77 Innovations of Internet Profit model (III.)

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43. Network Package

Most people do not like to learn new things, especially new technology, which is the biggest obstacle to the Internet. One of the main reasons is that from the Internet, website design to the site management needs to learn a lot of new concepts, new knowledge, new technology. For companies in China and the Asia-Pacific region, the situation is even more serious. But China and Asia-Pacific will be the net gold mine of this century! Using the minimum time and cost to build a commercial website is the basic concept of the current short-based network market! What happens when these two popular concepts collide? The result is the introduction of enterprise-oriented network package services.

Asia-Pacific market site will be beaten badly, who found the most effective way to build a station, who will seize the opportunity. "The business model of asiaonline.com is to make the most money in the shortest amount of time and seize this gold mine in the Asia-Pacific region, which is the fastest way to realize the dream," said Kevin Randolph, CEO of Asiaonline.com, a business model with these two concepts. ----Asiaonline.com provides services that are locked in how business plans are implemented on a real site, connected to Internet services, website design, website hosting, website maintenance, line leasing, ISDN, website language translation, E-commerce, global Roaming (roaming), Internet advertising, Internet access ( ISP) and so on, are their money-making tool.

Now popular will cause different parts of the outsourcing, but in the net time of the clock, commissioned by different professional partners to deal with the cause of the site, is not too tired? If there is a company that can handle all the Web site for the business, from the first step through the Internet, to the website planning, maintenance, but also to enhance the ability of businesses to attack the Asian market, the heart to the Asia-Pacific Mining network of Gold merchants, is the most suitable business partner! Randolph points out the difference between asiaonline.com.

Asiaonline.com provides 11 service, the most attractive place, is to put forward the request, the merchant does not need to worry, as long as the regular inspection asiaonline.com work quality and the report, the other is waits for the silver import bag. Other outsourced businesses, because of their professionalism, the fees charged are mostly more expensive, asiaonline.com because of the variety of services, can provide a more choice of packages, the cost of an average, the price is naturally much cheaper. For example, they provide Internet services, the monthly fee of 19.88 U.S. dollars, although not the cheapest, but the merchants choose other supporting web design services, language translation, the price can be at the end, the overall count up, absolutely more than will need to be divided into different contractors cost-effective.

Providing a full set of network services in China and the Asia-Pacific market will be the strategic choice for the company. The positioning of the asiaonline.com-locked Asia-Pacific market should be a coup.

44. Internet Buffet

For the dream of online entrepreneurship, in neither capital, nor the accumulation of the past, of course, it is impossible to get similar network package services, only to build their own E-commerce site. Fortunately, there are many buffet ecommerce sites available on the Web.

bigstep.com, a Web site that offers online storefront services, has excellent setup capabilities, including a handy checklist of actions to use. Its design flexibility largely compensates for one of the biggest drawbacks: forcing users to open a merchant account through the site if they want to use a credit card to trade. Bigstep.com covers far more than the basic requirements of e-commerce, can provide support for unlimited goods, and provides users with reports on the use of their website and consumer activities.

Freemerchant.com offers a completely free online storefront service in exchange for you to advertise on your own website. However, it allows you to choose the Advertiser that best suits your site's content. In addition, you can also get a secure online shopping cart to the Intuit Company's quickbooks----online storefront building tools, unrestricted directory listings, traffic logs, and an email account input and output function.

Want to build a virtual office without walls? You can try the service provided by Hotoffice. Each user is required to pay a monthly fee of USD 12.95. It includes a file library for storing user-shared files, a discussion room for exchanging views, and a shared schedule for tracking appointments and scheduling tasks. In addition, Hotoffice provides a home page, a contact Manager, an e-mail account, and an instant chat feature to each team member and the entire working group.

As a leading isp,mind spring, it has also done a great job in the field of network host support services. On the Mind Spring commercial website, anyone can master the knowledge needed to start an online store by completing a site creation, publishing a website, attracting access to traffic, and using fairly easy-to-use tools for performance evaluations. Of course, this site also provides consulting services. The cheapest E-commerce program costs only 79.9 dollars a month, provides limited logistical services, and the space to sell up to 50 items. Simple host Support Service is only 29 per month. 95 dollars, including 30MB of disk space, can transmit up to 2GB of data per month.

Smart age is a buffet-style E-commerce Web site that allows you to choose the kinds of services it offers. It is built around the flag advertising switching system (Smart clicks). However, the site also has many other tools for building, promoting, and analyzing user websites. Even if you do not intend to become its users, read the website on site construction and promotion of excellent guide will also benefit.

Bigstep's Web site: www.bigstep.com, Freemerchant's Web site: www.freemerchant.com, hot office URL: www.hotoffice.com, Mind Spring's business Web site: business.mindspring.net, Smart age URL: www.smartage.com

Seven, digital commodity providers, in fact, is a kind of ICP, but they are mainly to provide non-traditional goods (such as information), or non-traditional way to provide goods (such as MP3 download and picture download), as their main business. Of course, their goods are not necessarily in the way of money exchange, access volume and user information is currently the mainstream business value of such enterprises. --Digital commodity provider (45-49) Vii. Digital commodity provider

Digital commodity providers, in fact, are a kind of ICP, but they are mainly to provide non-traditional goods (such as information), or in non-traditional ways to provide goods (such as MP3 downloads and picture downloads), as their main business. Of course, their goods are not necessarily in the way of money exchange, access volume and user information is currently the mainstream business value of such enterprises.

45. Knowledge-selling website

Rowe.com is a knowledge-selling site. It has business-enterprise (business-to-business) and business-e consulting capabilities for individuals. It sells two products: one is knowledge, the other is Operation Management Service.

How do you sell your knowledge? First it has to build a huge knowledge database. Its web site currently offers 240,000 articles, 3500 market reports and 8 million discount books. With such a database, it can sell knowledge products in a leasing way. It's a deal (Transaction). It provides books, magazines, periodicals, movies, research reports, etc. on the Internet, and then collects a certain amount for each transaction. For example, the originally expensive Intel or Goldman Sachs (GS) Investment Research Report, to lease the way, it is no longer so difficult to obtain.

Rowe.com's second product is to design all the features of the E-commerce transaction process for the customer. From database publishing, ordering system, paying bills, customer files, operation management, to automatic expiration renewal. For example, a department in a company would subscribe to a 79-dollar magazine a year, what would be the application process? The demand unit will first prepare a report, the above write is not buy the reason, send to the supervisor after the audit to send out orders, at the same time inform the Accounting department payment, you will receive confirmation order notice, after a week, things just Shanshan sent. This process comes down, according to the study, which costs 25 of dollars, almost 1/3 of the cost of the magazine, which is waste. Rowe.com allows all orders to be completed through the network, which charges a 7-dollar service charge per transaction. For the enterprise, a minute to solve all the operating process, compared to the original process costs 25 dollars, it can save 18 dollars, why not? Hewlett-Packard, for example, has a 400,000-year internal trading process, thus saving a significant benefit.

46. Spring

Now the site's promotional strategy is generally, as much as possible to increase the site's access to traffic, the more the more, but people miscellaneous, it is easy to reduce the grade, if the site to maintain a certain threshold, the result will be?

Because of Jon Sch's reputation, the Wall street Journal (WSJ) has become a small number of Web sites that can receive subscription fees. Information on the Internet is generally free, and WSJ now has 330,000 of paid subscribers, 59 dollars a year, to obtain the electronic version of the publication.

In order to recruit more visitors, when the other ICP implementation of the strategy of giving visitors prizes, the site's approach is really different. The Dow Jones requires readers to have a filter for the payment of electronic magazines, and produces a very valuable by-product, which is to provide advertisers with a very clear target audience, which is interested in business and financial news. "Even if the magazine's electronic subscription fee is paid, WJS's online subscription fee is only half the revenue of the site," Baker said. "We do a survey of our business model every two weeks, and we find that once the current subscription fee is canceled, the balance will be messed up," Baker said, Wjs's ongoing assessment of his online business model. ----The world's laws are interlinked, store customers not much, but in fine, the network is the same. Since lowbrow can survive, spring of course can survive. The most important thing is: whether the site has spring need.

The Wall Street Journal Web site: www.wsj.com

47. Online movie

The Internet Movie Database (Movie) is currently owned by the Amazon website (amazon.com). The site has been on the list since the initial selection. There are 216,000 of films stored in the library, which is amazing. But it is more than that. Last year, the website, which started with film materials, expanded itself into a massive entertainment portal, adding local theater screenings, entertainment news, movie reviews, columns, movie bulletin boards (including all of the database's videos) and real-video footage.

The so-called scour Web site provides the most abundant content. Its most notable is the 900 movie trailers, 1200 music TV videos and rich online radio stations. Its search engine in search of online multimedia content is extremely specialized, can simultaneously provide 6 search results, let the query person carefully to watch, and then decide whether to download all. With the rapid development of broadband network, this site will be more and more popular netizens warmly welcome.

As the home of the film, Hollywood is certainly lonely, with five Hollywood celebrities, including Steven Spielberg and Howard, at the end of October 1999, along with Paul Alain, one of Microsoft's founders, to launch a website pop.com for original video entertainment, which features originality. Warner Bros. recently launched an entertainment-oriented internet site,--entertaindom.com, which provides video content and animated broadcast services, and is ready to develop into an entertainment portal.

The Movie database URL http://www.imdb.com, scour's URL: http://www.scour. NET, pop URL: www.pop.com

48. Online music

Online music is heating up and mp3.com is the main source of power.

1999 is a crazy year for MP3 music. More and more PC users, including more and more record companies, recognise that MP3 is the future. Of course, a site called MP3 is particularly famous, "time" weekly will be rated as the third technology site. The long-term standard of digital music on the Internet MP3, this year due to mp3.com for the initial public launch of the market, MP3 players declared legalization, the site has become the focus of attention.

MP3.com offers thousands of MP3 songs for free download and can be used on your computer or MP3 player. There are MP3 on the Web site for beginners, and you can also search for songs, search for artists by region and sex, and view the Top 40 weekly rankings.

Real.comguide is also a popular music site, in November 1999, RealNetworks by the launch of the RealPlayer7 machine to its homepage of the site made a comprehensive adjustment. Real.comguide has completely evolved into a mainstream media portal, which covers almost all the hyperlinks to audio and video content on the Internet, which naturally includes MP3 downloads. Internet users can also find links to online radio stations and TAKE5. Take5 is one of the new additions to the site, RealNetworks editors are responsible for searching the mainstream media content on the web every night, and then categorizing them into this column for Internet users ' reference.

By the way, there are also hardware makers like Dishing (Diamond), who rely on online music to make profits, and they see the MP3 trend and quickly launch portable MP3 players, a decision that has really brought them a little profit. In fact, the capture of the network-related popular products, can be used as a business model to promote.

49. Online games

What is the most popular use of home computers? Play games, of course. If you move the game to the Internet, of course it's more appealing. Anything addictive can be successful in the market. The same is true with online gaming.

The Won.net website offers dozens of addictive games that you can play online for free. More appealing is that you can play virtual poker and virtual fishing after connecting with other players. Its best game channel is Berzerk, which is a popular game you don't know about Jack (Youdont Know Jack) 's stronghold.

Analog City (Sim city3000,simcity.com), this is not only a computer game, it creates the urban landscape is so lifelike, but also can really see people living in it.

QUAKEIII (quake.com) is also the hottest PC game of the year, allowing you to be free to choose from Showdown, singles or gang fights.

Everquest (everquest.com) is also a new online game, quickly bring another game Genesis (Uitima online) style, create virtual Dragon and underground city environment, I do not know how many people swept.

Viii. software technology is always the internet's entrepreneurial source, there is no capital, no visibility, there are ideas and ability on the line. In particular, if the invention of a new technology creates a way of life, the commercial value of this technology is even greater. --Technology innovation (50-55) Viii.

Software technology is always the internet's entrepreneurial source, there is no capital, no awareness, there is thinking and ability on the line. In particular, if the invention of a new technology creates a way of life, the commercial value of this technology is even greater.

50. Microsoft's Terminator

From Edison Electric to IBM to Microsoft, technology is often held by a company at different times in history, and Wall Street now seems to be looking for a new generation of hegemony. Stock market pursuit of technology stocks, will focus on the rapid growth of enterprises and large profits, Linux seems to have this potential, Linux related shares are on Wall Street, a good soar. Little Red Riding Hood (RedHat) may be the 21st century new martial arts master, the Linux family is on the irresistible. Since last August, Redhat's initial public offering has been popular, with Linux shares beginning to dawn, and the newly listed Valinux, the company that sells Linux operating software for servers, has surged nearly 700% on the first day of the IPO, breaking the record of Nasdaq, Investors are starting to chased the Linux concept stocks.

At the same time, other Linux companies Ishid, showered, listed companies, and Linux have a direct relationship between the company: Valinux Bae, Red Hat, Andover.net, Cobalt NX. In addition, and Linux with the top of the Turbolinux, Linuxmall, Calderasystems, Collab.net, Linuxcare and other companies. Other companies have been linked to Linux and share prices have recently risen, including Corel, Esoft, V-one, learn2.com, Santacruz and other companies.

Although the Linux offensive, represented by the Red Hat Company, is still not in the same market value as Microsoft, which still ranks as the world's most valuable company with a market capitalisation of 479 billion dollars. Still, the stock's ascension suggests that the market believes Redhat will pose a threat to its rival, Microsoft. "Of course, Redhat doesn't seem to have such high value, so I'm guessing some people think Microsoft could be overthrown," said GartnerGroup analyst George Weiss. ----51. Benefit Share----Linux is a free software, the code is shared, if the Red Hat company to make use of its money, the original for Linux to conquer a gang of brothers, how will be placed? If there is no people to collect firewood, Linux fire can also prairie? Don't worry, Red Hat company has created the network share, there is a difficult precedent, even if you are not a member of the company, as long as you contribute to Linux can be rewarded.

Linux OS Software developed with open code, keeping it open is its trump card. Valinux's CEO, Larryaugustin, said: "Because Linux development is very much in need of this group of automatically working developers, only mutual benefit, the production of Linux-related software can be successful." Prior to Redhat's listing, the company offered a share of the opportunity (preemptive option for first stock listings) to freelance engineers involved in software development. Although the program development team is not a member of the company, it can subscribe at the issue price. The Valinux, which followed, also adopted the same strategy, Valinux has sent 3,000 subscription invitations to free software engineers, hoping that these toiled and service-free software engineers will be rewarded.

Redhat, the first listed Linux company, went on the market after the IPO, Redhat $14 in August, and now has $214.94. Valinux listed after the market more fire, the stock listed trading in the first day, The share price rises from 30 US dollar to 299.25 dollar sky-high, the chat station Slashdot news points out Valinux provides for each free engineer to subscribe 100 shares, the subscription price in 11 yuan to 13 yuan, according to this calculation, the free engineer stock listed on the first day, has 30,000 dollars of input.

This model of Linux is the product of the network era, showing that through the network, apart people can work together for the same thing, and the spirit of Linux really embodies the spirit of the network.

52. There's work to do.

Linux is not only for the benefit of the same, there is work to be a piece of work, support free software engineers to share the development results of the site is also a bright scenery on the internet, many far-sighted institutions for the development of Linux software sites to provide financial support, please respected people hosting the site.

Sourcexchange, which is sponsored by Collab.net company as a Web site for Linux open program software Exchange, has just been enabled by the same type of Web site Cosource. Enable an earlier Open Avenue Web site to get financial support from Oracle, and another free Softwar Bazaar website, which was just opened a few months ago. These Web sites plan to act as intermediaries, for software makers who open code, and for businesses that need such software. Collab.net invited Brian Behlendorf, an open code expert who helped with the Apache Web server program, to host the site, and also invited Bill Portelli, the senior expert, as CEO.

The development of open code is as follows: The program designer can freely share the result, establish or modify the architecture of the software; However, some programmers are only interested in the part, so some tedious, but extremely important details are often overlooked. Now with these websites as intermediaries, it will provide more incentives to attract programmers to do their job.

The Sourcexchange website is still being tested, but it has served several important programs, such as Hewlett-Packard's E-speak, a software that can be traded electronically. Others include the plans of Ricoh (Novell), Ricoh and other companies.

In fact, the network competition is not only downstream, in the distance from the market upstream competition is also fierce. Of course, the opportunity to gather wealth is the same.

Collab Company's Web site: Www.collab.net,Linux program sharing URL: www.cosource.com,www.sourcexchange.com

53. Communication technology

Network as a communication tool is also a very important application of the network, the simplest of course is e-mail, but the e-mail is not real-time. The pursuit of real-time communication technology has become the relentless pursuit of software engineers, if anyone invents a new and more convenient communication technology, will immediately attract the crazy encircle of venture capital.

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