A brief analysis of Alexa rank importance

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A brief analysis of the importance of Alexa rankings

The importance of Alexa rankings has always been controversial, the network on this also vary, so there has been two opposing lobbyists. In fact, there are a lot of the webmaster still pay more attention to this value, of course, there are not important webmaster, from a considerable high PR value of high flow of the site can be seen, their traffic is high, but Alexa rankings are very low, is they do not know how to promote it? I believe the answer is in the negative. Whether this ranking has a role, which varies by station, for example, in the link trading/website and webmaster Private exchange links, Alexa rankings are also likely to be as a reference factor, for those online advertising companies, Alexa rankings appear to be particularly important, ranked 10000 and 5000 of the two sites, The price is far from the sky.

Alexa rankings, although the data is inaccurate, but to a certain extent, can reflect the traffic and popularity of a site, and the data is open, each Internet users can freely obtain, easy to compare. From the above perspective, Alexa rankings can not be ignored.

This value for our personal webmaster, it is not so important, traffic can be sold by selling their own advertising and other forms to earn additional revenue, but unfortunately we rarely have the day IP traffic in more than 10000, So our personal webmaster do not need to upgrade Alexa ranking above spend too much time, if you really want to improve that it is best to practice their own skills and entertainment to do, perhaps later met a certain kind of site is really used. Here is the 2nd we talk about how to improve the Alexa rankings of the site:

Ii. How to promote Alexa rankings

Alexa ranked based on IE browser Alexatoolbar, that is, the more Alexatoolbar visitors to your site, your Alexa rankings will be promoted faster. Know this principle, Alexa rankings to upgrade is not difficult, we can try the following methods:

1. IE upload a alexatoolbar often to browse their own website;

2. It may be more to attract some personal webmaster to visit your website; (Generally, personal webmaster's IE is equipped with alexatoolbar)

3. First of all in their own IE upload a alexatoolbar, and then go to the website to download an IP address free converter, and then go to Baidu an online brush flow tool; (this is equivalent to a different visitor with Alexatoolbar to visit your site)

Ken did not purposely upgrade his Alexa rankings (using the first method), I pretend alexatoolbar is purely for the study of other sites worth learning, but inadvertently inserted willow into yin, my Alexa ranking has been steadily promoted, I will share the following map to friends to see: The above text wants you to look at some of the inspiration that "s all"

July 22 Alexa Rankings:


August 6 Alexa Rankings


September 27 Alexa Rankings


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