A brief analysis on the methods of industry website popularization

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Now the industry site is relatively more "money" site, my station: http:// Www.17ttd.com is about the adult products station, many industry stations rely on selling their products to profit, my station is also like this, a station only has the soul, the browsing website can feel the website to bring the thought culture transmission, thus causes the ideological resonance, this is also why many industry website success reason, because they with browse The idea of the relationship between the establishment, through the editor of the hand, will be the concept of the industry site to pass out.

The simple way to build an industry website to promote your soul is:

1. Original

Original article can not only show your industry site and other people's different, to give users the freshest information, but also in search engines to play a very good impact on the original article more, and even become a source of Baidu's news. Because it is their own products, so the article is certainly original, novice webmaster can draw on. But at the beginning of the station is used to collect. It's no use.

2. Thematic

The topic of the industry website is to embody one of the standards of quality of an industry website, whether the content has quality, in addition to see the column organization, choreography, see is the industry website topic. Several major aspects of the production of the topic: the direction of the determination, the content of the organization, the production of the page, the realization of the function. Focus on the ability to grasp, content selectivity, whether sustained attention, whether it is the focus of short-term attention is the direction of the topic, content selection is to see whether the content of the topic is easy to find, whether illegal, the other two points in doing are very good, I do not say more. Short-term topics, preferably each month on the 1~2, hot grasp of the topic, preferably 2 months 1.

3. Responsibility

Industry-class sites are different from other industry websites, editors need to have a very professional medical knowledge and higher quality, not to fake industry network marketing programs and industry Network marketing information, incorrect drug use and wrong disease prevention and Treatment measures published on the website, because we are in a sense of responsibility in doing the station, Think of is for the people to save the industry costs and development platform. Now is the search engine era, we look for information the first time to think of is Baidu, Google, I believe we all want to find the information is valuable, do not want to be spam information, not to want to be wrong, misleading information, we only provide reliable and practical benefit of the people's content. Valuable content to retain users, bring traffic.

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