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Everyone said that content is the key to get links, this is true, but also want to let everyone see your excellent content before the line. So for a relatively new blog, to get some other blog http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/8495.html "> links is very necessary, so that you can be more people find that more people to see." The application of links is very skilled.

Let's look at one of the wrong examples.

We often see this message:

Webmaster Hello, I am your loyal readers, very like your blog, can you and I exchange links? My blog is * * * I have added a link to your station, thank you!

Such applications are often ignored by others.

1. A message like a robot. This message is like a template, people say so, there is no sense of communication between people.

2. There is no benefit. This message does not indicate the quality of the site of the application link, why to exchange links, exchange links to the webmaster what benefits, etc., have no explanation.

A change in the environment may be a better understanding of this, the message above is like a call you suddenly received, a restaurant owner wants you to introduce their hotel to your friends. Will you agree? I certainly will not, no reason. But in other cases, what if you know the Boss? or have you been to the store and feel good about it? You may be willing to recommend it to your friends.

Search for links is the same. As the blog www.pplive163.cn suggested. A friend with a blog can also make links with me. Do the following steps before applying for a link.

1. Let the blogger know you. Actually very simple, to read his blog, leave a few comments, generally said you adhere to a week, he will remember your name.

2. Add relevance to the content of the article, such as quoting from one of his articles for a deeper discussion, or introducing his blog to your readers and so on.

3. Give a little "benefit". I don't mean to buy, I mean let him think he got something valuable from you. For example, some bloggers sometimes give AdSense blog some optimization suggestions.

4. Message Shen Link humanized a little, to talk about his blog Fortunately, what do you admire the most and so on, so that he remembered you and believe that you are the intention to apply for links instead of leaving only such a similar spam things.

Obviously compared to the wrong example, some blogs say that the method will take more than 10 times times more time, but it greatly improved the possibility of getting links, especially the excellent blog links. How would you choose?

Finally, please do not put this application in some blog, blog to ensure that everyone can get links to the link system, and strictly in accordance with this system norms. Please go to the link page to view the details.

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