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In the Internet industry soft writing this aspect has a period of time, recently several articles were included in large quantities. Apart from the relatively good distribution channels. Some real experience has been summed up a little. When I first wrote the online search for a long time, no relevant knowledge. I wanted to share it if I had the chance to get it. Let the new people who have just entered the direction can develop more smoothly. So now there is a little accumulation of hope to share with fellow people, I hope that we work together to refuel. I used to do the market work of traditional industries, now to the Internet industry, is to see the future of this industry. More crucial is the development of internet technology let me deeply feel the traditional offline marketing promotion will be a large part of the Internet.

First into the industry is to do planning and soft wen this piece, due to a phased marketing planning by a team of content generation, activity organization, media channels, soft wen hype many aspects of the work. In view of the manpower problem, I have the opportunity to intervene all. And the combination of the two will be able to combine more closely, their own design planning scheme, their own crawl hotspots, write their own matching soft text.

Many people think that writing a soft paper needs a good writing, in fact, it seems otherwise. The soft text itself can also be seen as a small plan, equivalent to planning your own thinking. A soft article should have at least 3 combinations of information:

The first is the product information you want to promote, which is very important. And the writer himself needs to know the product information function. This facilitates the generation of divergent thinking. Otherwise, the knowledge of the writer's mind, like a library, cannot be played. It's even more fascinating to talk about the article.

When you have an intimate product, you can enter the selection stage. You may have to say, the topic. Is it possible to disengage from product information? Yes, I need to get out of it. Because the General people's product does not resemble certain Internet enterprise's name as Thunderclap, itself becomes the hot spot. The products we may be on hand are new and unknown. What can I do? Don't be afraid, remember Feng Boss said: Alongside wealthy, go the right way, learn advanced. Yes, we need to use the planning thinking---alongside the wealthy. We should make a plan for thinking, search for the current hot words and hot events in the brain library.

To say more, as a soft writer needs to pay attention to news information and fashion information. These are natural public hotspots. Here again, about hot spots, friends should remember one sentence: Love is the eternal topic. In addition, when you find hot spots, you can try to search the hot word, and then look at the bottom of the search page there is a row of "Baidu hot word." Choose one of these, of course, the vocabulary of the previous point is better. It's better to have the hot word as a title or a little more in the content. This will make your article and the majority of netizens related to the search, your article exposure rate will be even greater.

Back to just the thinking planning, get hot, start to combine product characteristics. This time need to put the whole idea/frame structure of the article. Then start to combine the product information that you want to promote in some places. Cut a few times, this is very exquisite. Not the more the better, but the right amount mainly. If you want to be more professional to understand Baidu on the keyword density of some algorithms. Combine the concept of the article keyword density, this keyword refers to the product you want to promote the relevant information. If you think you don't have enough information in your brain library, you can't make a written one. Never mind, go to the Internet to search for relevant information, combined with ideas to see. This kind of learning method with problems is very effective. It made me remember that when I was a child, my father often told me to study with questions. Now it really affects the way I think in a lot of times.

After the written trust friends will have a very good feeling, very fulfilling. Yes, congratulations. At least it crosses the threshold of the heart, certainly not lax, because this is the starting step. With these basic skills, I believe we have a certain guide, in the past when I often write some of the articles that are beautiful. But no effect, the reason is nothing but narcissistic, write things and not according to the network search engine algorithm to carry out Sunding-style operation. This must not be, people guarding the Internet gate. To adapt according to the rules of the strong.

This time you can go to find the distribution channels, there are a lot of knowledge need to understand, such as large sites will be more quickly included, if a user search related hot words, your article may be exposed, the marketing promotion on the completion of a closed loop.

In short, wrote some small experience, I hope to work together for friends on the road to work together to fight. In the marketing and promotion industry to play their own wisdom. If there are predecessors willing to guide or to make friends, please add q:307965029.

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