Chinese convenience store market.  South China Market: 7-eleven lead from Hong Kong Milk International Investment 7-eleven Guangdong authorized Fang Yi Yi Store Co., Ltd. was first in Guangzhou market, and the mainland to develop the first license of convenience stores, so as to advance the enclosure. But Lian Hua fast passenger, Shanghai, Taiwan Hi-city, such as convenience stores in the south to expand northZhang, once broke the lead situation of 7-eleven, especially the Hong Kong old enemy OK convenience store into Guangzhou, 7-eleven in the rent, store property competition and business model have been seriously impacted. In order to quickly occupy the market, 7-11 through acquisitions in the South China market has annexed the BP oil group's ampm, Shanghai, and other rivals, such as the rapid expansion of the number of stores in a short period of time.  Guangdong Sai Yi Convenience Store Co., Ltd. a vice-president has told reporters, in order to break through the shop problems, 7-eleven for business district, community, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other types of different open shop strategy. In addition, 7-eleven also adjusted the business model. The milk group's beauty heart cakes are integrated into convenience stores in the form of counter, add soya-bean milk, coffee drinks, and cooperate with the low-end snack of Guangzhou restaurant, join hands with Hong Kong Tao Xiang, Lufthansa Catering company, launch medium and high-end fast food, to deal with the instant drinks and fast food service of OK convenience stores Prepared, 7-eleven South China market to withstand the OK, Hi City, to the family convenience store into Guangzhou after the pressure. At present, 7-eleven to the scale of 512 convenience stores in the South China convenience store market leading position, advance into the profit stage.  And OK, Xi City and many other convenience stores located in the second echelon.  However, 7-eleven has been trying to expand its franchise to a larger scale, which can reach 65% in Hong Kong. But in order to maintain quality, Guangdong Sai One company to promote the franchise and sales distribution mode, upfront investment costs higher, strict management, the actual operation of the promotion process is slow. Beijing market: Three strong separation for convenience stores, Beijing is a special market.  Convenience store 24-hour operation, but Beijing and winter season temperature difference, the evening after 8 o'clock, the community consumption of basic atrophy. BEIJING, a convenience store in charge, said, now the Beijing convenience store market mainly by the Lian Hua Fast passenger, 7-eleven, good neighbor three strong separation, followed by the beauty of supermarkets and Beijing passenger long some of the convenience of supermarket operations.  Yi Teng Yang Hua Tang investment control of Qi-pick one (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Although the number is not as fast as the Lian Hua, but its operating stores using the former shop after the kitchen model, instant food and beverage more than 50%, individual stores of fast food supply even more than Lian Hua fast passenger, good neighbors, such as the sum of room temperature stores. Beijing matching fast-food outlets lack, to 7-eleven this model provides a living space. Customer unit price increase, single shop sales capacity enhancement. But on the other hand, because Beijing 7-eleven equipped with a kitchen, the single store stores a higher amount of investment.  According to the 2008 report of Wangfujing, as of December 31, 2008, Qi-Pick One (Beijing) Co., Ltd. total assets of 276 million yuan, net assets of 238 million yuan, but net profit is only 1.31 million yuan, visible investment return period is longer. Second, because Beijing 7-eleven equipped with a kitchen, so in the handling of health permits, food and beverage certificates such as licensing procedures trouble. In addition, 7-eleven convenience stores intend to open franchises to accelerate expansion, but push slowly. Shanghai: The spring and Autumn period of the Warring States and the strong separatist Shanghai convenience store is the spring and Autumn period, there are more than 1500 can be entrenched with good Germany, more than 600 friend, as well as the 200~300 family of Rosen, the family, Xi city and so on.  A total of more than 4,000 Shanghai convenience store market has concentrated on the local and Taiwan-funded elite of the two camps.  7-eleven late, in order to survive in the gap, unified general manager Xu Chongren revealed, will adopt differentiation strategy. "Shanghai's convenience stores are mostly transformed by pop, which is essentially a smaller version of the supermarket, easy to copy." "A local convenience store company in Shanghai said in a telephone interview, Taiwan's unified 7-eleven model, although upfront investment costs are higher, but once the scale, can avoid the risk of simple replication."  And the company set up a year ago in Shanghai logistics company, unified Investment Starbucks, Mistennaz and other catering shops located in Songjiang Central Warehouse, can achieve centralized distribution of goods to reduce costs.  However, the above boss also said that the 7-eleven model if not in the short term to form a scale, sharing costs, will also cause greater losses. The unification enterprise enters the market late, not only faces is divided up the markets, but also faces the store resources which competes for each place, the short time wants to realize the scale expansion, is not easy. The "Commercial Operation Concession Regulations" stipulates that the convenience store needs to operate after one year to attract the franchise, 7-eleven still have one year to wait time.  And the reporter learned that run Thai Group President Yin Yong-liang Investment in the city more convenience stores, the previous year by the former general manager of Taiwan run Fat Wei Zhengyuan took over the position of general manager, is reforming the city to join the system, exemption from joining the management fee, and around to raise to join the Lord, which also increased the 7-eleven of the shop pressure. Reporter observes 7-eleven three big authorized merchant infighting to operate the convenience store as the main body's Unification Super quotient, at present Taiwan 7-eleven Head office number occupies the world third, after Japan and the United States.  Not only is the largest local circulation industry, its Leqing, unified record, the reunification of life, Unity Starbucks, Taiwan, no printing products, such as a large lineup of retail brands. Taiwan unification: From manufacturing into retailing 2000, unified Super Business under the circulation of this group began to infiltrate the mainland, and Starbucks cooperation, the establishment of a unified Starbucks company into Shanghai, the United States and Starbucks Holdings 50%. It is reported that Starbucks coffee has entered Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Kunshan. After that, the unification of the super business in Beijing, Ginza supermarkets in Shandong, the United Excellent Mart supermarket in Sichuan, Kang is the United States pharmaceutical Cosmetics shop in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, the unification of the mainland retail network gradually formed, and it also through the participation of French Carrefour and Auchan supermarkets, respectively, in the hypermarket and integrated supermarkets and other industries occupy a place.  According to the unification of senior executives revealed that the company's circulation group last year, the mainland revenue has exceeded the NT $ billion. But still,The most strength of the 7-eleven convenience store is delayed. This time the right to operate into Shanghai, finally make the unification of the mainland's retail layout finally a corner.  But this is clearly not the ultimate ambition of the Unification Group, whose goal is "manufacturing + retailing", industry, access to two legs. In Taiwan, unification is not only the largest retailer, but also the largest food group. It combines food manufacturing with a strong retail network and is recognized as Taiwan's "Gateway Overlord".  However, in contrast to Taiwan, although the unification in the mainland for more than 10 years, its main business is still food production, the other main industry ——— distribution but decentralized, weak, has been difficult to meet the level of manufacturing rivals. But at the same time, the new group of unified old rivals has put a lot of pressure on it. Top new currently has "Tesco" shopping malls, "family" convenience stores, although the industry is single, but the network layout nationwide, and form a certain scale. The industry believes that the top of the new master Kang instant noodles can defeat reunification to dominate the mainland, the only reason is that the top new than the unification early in, and in the path to build, reunification and a new slow than the top of a beat.  And with the unification of the most strong 7-eleven convenience stores in the fall of Shanghai, this backward situation may be expected to change. Hong Kong Milk Group: Multi-mode holding regiment as a multinational group that can be listed separately in London, Singapore and the Bermuda Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Milk Company, as a franchisee, has acquired the right of 7-eleven in the Hong Kong region of China, the South China region and Singapore.  Behind the Hong Kong milk Company, there is also a veteran British consortium Jardine Matheson Group. Under the support of strong capital, milk Company group Business all over Asia, in addition to 7-eleven, also operates the Wellcome Supermarket, Wanningjian and the United States chain, Ikea home, beauty heart diet, Starbucks coffee shop, as well as in Singapore and Malaysia market share of the first giant hypermarket,  Hero and ColdStorage. The group's total turnover is 1 billion US dollars per year, with more than 2,500 stores in total. The coffee Empire, which is jointly developed by Mei Xin Group, the milk Group's holding company and the International Coffee King Starbucks, has taken root in Guangdong. Wanning step Watson followed, but also in the mainland layout nearly hundreds of stores, while the Western-style cakes with the help of 7-eleven and special stores in the form of the bloom in South China.  In fact, wanning, 7-eleven, beauty Heart is not alone combat, three types of business location is the same, in the shop resources on the Trinity battle. Ito China Hall: three types of industry in the first entry into the Chinese market is in December 1996, Chengdu, Sichuan, set up a large supermarket chain, after another in Beijing in the form of a joint venture to set up fresh supermarkets, convenience stores. In mainland China, the company has not set up a main store for open, mergers and acquisitions of the company, its business in mainland China, mainly divided into large supermarket chains, fresh supermarkets, convenience stores three major industries, according to these three types of industry, in Beijing, Chengdu, respectively, set up four joint ventures, including Chengdu 3Home, Beijing 8, according to the Joint Business Network statistics, 2008 sales of 5.9 billion yuan. Currently set up four companies in addition to QI-pick one (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is established by the Japanese Seven-eleven investment, the other three companies are the largest shareholder of Ito China Tang Co.  Itochu has its own unique strategy, not as fast as Carrefour to expand its stores, and not like Wal-Mart, South China's coastal areas of the two-tier city to open stores, always with Beijing as the focus of development areas, this can save costs, to a region as a breakthrough, occupy the region and build regional visibility. Ito China Hall in the Chinese market to large supermarket chains, fresh supermarkets, convenience stores three types of business, take the form of the size of the attack, which is currently the Chinese market for foreign investment in China's two main ways.  This reporter Ting Airi convenience store Market PK Tricky: Shanghai version 7-eleven How to deal with the dispute shop resources?  1927, the American Jefferson Green founded the Southern Company.  1946, advertised the shop opening hours from 7 o'clock in the morning to 11 o'clock, seven days a week.  In the 60 's, the United States 7-eleven began to sell brand and management experience of franchising in the form of business.  In the 90 's, the Japanese Itochu 7-eleven, which acquired the right to operate Japan, acquired the U.S. 7-eleven72.7% shares with its subsidiary, Japan 7-eleven and partners.  In early 2005, Japan 7-eleven acquired its partner shares and began acquiring the rest of the US shares.  Japan's 7-eleven now holds a 7-eleven stake in the US, which has risen to 95.4%. Drawing: Huang Jing
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