A brief talk on the influence of Friendship link relevance on website ranking

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Links, the importance of the site is unquestionable, especially after Google launched the PR value, the size of the site webmaster to the PR value of the heart, in the major webmaster stations, forums, QQ Group solicitation links. If you have been in order to find the most PR value, it can be a high PR value of the station to do friendship connection. A little understand SEO people know that some friendship connection can do, some connections can not do.

about what links can do which links can not do please refer to: http://bbs.admin5.com/viewthread.php?tid=1108506&extra=

We are here mainly elaborated is the link relevance to the website ranking influence, first said the friendship link correlation to have what benefit

1, Content relevance

Such a site exchange link effect of the best, because their content is related, so the keyword has a certain similarity, so inadvertently improve the site itself, the density of keywords, so he will give both sites to bring a certain ranking promotion;

2,PR Value Related

Here is the PR-related refers to: PR height is similar, of course, if you can exchange higher than their PR will be better, but no one with their own exchange, except for their own. If the PR low exchange of their own site weight is not improved.

Website optimization in the exchange of links is not easy, he asked the SEO people have a pair of eyes, can quickly grasp the quality of a website. So we are doing links or their own resources when the link is best relevance of the site. This quality is high, search engine just think your site has industry, professional and so on. If any of the sites are linked, search for the thought is a spam site, is a mass link.

I personally think you can find some related industry QQ Group or forum, such as Webmaster Station ADMIN5 Forum, find some and their related industry website, feel that meet their requirements, you can do the connection.

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