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Optimization is an important part of the SEO process, to mention SEO optimization, we will think of the chain, the chain, and other operating methods, and the common method of operation is false original articles, friends chain, or blog soft wen. I started to follow these methods as well. But as a novice webmaster, the beginning of the most distressed problem is the IP less. How to get a lot of IP in the short term? Here's a little-known approach to current affairs marketing.

The modern society as an information society, the dissemination speed of the message is changing rapidly, how to grasp the newest hot spot in the fast changing information age, and through own processing processing, transforms to advertise your website a platform, simultaneously also can let you obtain the high flow in a short time? Take the May lively and noisy "Fengfeng charming door" incident, In a few days, the Internet search volume is soaring, so how to grasp the news event, and to carry out the current affairs marketing? If you use "Fengjiao has not yet public private photos Big broadcast" "Fengjiao in XXX micro Boga I for the best friend" "I found the Fengjiao QQ" and so the eye-catching words do title will do, The result must be that the user's curiosity and freshness tempt him to open your Web page without hesitation. The same kind of original articles are also liked by search engines. Are you worried about no traffic?

So what kinds of events can you choose as the focus of current affairs marketing? The first is the entertainment circle. Entertainment Circle of information is always updated, these days we pay attention to a very high entertainment news is Cecilia Cheung with son (Lucas) appeared in Shanghai, media coverage, let us a long time not appearance of Cecilia Cheung and Lucas Harvest a lot of popularity. If it was you, when you first saw the news, did you find any other information you could use in addition to the media coverage? For example, you are selling weight loss products, you can write an article "decrypt Cecilia Cheung's short January slimming product success." Sell clothes, you can use "I found on Taobao Lucas Shanghai Line wear style of clothing" "Cecilia Cheung Shanghai Line wear style of clothes I found" and so on. This article is combined with the latest events. Believe that the amount of clicks caused is considerable. The second is an influential event, and one of the big things that happens to us these days is the nuclear leakage at the Daya Bay nuclear power station. If you can seize the first time to reprint these messages, your flow will continue, a friend of mine is around this event. Reprinted that several articles to his space, the result of his IP from the day before 100 more than a surge to more than 400. Oh, it's scary. The key to this must be clock. Time is traffic.

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