A brief analysis of modern web design development trend

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Technological innovation has led to the rapid development of the design industry, which makes designers and developers have a broader exploration of the world.


1. Responsive web Design (responsive)


now more and more users have a variety of terminals: desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, can adapt to different sizes of the screen is now the trend of the current, even for a long time in the future design trend. So the response web design is to solve this problem. This special development way can ensure that the Web page to adapt to different resolutions, so that the Web page elements to reorganize, whether in the vertical tablet computer or smartphone, can achieve the best visual effects. Responsive web Design has a good adaptability and plasticity, in the future of web design will occupy a pivotal position.


2. Full-screen Web page Design


In recent years, the concept of "pure" and "leaving White" in graphic design has also been
by Internet design, in order to make it more simple and clear, to provide more comfortable sensory feeling, many websites begin to adopt Full-screen Web design, with the beautiful background of carefully selected design, and the reasonable page layout,   Visual impact can be very good to attract the attention of the viewer.


3. Parallax scrolling Design (Parallax)


Parallax Design can be said to be a major breakthrough in web design in recent years, but also highly praised. Parallax scrolling is to allow multi-layer backgrounds to scroll at different speeds to form a 3D stereo movement effect, which brings a unique visual sensation to the viewer.


In addition, the smooth experience of the mouse wheel, allowing users to watch such sites have a sense of control, simply this is a response to the interactive experience. So whether it is the website or the electronic products publicity pages are often used to design parallax, attracting attention is also very popular with users.


4. Flat design (Flat)


The flat design of
can be said to be the design aesthetics of simplifying. The removal of all decorative designs can be said to be a reversal of the intended materialization design that was previously admired. We can't comment on whether it's good or bad, only that it offers a new design mindset. Whether the flat design will become a future trend we can not answer, despite the mixed, controversial, but now it is a current trend.


5. Rolling detection web Design (scrollspy)


use the implementation of CSS to secure the navigation bar at the top of the page, and the layout content in accordance with the navigation sequence vertical or horizontal arrangement, so that users click the corresponding navigation tab when the page automatically slide to the corresponding page, and if clicked on the content, navigation will also change. Such a page design page basically will not jump, each tab points to the content of the page is also a basic screen display complete, so the content of the page will be limited. In general, it is also adaptive to not affect the layout.


scrolling detection of the Web page will bring a great challenge to designers-to ensure the integrity of the content in a limited space, so the designer will be in the page up and down the full effort, to bring the viewer different visual feelings and user experience.


6. Infinite scrolling mode (waterfall flow)


There are a lot of content on the site, but they do not have a simple paging, but the use of a vertical waterfall flow of the way layout. The contents are arranged vertically, and the content is constantly updated as the user scrolls vertically, seemingly endlessly. This waterfall flow has been popular long before, the earliest use of the layout is Pinterest. Such a scrolling page will greatly reduce the number of pages, for the daily update data fast site is a relatively good solution.


7. Style design of Web page


's web page is no longer as conditioned and technically restrictive as it used to be. Its presentation is quite rich. Style from fresh to retro, illustrator hand-painted to the real design, wonders. Whether it is layout layout, or design elements, using the word unconventional is never too.


(1) strengthening the sense of plane design


Web design with equipment and technology innovation, has already broken through the past a single framework constraints, become more flexible. So in the page style more began to close to the graphic design, many pages are designed to give posters and magazines to the layout sense. Stylish and full of impact.


(2) focus on font design


in recent years many designers have also incorporated font design into the web design, and as an important element of design to enhance the entire Web page taste. By using CSS3 designers to have many custom fonts, this adds an important design idea to the visual design of the Web page.


(3) rich and flexible animation


HTML5 and Flash are widely used to make interactive animations of web pages more lively and interesting.


By looking at how these trends affect modern web design,
may be able to guide and diffuse new ideas for web designers.

Although designers and developers need to connect with the market and keep pace with the trend, but the so-called trend is present, the future is indeed unknown. What needs to be ensured is that they are not being dumped by industry trends, but more importantly, adapting and learning in a wave.

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