A game, a dream?

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Abstract: A game a dream? August 6 night, in green Bao (300052.SZ) issued suspension notice, said the company on August 7, the board of directors to discuss major issues, the company's shares will be suspended from August 7, to the company issued after the relevant bulletin board. August 8 Night, the company released 2

A game, a dream?

August 6 night, in green Bao (300052.SZ) issued suspension notice, said the company on August 7, the board of directors to discuss major issues, the company's shares will be suspended from August 7, to the company issued after the relevant bulletin board. August 8 Night, the company issued 2013.5 Annual report, and the announcement will continue to suspend business.

Sino-Green Bao suspension for asset acquisition is no doubt, after the Chinese Green Treasure Chairman Li Ruijie in the 2013 China ChinaJoy Summit Forum had revealed that the second half of this year will carry out mobile phone game acquisition project, but will not be limited to card-type hand tour, and at present it has a lot of marked, and hand-travel level prepared 5-6 different types of products.

A shares of another game listed companies Palm Technology (300215.SZ) also suspended this year July 17, said it is planning major asset restructuring.

About the two game company's acquisition target, the industry has a lot of speculation.

China Green Treasure chairman of the assistant, brand strategy director Li Minghui in the interview with the reporter said, "Monthly net profit tens ability of the company" for the company's consideration standards. In other cases of acquisitions, Li Minghui said it was inconvenient to elaborate.

China's top 10 tour companies are all being targeted

Different identities of the industry have mentioned that the current domestic top ten hand tour companies have been listed companies stare.

Although the ranking criteria are different, but industry analysts said that the acquisition of the Sino-Green Po and the technology, will certainly choose the higher quality of the standard, the price will not be low.

Analysys International game analyst Shillon said, from the current completion of the hand tour acquisition case, the acquisition of the standard PE is generally more than 10 times times, in order to see, the green Treasure and Palm technology acquisition price should not be low.

There is news that the palm of the technology will be 2 billion of the acquisition of crab technology, palm-Fun technology vice President Zhang Yi previously also publicly stated that "the next acquisition object is the Hand tour company."

In the July 3 of last month, the palm of technology to the research and development operators mobile network pioneer acquisition of the SFC approved by the Securities and technology company to issue shares and pay cash to combine the acquisition of mobile network pioneer 100% of the equity, trading total price of 810 million yuan. The suspension caused market concern.

Shillon said that at present in the industry on the acquisition of technology to hear the subject is only playing crab technology, did not hear rumors of other companies.

And about the acquisition of the Li Minghui, the reporter said the inconvenience disclosed.

In the past year, the Sino-Green Treasure Hand tour business actually progress is not rapid. August 8, in green Bao agent of Shenzhen Mo Lin Technology Research and development of the hand products "Xian station" officially online. Li Minghui said that the second half of the company will also have 5 products online. But the 2012 annual report shows that the 68.49%, 23.01%, and 7.42% of the revenue from the Chinese-green-treasure MMO games, web games and mobile games are respectively. 2013 years in the first half of 2013, the income is 9.9563 million yuan, main income accounted for 8.71%, and the hand tour gross profit margin of 49.55%, down 34.58%.

Prior to June 21, the green treasure "Xian Zhan" press conference, a Chinese Green Treasure insider also told reporters that the company's current hand travel income is not really high.

And the intriguing thing is, two game companies with the suspension, coincided with the game mergers and acquisitions, the palm of the technology and the green treasure will not see the same mark?

Li Minghui No positive answer, "this question is too deep." ”

Some organizations have cleared up the "travel-related" unit

According to the reporter does not complete statistics, this year already has 17 a-share listed company through the increase capital, the investment, the acquisition and so on the way participates in the game or the Hand tour business.

In addition to the main game in the Green Treasure, palm fun technology, north latitude Communications (002148.SZ), and some other companies originally business and "Game" is irrelevant.

Everest information (300288.SZ) last year because of "phone+" related to the concept of Apple fire A, this time, Everest information alongside on the "Hand tour." Everest information since the suspension of nearly one months since the plan to purchase the Blue Harbor online, but because the two sides on the underlying assets of the transaction price, trading structure and trading plan there is a certain divergence and break up, but 7th Everest information and announced to own funds 3 million yuan to buy the dream of the city Lu Shifeng 35% shares.

Companies and market participants are also worried about the bursting of the bubble as their share prices have doubled.

Shenzhen Dragon Asset Management Co., Ltd. chairman Wu Peak said the investment hand tour as "high Risk investment", the reporter contacted Wu when he said "is currently studying the concept of hand tour, there are 20% of capital investment Hand tour."

Wu told reporters that the hand tour industry does show an explosion of growth, but the risk is very large. "Already in the mix, we're going to look for platforms or companies that are close to the platform."

Wu Perilous Peak said, such companies have two major types of game business and platform close to the formation of the internet era, such as Tencent, Baidu, 91 of assistants such as platform-type companies, the other is mobile internet and operators close to the SP companies, these also have platform value, such as Bo Rui Spread (600880.SH) The counterparty is Tencent.

Guangzhou win long Asset general manager Rochenwen is more cautious, he told reporters, he had bought the concept of hand tour three months ago, most of the time invested 50% of funds, but a two months ago all empty.

His reason is that hand tour although the current view is very promising, but many stocks are too high, August for the company's central release period, many only concepts, no performance of the hand tour concept stocks or will appear adjustments. Rochenwen said that not all the company's performance is not ideal, but the hand tour for these companies income and profit contribution is questionable.

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