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There are a lot of friends who see their site rank before is very anxious, and use a lot of their own way to do everything, but the ranking or in the previous position does not move, this is to do the promotion of one of the most depressing thing, so there are many SEO friends will be very distressed, and sometimes will give up doing SEO, If you use this mentality and the old kind of method to do SEO, then I dare say your ranking will never row to the front, so do the necessary conditions for SEO is to persevere, and to continue to learn and accumulate experience, although I am not a master, but there are some experience to share with you, Hope to be able to help everyone, before beginning to introduce I want to share a method to deal with this kind of situation, that is to do before the rank of the time please completely change their previous practice, good nonsense less said below share experience to everyone:

Update the article please change the method

Sometimes the reason for the ranking is not the internal articles included in the bad caused, and generally there are a lot of SEO friends like to update the article when the use of false original tools, here I would like to remind you that if a long time to use false original tools, once the search engine found, then your site will be very dangerous, So I suggest not to use false original tools, so as not to punish the site, some friends will ask why not to use for the original tool it? What is the impact of false original tools on their website? In fact, the search engines are very intelligent now, although they are machines but can judge the article false original index, If the article false original index higher, then prove that your article is false original, so said do not recommend the use of false original tools. There are sometimes friends will be directly on the Internet to find some articles to publish, if so, search engine once found that your article will not be included in the repetition, so that in the update when the article needs some skills, the following is my skills to share:

1, when the article is updated do not use false original tools for false original, the best of their own manual to modify, so that the readability of high search engines will not determine your article is False original.

2, the article is updated when not with sensitive words and some illegal information.

3, the article update time to pay attention to change the scope to be large, you can put the content of the article in their own language to describe some, so it is also very good.

4, the article updated every article preferably in 500 words or so.

Second, the site structure is not good

Site structure is not good words also affect the ranking of the site before an important reason, general search engines like the structure of the site is relatively safe, such as static, static Web site will not have unlimited circulation of the danger, so the search engine will not worry about spiders (search engine robots) on its web site crawling when the consequences of not coming out , so that search engines like to include static site, there are many do SEO friends like to write a number of infinite loop code, so that spiders can be unlimited collection of their own website information, so although the effect is more obvious, but the ranking is fast down quickly, So in doing the rankings do not make a fool to write infinite cycle of traps to set spiders, so once you are found that your site may be k off. Generally in my ranking when the site will be the structure of the more secure, so the search engine is very reassuring my site, so the spider can be very ordinary through my site, so that the station structure is to do the ranking of a very important weapon, OK, I would like to tell you about the structure of the station in the basic attention to the place.

1, the site is best for static Web sites, so spiders prefer crawling.

2, if the site is dynamic site please do not write dead cycle to set the spider, once found your site will be in the search engine dead.

3, the home page if there is banner, it is best to picture banner, and to cut a few pieces of the picture, and then each piece of the picture to add keywords, the best banner not flash, because the search engine is unable to identify flash.

4, every page of the site should be a second navigation to improve the weight of the home page.

Third, the site outside the chain is not strong

One of the most important elements of a direct impression of a site ranking is the number of outside chains, if the number of successful outside the chain, then you will be the highest ranking of the site, so that the chain is an indispensable part of a lot of friends are very like to use mass tools for posting propaganda, in fact, this is not good, Because the mass tool in the search engine industry is a black hat method, so once the search engine found that the site will be k off, and in a mass forum once found that your content is a mass of tools sent out will also directly delete your posts, so that the use of mass tools will not have any benefits, There is a lot of people in the post when there will be some reason to cause their own posts do not mercilessly deleted webmaster, so in the chain must remember some methods, the following to share the method:

1, do not use mass tools for mass, because the mass tool repeat information too much, so the information included will be very little.

2, when posting do not publish ads, illegal information, and sensitive words, if found webmaster will also mercilessly delete your posts.

3, soft paper is also released outside the chain of good helper, a high-quality soft text can bring unlimited system of the chain, and soft text can pull take snapshots, so that soft is to do outside the chain and pull snapshots essential tools.

4, questions and answers can also do outside the chain, as long as the site to find some questions related to the serious reply, then the question and answer can become one of your outside chain.

Iv. Summary

Below to do a summary, the main impact of the ranking of some factors is the station in the collection of articles, the structure of the site, outside the chain of problems, so said to find a ranking before the words so to think of is these points, in the solution of the problem at the same time do not have to think of some methods so hard, so once found that the ranking is not before the Detour, do is a direct attack on it, but do summary of the time I want to declare that, do not use the method of cheating, because in the search engine rankings in the world or fair is the king, if you do not have any patience, just want to see the effect immediately, and immediately see the effect of the method is to use the method of cheating to promote, then your site ranked speed fragments, but down the speed is also very fast, maybe today you in the first tomorrow your site will disappear in the search engine, so the search engine to do ranking is more fair, although we will never exceed the promotion of some companies, But what we can do is to use our daily jobs in exchange for our rankings, such a process is not difficult to go and not very good walk, in the road when you will not feel lonely, because there are countless opponents in the pursuit of your site, so do not give up the ranking optimization.

Okay, here, some of the reasons for the ranking and solutions I have said understand, although I am not a master, but I do SEO experience or a lot of people will feel I am in the nonsense, if really good use I will write to all of you see it? In fact, many netizens have asked me this question, Today I'm going to answer this question, actually, when I'm writing a technical article, if someone to see me is very happy, because I finished the article is not only for others to see, but also for their recent experience to do the summary of the work, so I not only to see, but also to make an account of themselves, good nonsense less said, Just say here, hope to have like-minded friends to exchange study together. This article by the brake www.chcxt.cn original, if reproduced please indicate the source, please support the original, special thanks a5!

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