A good opportunity for micro-industry internet entrepreneurship

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Micro-industry, big business opportunities

Micro-industry, a good opportunity for Internet entrepreneurship.

The economic crisis sweeping the world is only just beginning and its depth will be more pronounced. The economic crisis is also an entrepreneurial opportunity in the Internet during the great crisis of the winter, the survival of the greatest internet companies: GOOGLE, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, the crisis is not only a danger, but also a chance.

The desire to succeed, the call of the heart, the totem of entrepreneurship, the longing for money, let countless people blood boiling. One of the work of the Emperor Kai-fu Lee in order to have the courage to follow the heart and intuition, thump jumped into the sea, joined the entrepreneurial army.

Macro and micro, big and small, the direction of entrepreneurship is more likely to succeed?

Micro-industry is not necessarily small profits, Zhejiang people gave us a vivid lesson, zipper King, Button King, Fire Machine King, have done very lucrative, very successful. So the direction of entrepreneurship should be to avoid the formation of oligopoly market, looking for niche market (Niche Marketing), Gap market, between the gap between the Giants easier to find the micro-industry blue ocean.

In the internet industry, Tibetan mastiff net, So-and-so pigeon nets, Ma Yun Investment Love Dog network, have developed better; a diabetic community, hair loss community, such as very narrow public and the focus of the site, the current start-up is also very good, as manufacturers more and more attention to precision marketing, the future of these subdivision and accurate site will also develop better. Some of the more proficient friends of the Internet are ready to do a plastic mesh www.meizimei.com, but also hope to get out of a micro-industry successful entrepreneurial road.

Of course the risk of the Internet is also the most risky in all industries. The combination of online and offline resources is the perfect Internet, if you have offline resources, coupled with the Internet's real master, can be cut from a micro-industry, there will also be a great opportunity for success.

In micro-macro, from small and large, low mentality, focus on micro-industry, there are more big business opportunities.

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