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January 15, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China's domain name registration and management Agency, issued a circular on the reconciliation of registered domain name information, for the first response to the general concern of the "individual registered domain name must be linked in the company name", "Personal domain name will be shut down" problem. The bulletin clearly stated: "The domain name holder for the individual or the illegal person organizes, should submit the registration contact ID Card (photocopy or the scanning piece), the effective contact method (Contact telephone number, e-mail, contact address, etc.)." "Can be checked through information, continue to use the domain name to carry out Internet applications."

Does the individual have the right to register the state domain name? What changes have we experienced in our domain name management policy? How will cnnic protect the legitimate rights and interests of individual domain name holders? In the face of various questions, CNNIC Director Assistant Qilin detailed more than 10 years of our country Domain name management policy change story.

Registered CN top-level domain has been cumbersome

China's first domain name management policy, in 1997, the former State Council information work Leading group office of the "China Internet domain name registration Interim management measures", its requirements "domain name registration applicant must be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the Organization", "Application for domain name registration, should submit Certificate: (i) application form for domain name registration; (b) Letter of recommendation of the organizer; (iii) a copy of the organizer's ID card; It can be said that at that time in the world is the most stringent requirements for domain name registration management.

One of the CNNIC employees often mentions is the first visit by NSI, the chief executive of Receptacle FX Inc., the CEO of the company that ran the top-level domain name server that manages the Internet. Qilin introduced, at that time, in the CNNIC user reception room, cnnic Mao Wei director pointed to the corner of the thickness of a pile of two high paper material with Battista said: "Here is all the CN domain name registration Information Form." He took a look, with a very surprised expression on his face. He could not imagine that in the Internet age, the application of domain name will also use the traditional way to fill in a large number of paper application forms.

Compared with the international online registration, the national domain name CN registration procedures cumbersome, inefficient, domestic users a large number of options to register foreign domain names. 2000, the network concept of large-scale popularization, COM domain name soared, COM domain name and the number of CN domain name once reached the peak of the history of "8:1". The phenomenon of registering foreign domain names for a large number of domestic websites has caused domestic experts to worry about national network security and information security. Just as January 12, 2010 occurred in Baidu company baidu.com Domain name hijacking crisis, due to the use of the domain name of Baidu is used by the U.S. company responsible for the operation of the COM domain name, making its domain name hijacked, in up to 5 hours of time can not be normal access, not only seriously affected the company's reputation, but more importantly, also to millions of users of the normal Internet should With a negative impact.

CN domain name has become the absolute mainstream of our website

2002, the Ministry of Information Industry promulgated the new "China Internet Domain Name management method", referring to international practice, to China's domain name management system to make major adjustments to adopt a hierarchical management system, divided into domain name registration and management agencies, domain name registration service agencies. Domain name registration service organization is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information technology and obtain service qualification of the Organization, is responsible for accepting user applications, audit domain name information, complete domain name registration. Cnnic as a domain name registration management body no longer directly to the user, its main responsibility is to maintain the background of the national domain Name System, and the domain name registration service agencies for supervision and management. Under the management system, the domain name registration realizes the on-line registration, has established the domain name the post audit mechanism, and has been adopted until December 14, 2009.

Domain name Management Service system changes, as well as the reduction of the annual domain name registration fees, rapid and convenient service flow, bringing the national domain name CN registered rapid growth, and in 2008 became the world's largest national top-level domain name. As of November 2009, the number of CN domain names registered up to 13.68 million, accounting for the total number of national domain 80%. In China's 3.061 million websites, CN under the number of sites accounted for 78.7%. CN domain name has become the absolute mainstream of our website, greatly enhanced the national network security and information security level.

2009 is 3G commercial year, can through the mobile phone anytime, anywhere high-speed Internet access, young people lose control of the Internet, mobile obscene pornographic information, the Internet management brings new challenges. The internet has become a part of social life, as well as the need for smarter governance. The governance of Internet needs government guidance, industry self-discipline and social participation. Because the domain name is the powerful technical means to crack down the bad information of the network, the new situation has put forward higher request to the domain name management.

December 2009 The country launched a crackdown on mobile phones and the network of obscene and vulgar information of the special action, cnnic in accordance with the requirements of special governance on December 14, 2009 launched a registered domain name information reconciliation work and new application domain name written audit process, further strengthen the domain name registration information audit work, To enhance the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the domain name registration information, and to crack down on the yellow web site to evade regulation by changing the domain name. has been suspended to resolve the yellow domain name more than 14,000, the illegal use of the registered CN domain name engaged in criminal activities have been effectively hit.

Qilin said, is currently actively exploring, the use of modern means to improve the domain name application review process and methods, user-friendly registration of domain names.

Individual registered domain name is a reasonable demand

Qilin said that as early as the establishment of the CNNIC, the individual registered domain name of the legitimate needs of the existence. We know that there is no international restriction on the registration of domain names by individuals. Especially in the UK and the United States, because there is no official seal said, from the form it is difficult to distinguish between individual registration or company registration, the way to distinguish is mainly to look at Domain name applicants registration information.

and the. CN global top-level domain registration, it itself is registered by the individual to complete. Early in the network before the opening of the 1990, the Chinese Internet early builders Chan Hualin would like to apply for China's top domain name, so that China's network has its own identity symbol. But when he went to the United States, the domain name registration agency Internet Information Center (InterNIC) to make an appointment, but found. The CN domain name has been registered by a person named T.b.qian. T.b.qian is Chantianbai, later, Chantianbai is. CN domain name of the administrative liaison Officer, and Chan Hualin is the technical liaison officer. This is the Chinese internet history of the famous "two money."

Qilin said, whether it is Chantianbai or Chan Hualin, with the current perspective, no matter who finally completed. CN domain name registration, both of them belong to individual registration.

It is also aware of the legitimate needs of individual registered domain name, the relevant authorities in 2002 when the establishment of the "China Internet domain name Management measures", the "Domain name registration applicant must be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the Organization" to delete the relevant provisions, in other words, since then In our country, the legal effect of departmental regulations has not prohibited the registration of individuals and the use of domain names.

Qilin said that although the "China Internet domain name management measures" has been canceled on the "limit or prohibit the use of personal registration of domain name" provisions, but, based on the protection of healthy and orderly domain name registration order, cnnic the implementation of the "China Internet Information Center domain name registration in fact," according to the requirements of Domain name Registration Applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) should be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the Organization ".

However, Cnnic is embarrassed that because of the growing demand for personal registration and use of domain names, more and more people are puzzled by restrictions or prohibitions on the registration and use of domain names, and then bring lawsuits to the court for the legitimate rights and interests of individuals to register and use domain names.

Qilin Introduction, in a number of court proceedings, the court decided that the "China Internet Information Center domain name registration" In fact, "The Domain name registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) should be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the Organization", and "China Internet Domain Name Management method" conflict, cannot be applied, delete registered personal domain name without legal basis.

In the Ministry of Information on the record policy and other questions, clearly affirmed the personal website can apply for record. The domain name corresponding to the site should also allow individuals to apply. Qilin proposed that the domain name registration, website record, website access, such as overall consideration, from the source to establish a long-term Internet governance mechanism to meet the huge personal domain name registration and use needs.

Accompanied by the cnnic "on the registration of registered domain name registration information to check the work of the release, has been lingering in the personal domain name holders of the heart of the anxiety." According to Qilin revealed that Cnnic has been in accordance with the requirements of the competent departments, the study drafted the individual registration domain name scheme, and is also actively communicating with the competent departments, actively promote the user registration of the use of national domain name work, "Can not be the user to go abroad, we have to use quality services to law-abiding users stay in the country." In fact, allowing individuals to register the CN domain name, more conducive to the implementation of real names. ”

Cnnic brewing real name under the premise of open up personal application CN domain

CNNIC to amend the regulations formally open to the individual CN domain name registration

Cnnic denied that individuals without a certificate holder of the CN name of the company name

Cnnin notified the registered CN domain name does not need to transfer to the company

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