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4.58 trillion in the first quarter of credit, in the A-share market set off a wave of epidemic bull market. Listed companies to restrain for a long time refinancing will in the A-share market, "small spring" in a rise.  According to our data center statistics, as of May 8, since this year, 99 companies have issued additional plans, the amount of funds proposed to raise more than 160 billion yuan.  A large additional appearance according to wind statistics, this year, there have been 31 companies successfully implemented the issue of additional financing, the total amount of 70.578 billion yuan. At the same time, as of May 8, the two cities have issued more than 99 companies to raise plans, the amount of funds proposed to raise more than 160 billion yuan.  And the same period last year, a-share market only 28 companies issued additional plans, the proposed financing amount of about 28 billion yuan. The increase in the number of companies proposed increased significantly at the same time, the scale of financing as the index climbed up. 99 of the proposed additional companies, two companies raise more than 10 billion yuan, can be called heavyweight financing. Among them, Pu FA Bank proposed to raise the highest amount of funds to reach 15 billion yuan. Pu-fat after the ranking of the bank is Poly Real Estate, the amount of funds proposed to raise no more than 10.131 billion yuan.  Two companies to raise the size of the sum, has been with the same period last year, all the issuance of additional plans to the company's proposed financing amount is similar. Interestingly, during the same period last year, the market is in a slump, but among the 28 listed companies, 7 have opted for public offerings, accounting for 25% of the total number of proposed additional companies. This year, although 99 companies issued additional plans, but the choice of public offerings of only 11, accounting for the proposed number of companies 11%.  From the market point of view, the recovery of the large market, does not represent the recovery of investor confidence. Cash increase is popular in the last round of great bull market, the extension-type growth with the main line of asset injection has become the hot spot of the market investment. Major shareholders of listed companies are also willing to sell their assets at a good price in the course of their share prices being whipped. But this year, with the market sentiment recovering and the cash flow of listed companies tight, a cash subscription to additional shares has become a choice for more listed companies.  According to the data center statistics, 99 companies have announced the issuance of additional plans, 19 companies have opted for asset injection, the remaining 80 have opted for cash subscription. In the issue of additional plans, in order to take the lead, there are some listed companies large shareholders from the pocket to participate in the subscription.  According to the data center statistics, 99 of listed companies issued additional plans, 36 companies disclosed the major shareholder participation in the issuance of subscription, of which 17 companies have made it clear that major shareholders will choose the cash subscription method. From the analysis of statistical data, 99 companies choose Cash subscription companies can be divided into two main categories. The first category is infrastructure-listed companies that benefit from "4 trillion" investments that are facing or are under huge financial pressure and are in dire need of additional funds, most of which show a net outflow of operating funds in the first quarter. From the first quarter of the data, 99 companies, in order to operate the net value of cash flow, Oriental electric, Zoomlion,Shanghai Electric Peace and high electric companies such as capital pressure ranking forefront, of which the Eastern electric operating net cash flow of 868 million yuan, flat high electric also has-280 million yuan. The second group is anxious to replenish its capital by refinancing. For example, *st on the way to the non-public issue of shares to the Jinjiang international distribution of not more than 222 million shares, the issue price of 4.5 yuan/share, to raise funds of 1 billion yuan to ease the company's liquidity crisis. The Pudong bank, for example, has a huge development opportunity after the country has identified the status of Shanghai as an international financial centre, but is plagued by a lack of capital as a local bank. The capital adequacy ratio of PU FA Bank is 9.06%, and the core capital adequacy ratio is 5.03%. In the issuance of a smooth implementation, raise 15 billion yuan will be the company's core capital to form an effective supplement.
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