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As consumers, I hope that in addition to sales promotion, the electrical business can also learn from the customer attentively, to provide some differentiated, people unexpected services.


I am a net shopping fan (cock silk), like many white-collar, likes the net buys the order, then goes to the front desk to collect the thing, does not have to stroll the shopping mall, buys the thing. This kind of hobby's nurturance, also because the city life is too busy, does not have the time to go shopping, therefore is understandable. In the experience of Beijing-east, Suning, Amazon, Gome, poly United States, le Bee, when the electricity quotient, there are always some words to say, of course, are some gossip.

No surprises.

First of all, I was excited about the constant promotion of the electric dealer, but after the frequent no longer excited, but a bit confused. Whether it is the electric dealer's own money, or brand special approval price, promotional really affordable consumers, but did not cultivate consumer loyalty, also did not bring to a brand to produce the joy of liking. Now some promotional information sites, such as what is worth buying, the sky out of pies, etc., to provide information on the website, which even destroyed the intention of these promotions. Because the electric business is intended to use promotional, to attract consumers often to the site to buy things, rather than go to each site to buy only promotional items.

At the same time the fearless promotion, the electric dealer increased the short-term sales, but did not develop the user loyalty. I dare say that the return voucher of Jingdong is really a good way, because the voucher returned to the consumer, like a secret of the unique temptation, so that consumers have to use (the use of Internet addiction compulsive Disorder Force it to submit), but the user's long-term points, it is very inadequate.

Jingdong has points, but it is not obvious, for example, I 39 yuan on the free shipping has been bored, I hope to have the "super ability" to receive things without spending money. I hope that as a consumer, Jingdong can pay me extra, for example, my birthday, you can choose a free 59 Yuan birthday gift (the company used to do so), the Tanabata festival, send me a few roses to send people. Yes, that's favors, for a consumer who consumes 230,000 a year, is this a worthwhile offer? If provided, I believe that some people will be in the company temporarily purchase a piece of goods, Hao not hesitate to expand the search on the east of Beijing.

No reminders.

In addition to providing a lack of additional surprises, the electrical business will not help users recommend something they like. For example, you often buy a brand cosmetics, but this time, the electricity dealer will not notice you, should be set up a small mailbox, each landing to send you a few promotional information. Or I have seen a lot of different cat food, but there is no order, and the next time there is a promotion, should be an extra reminder.

The site is so convenient, but not to provide, and you know how to do the traditional health care? Recently I received a health care product call, said once saw I bought lutein, I said yes, I often look at the computer's dry eyes, she said that is now promotional blueberry extract, buy one to get one, blueberry for the eyes better, I am interested to see. The result is obvious, I bought it, and I feel very good about the service.

No credit.

In addition, the electrical business is not very credit. I know very well that it is normal to occasionally not keep credit when making a profit, but it is not an excellent enterprise. This kind of thing, mainly occurs in the third party supplier. For example, purchased items without invoices, after you complain, immediately and express, for example, to give you a full 200-100 of promotional coupons, you buy, after a few days, remind you set the goods are not available, let you cancel; for example, you buy cosmetics found very thin, the use of experience is very poor ... These are the third party to do things, and as a platform for the electric business enterprises are naturally responsible.

Millions of commodities, I think the wrong price is very normal, but forced to cancel the user has bought products, it is very rude. If it is very large, it is understandable, some are not very expensive things, the site is not willing to bear the loss of their own mistakes, this is very not to bear.

No focus.

Does the electric dealer define itself as a supermarket? If so, the electricity quotient is too simple. We will go to the supermarket to buy lenses, cameras, we will go to the supermarket to buy bicycle accessories, we will go to the supermarket to buy medicine makeup, or we will go to the supermarket to buy a fever stereo ...

When people love a product very much, they will certainly go to a more professional store to buy, first of all, second professional, the seller also has a considerable technical knowledge, and even provide professional guidance, and the electrical business is not. Even if you buy a Canon camera fuselage, Nikon lens, the electric dealer will not remind you, "Hey, brother, you want to play two cameras?" Therefore, in addition to jingdong, whether there should be a camera line, there is a DIY tribe, a medicine makeup care world, or have a bicycle base?

Prefer to quarrel

In addition to these deficiencies, but also feel that the electrical business is very bad point, is a preference for quarrel, do not know what the problem of Kung Fu can solve. Obviously, there will be 2-3 large electric dealers, and these 2-3 will not make a lot of money in the long run, so this is a protracted war, we are better for the long-term.

If a field only pay attention to the war of words, we can find that, like the recent online shopping cosmetics, in front of the fakes, facing the grim situation is completely negated.

So 2013, as consumers, hope that in addition to sales promotion, the electrical business can also attentively to understand customers, provide some differentiated, people unexpected services, and always maintain the integrity of the true nature of consumers to bring more exciting experience.

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