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First introduced, I do stand for more than a year, friends like to call me static water, the beginning of their own do not know through a friend of the Dede to do an article station, just started feeling good, did not appear any problems, began the webmaster will do a long process of promotion. Slowly along with the promotion of the in-depth, the site's problems also followed, the site is often malicious attacks, hanging black company, hanging Trojan, hanging garbage articles, tamper with the first document, etc., at that time almost every day to see the Forum query information, leave master. But found that a lot of problems are often encountered can not be resolved, so I now found a solution, to share with you, this is my first time to write this technical article, I hope that we support a lot!

Today to talk about the site hanging horse solution, do not dare to guarantee all hanging horse problem can feel, but at least common should be able to.

The first website was hung black chain

Case one: Everyone website will initially have the initial FTP is generally account password admin or is a lot of people are accustomed to use domain name to do account password This also gave the attack site to the people left a convenient I have tried some ftp cracking program is simply to enter some simple string to try to crack! So everyone site to build the first thing is to modify the site's FTP account password so that can be very effective to prevent the simple FTP now common to crack the program also makes the site will not be so easy to be black off to hang a super many outside the chain.

Case two: Many friends will say that if my site is linked to what to do now to solve the problem of the general black chain procedures are automatically on the chain is usually put to your template folder under all the folders you know Dede Templates folder a lot of and do not understand the code of friends will certainly not see a one to delete And it's hard to remove it. So static water to everyone to the method is the site to update the template on the template back to the next one, but encountered by a person hanging horse after a headache thinking of a folder to clean up the template files directly through FTP deleted and then Xianchu upload template folder between the backup ( PS: Database files are best also frequently backed up) overall my solution is to keep the latest version of your site backup data!

Case THREE: This is also the problem I have recently encountered http://bbs.admin5.com/thread-1961365-1-1.html I also asked the A5 on the next finally with the help of a friend to solve the problem description Site included all of a sudden night to ensure that all pages included in the query is not their own hair, follow the path to the background to find also root can not find, because this is the use of Dede Guest Book folder in your guest book folders, hang up the n more hidden files, even if you find, you can not delete the problem through FTP I have been to the internet also saw almost no real solutions do not know other stationmaster encountered no I think many do not understand the technology webmaster encounter this problem will be very headache, so I said in this solution, actually very simple, immediately contact space business, let them help you clean up in less than a minute can solve the problem!

Write it down for the first time. In sharing with you, the main or to some new webmaster do not know the webmaster friends to see, hope to understand the technology of the master more support under this article by love article webmaster www.aiwenzhang.cn static water in A5 first welcome reprint declined to copy

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